All Too Late Chapter 88

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All Too Late Chapter 88

All Too Late Chapter 88

Seeing Christopher, Kathleen could not help but say, “Chris, don’t fool around with Charles next time.”

Knowing what she was referring to, Christopher gave her a faint smile. “It’s okay.”

“I told Charles to make it look like we spend a lot of time apart, and we’ll announce our breakup a month later so that there’ll be a lesser impact on you,” Kathleen said with a serious expression.

Christopher felt dejected. Does she still not want to get too involved with me?

“Okay.” Christopher’s voice was hoarse. “Anything you say.”

He only wanted to dote on her and do as she wished.

Only then did Kathleen smile at ease and followed him to the banquet.

This time, Charles did not follow them to the banquet.

As Kathleen had just returned to Jadeborough, Charles needed to make a lot of arrangements for her.

Therefore, only Valerie went with her.

Valerie received training before, so she knew what she needed to do while at the banquet with Kathleen.

The banquet was hosted by Christopher’s business partner.

Coincidentally, the host was the sponsor of the variety show that Kathleen was about to join.

Christopher’s appearance with Kathleen immediately caused a sensation.

To the people in Jadeborough, Kathleen was not only the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress but also Samuel’s ex-wife.

Everyone knew about her wedding with Samuel, for it was the talk of the town when it happened.

Hence, when they saw her with Christopher, they could not help feeling weird about it.

After all, Christopher was Samuel’s cousin.

This relation of theirs made things all the more interesting.

Fortunately, Kathleen had thought of it before coming back, so she did not care about it at all.

“Mr. Lawson,” Christopher greeted a man while taking Kathleen along.

James Lawson was a chubby man. “Mr. Morris.”

“Mr. Lawson, this is Kathleen Johnson. She’s going to join the filming of The Fantastic Restaurant,” Christopher introduced.

“Really? This show will definitely be very interesting with the participation of an Academy Award-winning actress,” James replied with a grin.

Kathleen was embarrassed. “You’re flattering me, Mr. Lawson. In fact, I’m still a rookie whom no one knows.”

“Don’t be humble, Ms. Johnson. You’re so popular now. Who doesn’t know your name?” James said with a half-smile.

Kathleen gave him a faint smile in response.

“Mr. Lawson, I’m going to show her around,” Christopher said.

“Okay.” Due to his kindness and his relationship with Christopher, James would not treat Kathleen as he did with other female celebrities.

Besides, he had heard that Kathleen had a close relationship with the CEO of Astra Entertainment, so he did not dare to do anything to her.

Taking Kathleen to the dining area, Christopher said with a gentle smile, “Don’t be nervous. They don’t dare to make things difficult for you when I’m around. Come. Eat something.”

Kathleen sighed and replied, “I really didn’t think that this movie would win an award. Although I studied acting, I was scouted by the director on the street and given the opportunity to act in this movie by accident.”

In fact, she did not intend to be a celebrity at the beginning, but after thinking about it, she really did not have any other skills.

Besides, her brother was the CEO of Astra Entertainment.

Hence, she had no choice but to make her debut.

She also knew what she would face after her debut. The fact that she was Samuel’s ex-wife was enough for others to make a fuss about her.

Thus, she was mentally prepared from the start.

“This shows that you’re capable.” Christopher took a glass of fruit juice for Kathleen.

Taking it from him, Kathleen drank it slowly.

“What do you want to eat? Actresses can’t eat much in the evening, can they?” Christopher asked with a faint smile.

“Yeah. Just give me some vegetables.” Kathleen shrugged.

“Looks like it’s very easy to provide for you,” joked Christopher.

“Of course. It’s a blessing to marry me,” Kathleen replied friskily.

She had always been bubbly and adorable and not dull.

Although she went through a lot a year ago, fortunately, she managed to overcome it.

The mention of marrying her brought a dark look to Christopher’s eyes.

“I wonder if I have this pleasure,” he said meaningfully.

Kathleen, who got distracted by the cakes on the table, did not hear what Christopher said.

“What did you say, Chris?” Kathleen tilted her head, looking cute.

“Nothing,” Christopher replied calmly.

Kathleen went to take a piece of strawberry cake, but two women did not notice her and ran into her by accident.

Losing her balance, Kathleen fell backward.

Christopher extended his arms to catch her, but someone acted faster than he did.

A long and strong arm wrapped around Kathleen’s slim waist as her shoulders hit a man’s firm chest.

The familiar and powerful musky fragrance of a mature man filled her nostrils and entered her bloodstream.

“Be careful.” Samuel’s voice was deep and attractive like a cello.

Startled, Kathleen noticed the dark purple tie around the man’s neck.

She quickly got out of Samuel’s arms and took two steps to the side.

Samuel smiled. Her waist is still so soft.

Christopher swiftly stood between them to shield Kathleen.

Now that Kathleen was not related to Samuel anymore, Christopher could openly protect her and did not need to be bound by his identity as Samuel’s cousin.

Samuel did not like seeing how Christopher was protective of Kathleen as if she belonged to him.

He looked over at Kathleen, whose hand was holding a small plate with strawberry cake and blueberry cheesecake. She still likes the same things as she did when she was younger.

Kathleen was speechless to see the strawberry cake on her plate as the strawberry had fallen off the cake.

“Here. Take it.” Samuel handed her a small fork.

Kathleen frowned.

Christopher also picked up a fork and said with a smile, “Go ahead and dig in. I’ll buy you one every day if you like it.”

Kathleen took the fork from Christopher and replied with a sweet smile, “Okay.”

Seeing that, Samuel slowly put down his hand, his heart aching.

“If you like it, I can ask a Michelin chef to make it for you.” His voice was hoarse.

Kathleen did not even bother to look at him.

The last thing she expected upon her return to Jadeborough was that Samuel would pester her.

As the CEO of Macari Group, he did not need to grovel to a woman at all.

Looking up, Kathleen stared straight at her former husband. Her beautiful eyes were adorable, but there was a look of aloofness in them.

“This is inappropriate, Mr. Macari. It can easily cause misunderstanding.” Kathleen sounded cold.

Despite his heartache, Samuel asked calmly, “What misunderstanding can be caused?”

Kathleen pursed her red lips. “We have nothing to do with each other anymore.”

Samuel gave her a meaningful look and said in an attractive voice, “Kate, Grandma misses you very much.”

I miss you too.

Yet, he dared not say the last sentence as he was afraid that Kathleen would be displeased.

Naturally, Kathleen missed Diana as well.

In the past year, she dared not come back to visit Diana for fear that Samuel would find her, so she only called Diana secretly.

“I will find time to see her,” replied Kathleen.

“Okay. When will you be free?” Samuel swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bopping up and down.

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