All Too Late Chapter 85

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All Too Late Chapter 85

All Too Late Chapter 85

To everyone, it was no secret that Christopher liked Kathleen.

However, Kathleen vanished suddenly without a trace.

It was not like Samuel had never suspected Christopher.

The thing was, Christopher was a cautious man and did not give himself away.

Until then, Samuel still could not uncover anything of interest.

He figured that Federick was among those people who had an idea of Kathleen’s whereabouts.

“Kate misses your daughter,” Samuel said coolly. “She can’t simply vanish without a trace.”

She kept in touch with everyone but him.

Perhaps, Samuel was the only person who was oblivious to this fact.

Once, he had even attempted to get Kathleen back by resorting to an extreme method.

Unfortunately, she never returned, and he ended up in hospital for two months.

A crease formed between Federick’s eyebrows. “It’s too late for regrets now, Mr. Macari.”

Samuel kept quiet and maintained a calm expression on his face.

He never expected Kathleen to be so resolute.

Crossing his long legs, he held his cup of coffee and sat still gracefully.

“How are you?” Federick decided to show some concern for his biggest investor.

Six months ago, a crisis descended upon his publishing firm.

It was Samuel who helped to resolve the issue.

“Very well,” Samuel replied flatly.


Federick thought the man opposite him looked terrible.


The sound of a notification came from Federick’s phone.

He could not hide his surprise when he glanced at the screen.

Then, he realized Samuel’s phone was silent.

“Isn’t your phone on, Mr. Macari?” Federick asked curiously.

“It’s on silent mode,” Samuel answered calmly.

Normally, when he was there, he would not answer his phone.

If any issues arose, Tyson would inform him.

Federick sighed and passed his phone to Samuel. “Take a look.”

Samuel lowered his gaze and saw a news article.

It read: Congratulations to Kathleen Johnson for winning the Academy Award for Best Actress and for being the first Chanaean to receive this prestigious award.

The article was accompanied by a photo of Kathleen.

In the photo, she looked exceptionally graceful and alluring in her red, one-shoulder evening gown.

Kathleen became even more beautiful after Samuel had not seen her for a year.

He returned the phone to Federick, stood up, and headed outside.

“Where are you going, Mr. Macari?” Federick asked a rhetorical question. “She’s coming back tomorrow.”

Samuel stopped in his tracks and threw the man a sideways glance. “You do know.”

Federick felt embarrassed. “Sorry, it was what Kathleen wanted. If you aren’t happy…”

Instead of waiting for Federick to finish, Samuel walked away.

He would not press Federick further.

Otherwise, Kathleen’s hatred for him would intensify.

In fact, Samuel knew that everybody else could contact her.

However, it was Kathleen who told them to keep mum.

When he got hurt last time, Kathleen was also aware of it. Still, she did not cave in and return to him.

As such, Samuel had been dumped.

Yet, there was nothing he could do about it, for he had been a horrible person.

Charles Johnson handed a document to Kathleen on the plane.

“Look, it’s a variety show I signed you up for,” he said.

Kathleen donned a red sweater and a pair of white jeans. A caramel-colored beret was placed on her curly hair. Furthermore, she wore a cute pair of cherry-shaped ear studs. To sum up, she looked beautiful and adorable.

“Why is it a variety show? Where are the scripts?” Kathleen asked casually.

“There’s nothing suitable, so it’s best for you to participate in a variety show first,” Charles explained. “You must maintain your popularity if you want to develop your career in your home country. It only takes a few hours to record a variety show. You can take your time to pick a script.”

Kathleen nodded. “You call the shots.”

“Hey, won’t you at least take a good look?” Charles frowned. “I’m the CEO of an entertainment company, and I’m also your manager. Can’t you take this a bit more seriously?”

“You’re my biological brother. It’s not like you’ll harm me.” Kathleen shook her head. “I’m not going to look at it. I’m tired.”

Charles eyed her with pity and said, “Fine. Go to sleep.”

Thus, Kathleen closed her eyes.

The sunlight shone through the window of the plane and illuminated her fair, flawless face, making her look remarkably tender and lovable.

When the plane was about to land, Charles woke his sister up.

Kathleen got up.

Charles brought her white coat over and put it on his sister’s body.

He cared for the young woman like a delicate doll.

After that, the two of them disembarked from the plane.

It was late winter in Jadeborough, and it was extremely cold.

Kathleen covered her face with her large coat.

We meet again, Jadeborough.

Charles passed a face mask to his sister. “Wear it. You aren’t a regular person anymore.”

“Okay.” Kathleen put on the mask obediently.

Her brother smiled. “Excellent.”

“Right, Charles. When are we going to the Yoeger residence?” Kathleen asked.

“Don’t worry. I’ll find out again afterward,” Charles replied.

She nodded in response.

Soon, the shuttle bus arrived.

Charles led his sister as they boarded it.

The shuttle bus took them to the airport terminal.

After alighting from the bus, they waited for the workers to remove their luggage before walking away.

Kathleen and Charles were chatting happily when a commotion erupted nearby.

Following that, more than twenty bodyguards showed up to block the passersby in front of Charles and Kathleen and cleared a path for them.

Then, a man in a black, three-piece suit appeared in the distance. He was wearing a black trench coat with a military collar design.

Kathleen’s heart skipped a beat.

Samuel! What is he doing here? I doubt he’s here to look for me.

Kathleen felt rather anxious, but she pretended to be calm.

Samuel saw his little bunny at first glance.

Although she wore a mask, he still managed to recognize her.

Charles stood in front of Kathleen and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded. “However, he might not be here for me. After all…”

Before she could finish, a massive shadow fell upon her.

A familiar, woody scent assaulted Kathleen’s senses, and she felt dizzy.

“Are we in your way, Mr. Macari?” Charles spoke slyly. “Let’s move aside, Darling.”

Kathleen nodded and decided to move along with Charles to make way for Samuel.

Samuel did not know who Charles was, but his gaze hardened when he heard the latter addressing Kathleen as “Darling.”

Who does he think he is?

“What? Don’t you recognize me?” Samuel muttered. His voice was as deep and seductive as ever.

Kathleen knew he was talking to her.

Hence, pursing her red lips, she raised her head slowly.

As always, her charming doe eyes took Samuel’s breath away.

He had to fight the urge to pull her into his embrace.

“Mr. Macari,” Kathleen said.

Upon hearing that, Samuel felt a stab of pain in his heart.

Mr. Macari? She sounds so distant. Has she really let me go?

“Mm.” Samuel cleared his throat and spoke. “Where are you going? I’ll take you there.”

“It’s fine, Mr. Macari. I’ll take her home.” Charles was annoyed. “Please be informed that you have nothing to do with Kate anymore, Mr. Macari. She’s now a famous celebrity. If you take her home, you’ll only create problems for her.”

Samuel replied coldly, “I can take care of the press.”

Charles chuckled sarcastically. “Mr. Macari, I can make the press shut up, too. However, Kate has a fiancé. How is she supposed to explain to her fiancé if you do that?”

“Fiancé?” Samuel stared at Charles in shock.

She’s engaged?

Kathleen frowned as well.

I have a fiancé? Why didn’t I know about this?

“Yes. You know him, Mr. Macari.” Charles displayed a sly grin. “He’s your cousin, Christopher.”

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