All Too Late Chapter 84

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All Too Late Chapter 84

All Too Late Chapter 84

Kathleen then exerted considerably more pressure on the shard against her fair neck.

The cut on her neck deepened as more blood oozed out from the wound.

The pure white wedding gown was also stained red.

It was not a sight for the faint-hearted.

“Promise her, Samuel!” Diana urged anxiously.

Calvin quickly held onto Diana, who was seconds away from fainting. He stared at Samuel as he said, “If you don’t agree, Samuel, two lives will be lost due to your indecisiveness.”

The two lives he meant were referring to Kathleen and Diana.

Samuel looked at Kathleen with a pained expression on his face.

He really wanted to live a happy life with her.

He wanted nothing more than to pour affection on a gentle young lady like her.

Yet, he owed Nicolette a debt of life and was required to return her the favor.

“Put down the shard, Kate. I’ll promise you the divorce,” Samuel said. He had no idea that he would experience such intense heartache after saying those words.

He had never felt anything like that for her before. Or perhaps he did, but he was unaware of it.

However, it was too late for him to regret it now.

“I want the divorce agreement, now.” Kathleen was adamant about her decision. She really wanted nothing to do with Samuel anymore.

“I’ll bring it,” said Wynnie. She immediately made a call to her assistant. “Bring me a divorce agreement right away. Don’t forget to mention that the wife will receive the entirety of the husband’s assets!”

Wynnie was also shocked to see the scene before her.

She had no other choice but to agree that a divorce was the best course of action for Kathleen and Samuel.

However, she would never allow Nicolette to get a share of their assets.

Nicolette was delighted at first.

Yet, her mood soured after hearing Wynnie’s words.

“Don’t you think you’ve benefited from the Macaris enough over the past few years, Kathleen?” Nicolette asked, her tone mocking. “I can’t believe you’re still capable of extorting more money before you leave!”

What right does Kathleen have to receive support from everyone? And what authority does Wynnie have over Samuel’s assets?

“F*ck you!” Wynnie yelled.

She could not help but curse as she charged forward and kicked Nicolette.

Completely caught off guard, Nicolette lost her balance and fell by Kathleen’s leg.

“Keep your mouth shut, you f*cking b*tch! It’s up to me to decide how the assets of our family are distributed. You’re dissatisfied because you’re not getting any money, aren’t you? You’re merely clinging to my son for the Macaris’ money and status! Let me tell you one thing—even if Samuel and Kathleen divorce, you won’t get anything!” Wynnie yelled.

She would not allow a troublemaker like Nicolette to enter the Macari family.

Wynnie was comforted by Emily who had walked over to her. The latter then said icily, “Your mother carried out the same action in the past, Nicolette. She enjoyed stirring up problems from time to time. It amazes me that you are the same.”

“Well, what can I do? Samuel’s in love with me,” Nicolette snarked with a delighted laugh.

She would have a chance as long as Samuel and Kathleen got a divorce.

Suddenly, Kathleen crouched down and grabbed a fistful of Nicolette’s collar.

Her slender hand was pinching onto the broken shard of the vase. Her palm had already been slit open, and blood was seeping from the cuts between her fingers.

“What are you trying to do?” Nicolette asked, horrified.

Kathleen’s gaze was murderous as she roared, “I want to avenge my two children!”

“N-No!” Nicolette was struggling to set herself free from Kathleen’s grip. However, the latter was too strong.

Nicolette resorted to getting help from Samuel as he was her only option. “Save me, Samuel!”

Samuel moved two steps toward Nicolette and Kathleen.

With a steady voice, Kathleen began, “Samuel. I know. You love this woman. But she murdered my children. Therefore, we will never be able to be together. But I do hope you have some conscience as they’re also your flesh and blood. They were still unborn. Yet, the woman you loved killed them! You even failed to hold her accountable for what she had done. And you even-”

She could not bring herself to finish her sentence.

It was her first time feeling such sorrow. It was also her first time being as rude as she was.

“Why did I have to fall in love with you?” Kathleen muttered to herself. “Why did I insist on torturing myself and turning myself into a running joke in front of everyone?”

“The person I love is you, Kate,” Samuel said, taking another two steps closer.

Kathleen laughed coldly at that. “I won’t ever believe in your words.”

Then, footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door.

The owner of the footsteps was Emily’s assistant, the person who brought along the divorce agreement.

“Sign it,” Kathleen said without looking at Samuel. “Your woman is in my arms now.”

Wynnie took the divorce agreement and a pen and passed them to Samuel. “Sign it, Samuel. Stop stalling.”

Samuel hesitated for a while before signing it.

He never expected a pen to weigh as much as it did at that moment.

A swish was heard, followed by Nicolette’s scream.

Everyone was taken aback!

Kathleen had used the shard to cut Nicolette’s face.

And then another swish was heard as another slash was made.

Kathleen had marked a cross on Nicolette’s face.

“My face! My face!” Nicolette shrieked as she cupped her face and rolled on the floor.

Samuel stared at Kathleen blankly.

The latter threw away the shard in her hand and walked over to Samuel. With the pen in her left hand, she signed her name on the document.

Taking off her veil, she said, “From now onward, it’s totally over between you and me.”

Samuel could only gaze at Kathleen without a word.

“As expected, taking revenge on my own feels better,” Kathleen said as she glared at Samuel coldly. “I’ll be at your service anytime if you want to take revenge on her behalf.”

With that, she turned and left.

“Save me, Samuel. Look at my face!” Nicolette cried out while sobbing. “I want to sue her and get her in jail!”

Wynnie sneered. “Well, I’d like to see if any lawyer dares to accept your request.”

On the other hand, Samuel had taken a step forward. He wanted to talk to Kathleen.

However, he was held back by Wynnie. “Give her some space, Samuel. I know her better than you do. She wouldn’t want to come back if she really made up her mind.”

“So what if we’re divorced? She’s still my woman!” Samuel bellowed.

“Do you really want to push her to the brink of death?” Wynnie asked, staring at Samuel incredulously. “You’ve always been indifferent to her when she was in our family. What’s the point of you acting like this now?”

Why can’t he understand that Kathleen doesn’t love him anymore?

Samuel did not care and walked out of the place.

Yet, by the time he was outside, Kathleen was already gone.

After that, her disappearance lasted for an entire year.

One year had passed, and Federick was staring helplessly at the person in front of him.

“Mr. Macari, could you not drop by every two days?” he begged while handing Samuel a cup of coffee. “My coffee’s about to be finished by you.”

“I’ll get people to send you more,” Samuel replied coldly.

Samuel had grown even more mature and attractive in just one year. In comparison to the past, his aura was also even more dependable and strong.

“Do you think I care about the d*mned coffee?” Frederick asked exasperatedly.

Samuel remained silent as he continued to sip on his cup of coffee.

Federick was not planning to entertain Samuel. Yet, he was left with no choice.

“I’m being completely honest right now. I really have no idea where Kate is, Mr. Macari,” Frederick said with a raise of his hands, signaling his defeat. “Give it some thought. It’s obvious that she’s trying to hide from you. Why would she contact any of us from Jadeborough if she wanted to do that?”

Samuel remained silent.

The wedding ring remained on his long and slender ring finger.

It was of a simple style that was chosen hastily in the past.

Yet, he cherished it more than anything at that moment.

“Why don’t you talk to Mr. Morris?” Frederick suggested with a lift of his eyebrows. “He might know where she is.”

The “Mr. Morris” which Frederick mentioned was Christopher Morris.

Ever since Christopher’s father had taken the back seat, he was the one who managed Morris Group.

“He won’t tell me anything,” Samuel replied coldly. “He wouldn’t want me to find her.”

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