All Too Late Chapter 94

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All Too Late Chapter 94

All Too Late Chapter 94


Feeling awkward, Steve replied, “But no one knows how to cook here.”

“Why don’t we ask Kate to give it a try?” Kylie stared at Kathleen.

Cooking exposed one to fumes, grease, and whatnot.

As long as Kathleen appeared oily every day, Kylie would be the prettiest one among the group of celebrities.

“Then who’s going to clean the dishes?” Nancy raised her brows.

Again, Kylie gazed at Kathleen.

Seeing that, everyone shot Kylie quizzical glances. Can your discrimination be any more blatant?

Steven couldn’t stand it anymore. “Are you trying to tire her to death?”

Kylie blinked at him and replied innocently, “Well, it should be fine.”

Steve was rendered speechless.

Kathleen looked at Cain nonchalantly and asked, “Is there a hidden mission?”

Flashing a sheepish smile, Cain replied, “Yeah. You caught me!”

Kathleen smirked.

Why didn’t you tell us earlier? Must you watch Kylie pick on me?

It looked like he, too, had gone overboard for the sake of viewer ratings.

“I can’t believe there’s a hidden mission. Mr. Dodson, you’re so cunning. Are you trying to wear Kate out?” Kylie asked, pretending to care.

“The production team has prepared the hidden mission, but I didn’t expect you to push everything to me. How could you blame them for being cunning?” Pausing for a moment, Kathleen continued indifferently, “Besides, everyone has discovered the hidden mission. Only you don’t know about it.”

Instantly, Kylie was at a loss for words.

As she watched the scene unfold, Nancy couldn’t help grinning in satisfaction.

Despite looking soft on the surface, Kathleen indeed has quite a personality. She certainly doesn’t want to be on the losing side. After all, she was once Samuel’s wife, and now, she is Christopher’s fiancée. She sure has some dirty tricks up her sleeve. Otherwise, how else could she mingle with the two men?

Pondering silently, Nancy concluded that it would be better not to offend Kathleen.

“That’s not what I meant.” Trying to defend herself, Kylie continued, “Only the capable ones have the opportunity to do more work.”

With a faint smile, Kathleen responded, “Have I ever mentioned that I’m well-versed in everything?”

Upon hearing that, Kylie was at a loss for words.

Steve turned to look at Cain and asked, “So, are we allowed to ask for help?”

“Yes. You have to find the chef on your own. What sort of chef you can get hold of depends on your capability.” Cain paused before adding, “I’ll give you an hour. Otherwise, you’ll have to cook yourselves tonight.”

Feeling helpless, Steve asked everyone to gather in the dining area.

“Do you all have any idea on this?” he asked with a frown.

“I don’t know any chefs,” John responded.

“I don’t think we have to get a highly-rated chef or whatsoever. Can’t it be someone who can cook?” Nancy chimed in.

“I’ve checked. The guest who is coming for dinner tonight is Jadeborough’s mayor,” Steve explained.

Therefore, they couldn’t simply get someone over to cook.

“Wow! Is it necessary to be so grand?” Kylie’s face rekindled with anticipation. “Well, I guess I have to doll myself up tonight.”

Nancy let out an inexplicable chuckle.

This Kylie is indeed an attention-seeker.

Kylie’s words had also left Steve speechless. He was so anxious at the moment, yet Kylie was thinking about what to wear that night.

“I think Nancy has a point. It doesn’t have to be a top chef.” Kathleen’s voice was so soft that it gave them a warm feeling as they listened.

“The problem is that we can’t even find a regular chef up to this moment,” John uttered resignedly.

“Don’t you know any chefs?” Steve asked doubtfully.

Nancy shook her head.

Hearing that, Kylie hesitated for a while before replying, “Kate, I think there should be someone you know who works as a chef given your previous distinguished background.”

Everyone looked at Kylie in shock.

She is indeed not afraid of offending people.

Kathleen’s pretty red lips curved upward. “I’m still very distinguished now.”

Staring at Kathleen, Kylie replied, “Why don’t you invite a chef over, then?”

“Haha.” Kathleen let out a faint chuckle. “Regardless of my status, it has nothing to do with whether I can get a chef. You shouldn’t make things difficult for others just because you can’t invite a chef over, should you?”

In a fit of rage, Kylie huffed, “Who says that I can’t get a chef over? It’s just a cook anyway.”

Everyone turned to look at her.

“Did you all hear what she said? Since Kylie can invite a chef over, we’ll just let her take care of it,” said Kathleen with a half-smile.

Kylie began to regret what she said. Her heart was filled with hatred at this moment as she had fallen for Kathleen’s trick.

Undeniably, Kathleen had successfully provoked Kylie.

Nancy couldn’t help smirking internally. It was obvious that Kylie was no match for Kathleen.

“Just you wait!” Kylie was enraged and embarrassed at the same time. She rose to her feet, took out her phone, and walked away.

“Steve, why don’t we go check out the kitchen? I think we should set the table first, or we won’t make it in time,” Nancy suggested.

“Okay,” replied Steve. A tinge of worry crossed his face as he continued, “But I’m not sure if she can get a chef.”

“Steve, you should learn to trust her.” Nancy paused and smiled meaningfully. “Let’s go.”

Everyone got up and walked toward the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Kylie was talking on the phone outside. “Margaret, are you still keeping in touch with the chef from your last blind date? Stop asking me this and that. I need his help. Can you contact him and ask him to come to my show?”

Kylie’s expression changed drastically upon hearing her sister’s reply. “Margaret, what do you mean? Did you say I sold you? I made money and supported you to study abroad. It’s okay that you don’t like that idiot, but can’t you make some sacrifices for me? It’s just a phone call anyway.”

Her sister must have said something that irritated Kylie that she almost roared at the top of her lungs. “Why are you giving me all these excuses when I ask you for help? Is it me who made you ignore him? You despise him for being fat and look down on him for working as a chef. With that being said, he is a hotel chef. You, on the other hand, graduated from a low-tier university abroad. Why are you so fussy? Hello? Hello?”

Kylie stomped her feet in anger. “How dare she hang up on me!”

Suddenly, she looked up at the cameraman who followed her over and ordered coldly, “Cut this scene out! Don’t broadcast this.”

The cameraman stared at her awkwardly.

Just then, the chat room was flooded with comments.

Is Kylie not aware that it’s a live broadcast?

I know that she is sick in the head from the moment she bitchily mocked Kathleen.

She dares to sabotage Kathleen even in front of the camera. I can’t imagine what she would do behind the scenes when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Her remarks earlier were simply too harsh! She wanted her sister to seek help from a guy whom her sister met during a blind date but reproved her sister for graduating from a low-tier university. That’s too much!

Kylie and her sister are birds of a feather. Didn’t Kylie say that her sister ignored the guy and even called him fat?

The whole family is disgusting.

Seeing Kylie harassing Kathleen reminds me of the moment I was discriminated against at work. But Kathleen handled it very well. I have to learn from her.

It’s not Kathleen’s fault that she got married before. What’s wrong with a second marriage? Why is Kylie so conservative? Do all people who remarried not deserve happiness?

Kylie is just a hussy. She keeps mingling with the guys and getting close to them. Picking on women is disgusting.

Kylie has completely embarrassed herself this time. This show is live. I couldn’t believe I liked her coupling with Steve previously. How much I like them before equates to how disgusted I feel right now.

Right then, Kylie’s phone received a text message from the manager. Shut your mouth right now! The rule of this show has changed. It’s a live broadcast now!

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