All Too Late Chapter 91

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All Too Late Chapter 91

All Too Late Chapter 91

Diana and Charles both wore dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

Samuel’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed slightly as he answered, “Sure.”

Kathleen sat down again and lowered her head without a word.

I must be crazy!

Samuel sat down and placed the documents aside, which invited a glare from Diana.

The old woman rolled her eyes at her grandson, disgruntled.

He’s returned so hurriedly to get these documents, yet he refuses to leave after retrieving them. An excuse! An excuse is what it is!

Meanwhile, disdain was written all over Charles’ face.

This man is pretty cunning, huh? That gloomy look on his face was obviously meant to deceive Kathleen! My sister’s a soft-hearted person. How dare he make use of her kindness. Son of a b*tch!

At the same time, Kathleen was chastising herself as regret crept up her.

Why did I invite him back for a meal? Come to think of it, this is Samuel’s residence, and I’m the guest here. Why am I, a guest, inviting the resident of this residence for lunch? Oh, how awkward!

“Katie, come and have some oranges.” Diana eased the tension in the room by piping up and stuffing a slice of fruit into Kathleen’s slender hands. “This is your favorite, no?”

“Thanks, Grandma,” said Kathleen upon recovering her senses.

Diana was delighted. “Tell me. What have you been up to abroad for the past year?” she asked.

“Okay.” Kathleen naturally began chatting with the older woman.

As the two ladies chattered away happily, Samuel kept his attention on Kathleen’s each and every move. His gaze was filled with an infinite amount of gentleness.

Displeased, Charles asked, “Mr. Macari, fancy having a talk outside?”

D*mn it! How dare he have the audacity to pretend as if he cares about Kathleen? Has he forgotten how the woman he loves harmed Kathleen and my two little nephews who never got the chance to see the world? How disgusting!

Samuel replied indifferently, “Sure.”

The two men headed out.

Upon noticing their movements, Kathleen could not help but feel nervous.

Diana smiled and held Kathleen’s hands. “You have your brother to protect you. Don’t worry. They will be just fine. Let’s continue your story.”

Kathleen bit her lip and returned to her conversation with Diana as Samuel and Charles went outside for a chat.

Even on winter days, warmth seeped out of the bright sun.

As soon as they were outside, Charles let out a sneer. “Mr. Macari, I’m sure you’re aware my sister is now engaged.”

“If one can divorce after a marriage, one can also call off an engagement.” Samuel’s deep voice which resembled a cello was void of emotions. “So, what are you trying to say, Mr. Johnson?”

“What I’m saying is— get away from my sister!” Charles hissed with a menacing look. “I forbid you to go near her. Do you understand?”

“I can’t do that.” Samuel’s tone was chilly. “Is there anything else you’d like to say to me?”

Charles could not help snickering upon hearing his response. “Surely you aren’t thinking that she will change her mind and live with you as long as you insist on keeping her by your side like an unreasonable person? Just like what you did in the past?”

Unreasonable person?

Samuel’s eyes darkened. “No, I won’t anymore.”

He knew what Kathleen resented.

Otherwise, she would not have left him using such extreme measures.

Samuel thought about it before. Had he not pushed to her limit, perhaps Kathleen would have stayed.

A year’s time was neither long nor short. However, only he knew how hard the year had been without Kathleen’s presence by his side.

Throughout this year, everyone told him that his temper had changed. He had become more vicious and colder than before.

Alas, only he knew that the woman who could suppress the hostility in him was gone.

She no longer wanted him.

“Let me get this straight. My sister’s getting married to Christopher. That man is a thousand times better than you as he respects and adores her more than you. Hence, there won’t be any so-called first love or hopeless lies in their relationship!” Charles glared at Samuel furiously and spat, “Most importantly, Kate has me, her brother, to protect her now. I won’t allow you to mistreat her anymore!”

A hint of viciousness flashed across Samuel’s eyes when he heard that Kathleen was marrying Christopher.

He uttered coldly, “Christopher won’t probably have the guts to marry her.”

“Pfft! You’re really confident with yourself, aren’t you?” Charles mocked. “Thanks to Christopher, I got to reunite with Kate. He had been helping her search for her long-lost brother since he knew she had a brother who was separated from her at a young age. What about you? Did you even know that she has an elder brother?”

Samuel swallowed hard, causing his Adam’s apple to bob up and down. Evidently, he was unaware of this.

He never cared about these things.

Naturally, he did not ask about them either.

Though he seemed to know Kathleen well, in truth, he was completely ignorant about her life.

At that moment, a white Maserati drove into the courtyard.

Wynnie emerged from the car first.

She appeared to be in high spirits, but her mood turned sulky when she saw Samuel.

“What are you doing here?” She frowned.

Samuel fell speechless.

“You are?” A deep knot appeared between Wynnie’s brows as she turned around to look at Charles. In an instant, a smile appeared across her face as she asked, “You’re Kate’s brother, right?”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Macari.” Charles curled his lips. “I’m Kate’s elder brother, Charles Johnson.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Johnson.” Wynnie shook his hand. “That’s a good thing to hear. Kate finally has an elder brother to take care of her.”

Upon hearing that comment, Charles smiled lightly and answered, “Thank you, Mrs. Macari, for looking after my sister.”

Wynnie shot Samuel a look and replied awkwardly, “We didn’t do our job well, really.”

“Your kick at the wedding was really satisfying,” Charles uttered in gratitude.

“That was nothing. I suppose everyone present would’ve done the same,” Wynnie said sheepishly.

“That might not be the case.” Charles paused and added, “Some gentlemen wouldn’t bear to do so.”

Wynnie took another glance at Samuel.

“Mrs. Macari, Old Mrs. Macari and my sister are in the living room,” Charles stated with a half-smile.

“I will see them inside then.” Wynnie pondered for a while and added, “Mr. Johnson, feel free to punch someone in the face. I will help you with the lawsuit if a certain someone dares to sue you.”

Samuel was rendered speechless after hearing that.

Charles smiled gently. “Okay.”

I’m not that violent, though.

“It seems that Mr. Macari isn’t popular among his family either,” Charles said coldly, “What goes around comes around.”

Having said that, he returned to the house, leaving Samuel alone outside.

Coincidently, Calvin returned in his car.

He approached his son and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Can’t I be here?” Samuel answered frostily. “Do you want to stuff me back into my mother’s tummy?”

“Such a huge figure of you will wreck my wife’s stomach,” Calvin scoffed. “I will be heartbroken to see that, even if you aren’t. Oh! I’ve forgotten that you don’t even adore your wife, let alone your mother.”

Samuel was at a loss of words.

With that, Calvin stepped in with Samuel following behind.

The entire living room was filled with laughter. Back in the days when Kathleen was absent, this place was never lively and merry.

Now that she was back, the house was once again filled with warmth and passion.

Samuel knew his dull character would not bring a smile to his family.

Kathleen was the one who helped him communicate with his family those years.

“You are still staying around?” Wynnie’s brows knitted together.

Samuel ignored her and sat down.

Calvin furrowed his brows too. It isn’t easy for Kathleen to visit us. Even Mom is glad to see her here. Can’t he read the room and stay away for a while?

“Mr. Macari, Mrs. Macari, it’s okay. I’m the one who asked him to say,” Kathleen uttered.

“Hear that?” Samuel said indifferently.

Wynnie snorted at her son while Calvin glared at him.

What’s with his boastful attitude? Kathleen is merely being courteous toward him.

After that, they all headed to the dining hall to have their meal.

Everyone laughed and chatted throughout the meal, but only Samuel was eating his food quietly.

His seat was far away from Kathleen’s, yet his gaze never left her for a second.

After finishing his meal, he got up to leave.

However, Kathleen pursed her lips and said, “Samuel, let me see you out. I have something to tell you.”

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