All Too Late Chapter 83

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All Too Late Chapter 83

All Too Late Chapter 83

Kathleen was bewildered. She was totally clueless as to why Samuel was grinning.

The man asked her to try on some wedding dresses, so she obliged.

She dared not say anything about it either.

Nevertheless, the process of trying on the wedding dresses was extremely slow and arduous.

Kathleen only tried on two outfits.

Samuel narrowed his eyes and uttered, “If you don’t try them on properly, I’ll buy everything home, then you can slowly try on all of them.”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

That’s not how you should spend money, even if you’re wealthy!

In the end, Kathleen selected an off-shoulder, demure wedding dress, which suited her meek and gentle personality.

She exuded a sweet, lovely vibe.

Samuel tested a black tuxedo.

He stood with Kathleen and asked the store employee to help take a photo.

That would be their only picture together later on.

After they finished trying on their wedding outfits, Samuel brought Kathleen out to eat.

Once they finished their meal, the couple went home together.

Kathleen remained happy all the way until before the wedding.

Even though she was still unable to let go of the pair of children whom she had lost, she knew that she had to look forward and move on.

Soon, their wedding day arrived.

The ceremony was to be held in a chapel.

That day, Kathleen wore the wedding dress that she had chosen with Samuel. A joyful grin was carved on her face as she walked step by step toward him amid the well-wishes of her friends and relatives.

Samuel, elegant and handsome, stood before the altar as Kathleen, gentle and sweet, strode forward.

The two seemed like a perfect match as they stood together.

Christopher sat on one of the pews, staring at Kathleen from behind in a serious manner.

If this is her choice, the only thing I can do is respect it and give her my best wishes.

Benjamin was seated on one of the pews too.

Gemma was still unable to get down from the bed, so she could not make it.

He came to give Kathleen his blessing.

No matter who she married, all he hoped for was her happiness.

She must obtain happiness!

Kathleen walked in front of Samuel and placed her small hand in his.

The latter held her hand and, through the transparent veil, gazed at his petite bride. Warmth and bliss filled his heart.

Perhaps we should have held this wedding ceremony a long time ago. How foolish I was!

The couple turned simultaneously to look at the priest, who smiled at them and slowly uttered, “Dear Mr. Samuel Macari and Ms. Kathleen Johnson, do the two of you agree to live together in matrimony and never leave each other regardless of wealth and health?”

Samuel declared solemnly, “I do.”

Kathleen’s eyes gleamed with sincerity. “I-”


Before the woman could even finish her vow, a loud bang sounded from behind.

Then, there was the patter of footsteps.

Kathleen turned around, and so did the crowd.

Nicolette strode forward, silhouetted by the light.

Kathleen froze on the spot.

Nicolette? Why are her legs perfectly well?

Samuel’s handsome face turned black as thunder as he ordered his subordinates to take Nicolette away.

How dare she show up here!

Nicolette chuckled sinisterly. “Kathleen, you must be shocked. I caused you such grief and pain, so you requested Samuel to destroy both my legs. But, how could I stand here—perfectly fine—in front of you? Have you thought about that?”

Kathleen slowly flipped open her veil and looked at Samuel. “Was the video you showed me fake?”

In the video, she saw Nicolette’s legs being broken.

Samuel grabbed her wrist and stated sternly, “I’ll explain things to you when we go home!”

“Samuel, do you not dare to tell her that you couldn’t bear for me to get hurt, so you found someone who looked extremely like me as a substitute?” Nicolette smiled seductively and continued, “Kathleen, so what if you lose your children? Samuel doesn’t want me to get hurt at all! He loves me more than you!”

D*mn Kathleen! How dare she occupy Samuel for so long! I won’t give up so easily!

“Take her away!” ordered Samuel icily.


Kathleen raised her hand and gave Samuel a slap. Her visage was purple with rage, and her chest heaved erratically. “Samuel Macari!”

The man’s eyes darkened. “Kate, I’ll explain it to you when we get back.”

“Why did you lie to me?” said Kathleen in anguish. “Why did you lie to me!”

Samuel took a step forward and tried to hug her.

“Don’t touch me!” roared Kathleen. “You’re a piece of work! Do you know how much I hate her? She killed my children and almost took my life, and you let her off unscathed to appear in front of me? Why did you do that?”

“Because he loves me,” said Nicolette smugly.

“Scram!” Samuel glared at her, enraged.

Nicolette was taken by surprise.

“Do you know how much I went through to carry my two children?” Kathleen grabbed Samuel by the collar. “You kept coercing me to donate my bone marrow to Nicolette. I was afraid that you would force me to get rid of my babies, so I didn’t dare to tell you about it. I wanted to divorce you and leave this place, but I ended up losing my babies! It was her! She killed my children!”

Samuel’s eyes became bloodshot.

“I was so powerless, and I could not punish her because you shielded her. I wanted to get a divorce and leave, but you refused. I asked you to break her legs, but you lied to me.” Kathleen roared, “What am I to you? What am I?”

“Kate, I’m sorry.” Samuel gripped her hands that were grabbing hold of his collar. “It wasn’t intentional.”

Kathleen fell into total despair.

“Samuel Macari, you’re such a big bully.” Kathleen’s tears streamed down her face ceaselessly, blurring her vision. “How could you do this to me?”

“Kate!” Samuel wanted to embrace her.

Her cries were filled with sorrow and hopelessness.

Everyone’s heart ached for her.

They knew how powerless she felt.

Kathleen pushed Samuel away and shoved a vase at the side onto the floor. A broken shard flew and grazed her neck, leaving a deep streak.

Everybody was astounded.




What is she trying to do?

Kathleen stood at the door and turned to look at the crowd. “Samuel, I want a divorce. If you don’t agree to it, you won’t see me ever again.”

Samuel froze.

“Everything that happened between us was always up to you; the ball was always in your court.” Kathleen took in a deep breath and went on, “Be it our marriage, our divorce, or our wedding, you were the one in control of everything. Everything! I was but an accessory to you. Even if I had my own opinion, you wouldn’t care.”

Samuel gulped.

“However, I can have a say in how I’m going to spend the rest of my life.” Kathleen shut her eyes for a moment and said, “If you don’t agree to it, don’t think that you’ll see me again. You decide.”

“Kate, put down the shard.” Samuel clenched his jaw. “I don’t want to divorce you.”

I like you.

Devastated, Kathleen cried, “I can’t bear the weight of your love. I never want to see you again, and I certainly can’t bear to see you protecting her.”

“Katie, don’t do anything silly.” Diana panicked. “Samuel, this was your fault to begin with. Hurry up and agree to her request!”

Gritting his teeth, Samuel said, “Kathleen, tell me how you want her to suffer, and I’ll make her pay immediately!”

Kathleen sneered coldly. “What’s the point in saying all this now? Samuel, I’ve completely given up. I can’t go on with you anymore. Nicolette is the murderer who killed my children, but does that make you any less guilty? If it weren’t for your indulgence, would she dare to do such a thing?”

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