All Too Late Chapter 86

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All Too Late Chapter 86

All Too Late Chapter 86

Kathleen was stunned. She tugged on a corner of Charles’ shirt with her soft tiny fingers to urge him not to sprout nonsense.

Samuel’s eyes turned dark.


“So, Mr. Macari, please know your place.” With that, Charles pulled Kathleen along and left.

Samuel turned his head to look at Kathleen who left without turning to look at him once.

Samuel felt a stab of pain in his heart.

For a while, he could not tell if it was physical or psychological pain.

Regardless, he felt terrible.

Charles dragged Kathleen into the car.

Kathleen complained, “Charles, how could you speak so carelessly? They are cousins. If they really get into a fight, I will be the main culprit.”

“What are you scared of? I’ve already made an agreement with Christopher to say that you two are engaged. This will save you a lot of trouble. Specifically, Samuel will stop clinging to you.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “That’s not a good idea.”

“What’s bad about it? Isn’t Christopher a hundred times better than Samuel? Why? Are you having feelings for Samuel again after seeing his face?” Charles spoke with disdain.

Kathleen was speechless.

Am I really that useless?

She had loved Samuel deeply before.

It had only been a year, so she had not completely let go of him.

Still, she was almost there.

She was very clear that she would never ever get back together with Samuel.

There was no turning back for Samuel and her.

Caring dearly for his sister, Charles advised, “Let me tell you. It’s fine if you make your first mistake in this kind of stuff. But if you make the same mistake again, you have it coming. Darling, listen to me. I am a man, so I know what a good man is like.”

Kathleen frowned. “But still, it can’t be Christopher! Anyway, just don’t sprout nonsense anymore.”

Charles replied casually, “Too late. Just now, Christopher accepted a live interview. I reckon that everyone now knows that his fiancée is the new winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress, Kathleen.”

Kathleen fell speechless.

Charles patted her head. “Accept your fate, young lady.”

Kathleen looked at him helplessly as he smirked.

Samuel returned to the Maybach and ordered Tyson, “Check the identity of that man who is with Kathleen.”

Awkwardly, Tyson replied, “Mr. Macari, I already checked. He’s Charles, the CEO of Astra Entertainment.”

Astra Entertainment?

That was the first time Samuel heard of it.

He was never interested in the happenings of the entertainment industry.

“Mr. Macari, there’s something else you should look at instead. This.” Tyson passed the tablet to Samuel.

Samuel received it and saw that it was playing a video.

The video was showing the live interview with Christopher by Financial Magazine.

The host asked, “Lastly, may I ask you a personal question?”

Christopher smiled. “Yes.”

The host asked, “Do you have a girlfriend? This question isn’t from me alone. I’m asking this on behalf of everyone else.”

Christopher maintained his smile. “I have a fiancée.”

The host asked, “Really? Do you mind revealing who she is?”

“She’s Kathleen.”

The host was surprised. “Kathleen, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress?”

“It’s her,” Christopher confirmed.

The host wanted to question further, but Christopher smirked and said, “Let’s wrap this interview up and call it a day.”

The video ended at that point.

Samuel’s gorgeous face was drained of its warmth, and his pupils were cold and dark.

“Delete the site,” Samuel spat out the three words and passed the tablet back to Tyson before closing his eyes to rest.

Tyson was put on a spot.

There was no use if the whole site was deleted since the video was already broadcasted.

In fact, there was nothing Samuel could say or do to change that fact.

“Check Kathleen’s most recent travel history. The more detailed the better,” Samuel instructed coldly.

“Mr. Macari, why don’t we plant a spy near Mrs. Macari?” Tyson suggested quietly.

Samuel replied without any emotion, “Okay.”

Tyson pursed his lips. “Recently, a cousin of mine got employed by Astra Entertainment. She just got the notice that she will be Mrs. Macari’s assistant.”

His cousin was certainly elated at the moment.

“What’s her name?” Samuel asked coldly.


“Tell her that aside from the salary she’s getting from Astra Entertainment, I will also be giving her ten thousand every month. All she needs to do is to tell me what Kathleen is doing every day,” Samuel commanded.

“Sure thing.” Tyson nodded.

Samuel frowned as his eyes glowed menacingly.

Christopher, are you really trying to steal my woman? Let’s see what you’ve really got to do that!

Charles arranged for Kathleen to stay in his mansion.

Normally, he lived alone.

Kathleen was still watching the video as she entered the mansion.

She looked at Charles and asked, “Charles, would my career in acting be affected adversely if I’m involved in a relationship?”

Charles said, “What’s there to be afraid of? You’re the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress now! Furthermore, a stable relationship is beneficial to you. This prevents all sorts of people from taking advantage of your reputation.”

Kathleen pouted. “Who dares to do that? You are my biggest support now. Who doesn’t know that within the entertainment industry, Astra Entertainment is the one that should not be messed with? Seriously.”

What’s the point of doing something extra like this?

Charles patted her head and said, “You just have to follow my arrangements. All right, go take a rest. There’s a dinner party tonight.”

Kathleen grumbled, “You’re giving me work when I’ve only just come back?”

“Christopher will be attending. As his fiancée, shouldn’t you attend as well? We owe him a favor. If it hadn’t been for him, I would never have found you.”

Kathleen felt bad. “I know. But after all the things you guys did, how am I supposed to talk to Old Mrs. Macari and the rest?”

“I believe that the Macari family, other than Samuel, is very reasonable and understanding. They won’t mind,” Charles said as though he understood them well.

Kathleen felt helpless. “But I don’t love Christopher. I treat him as a brother. Furthermore, if the marriage is canceled, how should I explain it? It will look bad on Christopher.”

Charles advised, “In that case, you should just marry him. A woman should find someone who loves herself instead of someone she loves.”

“Charles!” Kathleen got angry.

Charles immediately stopped joking around and got serious. “What’s the matter?”

Kathleen was fuming. “Listen well. I know you dislike Samuel, but I am responsible for my own feelings. What you did this time really crossed my line. You know, the main reason why I divorced him last time was that I had been manipulated by him in various ways. Do you want me to cut ties with you as well?”

Charles panicked and consoled, “Kathleen, don’t be angry. I just didn’t want Samuel to bother you.”

Kathleen yelled, “There are many ways to keep him from bothering me. One month later, make an announcement that the marriage between Christopher and me is canceled!”

“Okay, got it.” Christopher relented.

Kathleen instructed sternly, “Tell the public that it’s my fault. Don’t taint Christopher in any way. Start prepping for it now. Do you understand?”

“Understood.” Charles did not expect Kathleen to get this angry.

He really did neglect Kathleen’s sensitive feelings this time.

However, he only wanted to protect her.

They had returned to handle matters pertaining to their identities and reunion, so Samuel would naturally come to pester her.

He did not want Kathleen to fall further into the trap. Thus, he had no choice but to do that.

Furthermore, Christopher actually loved Kathleen.

He had expressed that he was willing to marry Kathleen whether she loved him or not.

Such a man would surely treat her dotingly. Why would she reject him?

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