All Too Late Chapter 99

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All Too Late Chapter 99

All Too Late Chapter 99

Nancy knocked on John’s head. “Hey! Speak properly!”

“Haha… I meant I’ll be counting on Kate’s cooking to fill my stomach,” John explained, rubbing his head.

Not bothered by John’s choice of words at all, Kathleen went to the kitchen to prepare the food.

The others did not idle around. They proceeded to clean the dining table, and then assisted Kathleen in the kitchen.

In the meantime, Kylie went to see Cain. “I want to quit!”

Speechless, Cain looked at her. “Are you sure?”

Kylie said angrily, “In any case, I don’t want to be in this show anymore! Why don’t you guys tell Kathleen to be polite to me? I can’t stand her!”

Cain replied, “You should just quit then. You can’t afford to offend her. Do you think we can?”

Kylie responded grimly, “Mr. Dodson, you guys are cowards!”

Cain let out a sneer. “Cowards? Kathleen has done nothing wrong. What’s there to talk about?”

Is it true that Kylie has lost her mind?

Cain added, “If you wish to quit, get your manager to talk to us.” Then, he ignored her and turned around.

Kylie was indignant. She actually wanted to stay in the show.

However, she did not want Kathleen to outshine her.

Even if Kathleen had won the Academy Award for Best Actress, Kylie did not want to lose to her.

During their first encounter, Kylie could tell that Kathleen would be the biggest threat to her in the show.

Kathleen was exceptionally gorgeous!

She was practically a shining star!

Kylie was very envious of her.

We’re both actresses. Why does she get all the attention and fame? I didn’t think she’d be such a tough opponent.

At that moment, her phone rang.

She went out to answer the call.

Her manager snapped at her over the phone, “Are you nuts? Why did you offend Kathleen? Why did you complain to Mr. Dodson? This is a live broadcast. I can’t clear your name even if I want to!”

Kylie pursed her lips. “It’s just a live broadcast. What’s the big deal? She may have won the Academy Award for Best Actress, but I’m a popular actress too.”

Her manager was speechless. “Did you knock your head? Samuel debunked the rumor right after you accused Kathleen of being abandoned by him. It’s obvious that he is still in love with her even though they’re divorced! Moreover, Christopher is her fiancé now. Can you afford to offend her?”

“I don’t want to lose to her!” Kylie replied in dismay.

“Suit yourself! Quit if you want to. You breached the contract. You pay the price. It’ll be threefold the amount of your remuneration. The representative from Astra Entertainment is dealing with the management now. Your bad days are coming!”

With that, her manager hung up the phone furiously.

Kylie was dumbfounded.

Why isn’t the company defending me? The drama starring Steve and me is on air right now. I’ll be famous soon. I’ll be generating lots of profit for the company! How could they give up on me? What should I do now?

After dinner, Kathleen and the others went back to their rooms.

The production team provided them with accommodation right next to the restaurant.

It was a three-story building.

Kathleen and Nancy would be staying on the third floor.

They were given one room each.

Kathleen’s belongings had been delivered by the time she returned to her room.

She opened the cases, took out her pajamas, a towel, and some toiletries, and went to take a shower.

After that, she sat by her bedside and picked up her phone.

Charles had texted her: I’ve contacted Kylie’s talent agency. I intend to acquire it.

Kathleen replied to his text: Why do you always acquire companies without reason? Where did you learn that?

Charles texted: Haha! Samuel almost acquired it before I did. Fortunately, I’m one step ahead of him.

Pursing her lips, Kathleen texted back: What does this have to do with Samuel?

Charles: Samuel posted on Twitter and took up the responsibility for the divorce between you two. As a man, I respect him for that.”

Kathleen: Let bygones be bygones.

Charles: What Samuel did to you was horrible. How can we let go of him so easily?

Kathleen: What do you want to do?

Charles: I’ll hire ghostwriters to slander him!

Kathleen: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Charles. Drop it. I won’t be in touch with him in the future.

Charles: You’re such a softie. You almost lost your life because of him. He made you lose two unborn children. Most importantly, he’s keeping Nicolette somewhere safe. Do you know about that?

Kathleen’s heart throbbed in pain.

I haven’t looked into it this year since I know that Samuel will never leave her alone. There’s no sign of her in Jadeborough ever since my return. However, I know that she’s most certainly under Samuel’s protection now. He loves her so much. He’ll never let her suffer. He’s probably thinking of keeping her safe until things have settled down. What a faithful man.

Kathleen: We didn’t come back to deal with these, Charles.

Charles: I know. Don’t worry.

Kathleen: Good. Don’t be swayed by your emotions.

Charles: Vanessa will be attending a banquet. Do you want to go?

Kathleen: Yes. Inform the production team for me, please. I want to meet her.

Charles: Okay. Leave it to me.

With that, Kathleen put down her phone, stood up, and walked to the mirror.

Looking at her reflection, she lifted her hand and touched her face.

No wonder Nicolette and I look so alike.

When Kathleen went downstairs the next day, she realized that everyone else was sleeping in due to the exhaustion the day before.

She decided to go to the kitchen to make some food.

To her surprise, someone else was already there.

“You’re awake, Kate.” Kylie stared at her as though nothing had happened between them.

Unconcerned, Kathleen ignored Kylie.

“I’m sorry for what happened yesterday, Kate. It’s all my fault. Can you forgive me?” Kylie said, putting on an adorable face.

Kathleen’s expression remained cold as she kept quiet.

Has Kylie realized the error of her ways overnight? Impossible! Even I find it hard to believe. Kylie must be willing to compromise because she has something to gain. Someone like her will eventually stab you in the back when you don’t even know it.

“Kate?” Kylie looked at her with pitiful eyes.

Kathleen remarked coldly, “You’ll learn from your mistake when pigs fly, Kylie. When you addressed me so intimately yesterday, I was wondering just how audacious you could get. Everyone knows about your age. Furthermore, we aren’t close. How could you address me that way? You wouldn’t have called me that if you’ve really learned from your mistake.”

Kylie had intended to address Kathleen intimately in order to gain the latter’s favor.

Kathleen paid her no mind.

However, she decided to teach Kylie a lesson when she realized that Kylie was still putting on her pretentious act.

Kylie bit her lower lip. “How should I address you then?”

Kathleen was cold. “What do you think? Didn’t your parents teach you?”

Feeling aggrieved, Kylie asked, “What does this have to do with my parents?”

Kathleen replied coldly, “I’m just reminding you that your parents should have taught you basic manners. If you still don’t know, that’s your problem. Has your brain shrunk, or have you suffered a memory loss? You should consider medication. How can you make it if you have such a weak memory at such a young age?”

Kylie was at a loss for words.

At that moment, Steve entered the kitchen. He frowned. “Why are you still here?”

“Steve, help me persuade Kate. She doesn’t want me to call her that. How else should I address her?” Kylie attempted to drag Steve into the smokeless war.

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