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A big misunderstanding

What he thought was simple.No matter how hard it was for Sivan to break up with his girlfriend, he would not expose his emotions.

It would be stressful to work with something on your mind, and sometimes a trivial thing could make people collapse.

When his grandfather passed away, he was a little stressed at work. When his boss knew it, his boss prolonged his three days’ leave to a month.

That was why he had been with his boss all the time.He was really good except that he was muddled about his feelings.

At first, Sarah didn’t think too much.

But what Chris said was just too easy to make people think too much.

“Miss Yeats, are you there?” After a long time of silence, he added.

“Are you sure what you said is true?” Sarah frowned slightly.


“You caused it?”


Chris was confused.

What did he cause?



His silence was taken as acquiescence by Sarah. She pinched between her eyebrows and said in a more complicated tone than usual, “I see.”

“Thank you.” After hearing her promise, Chris didn’t think too much. “If you need extra compensation, you can call me at any time.”

“No, thanks.” Sarah didn’t know how to describe her feelings.

After hanging up, she was thinking about how to tell Sivan about it.She wanted to know that, but she didn’t expect that Sivan would pay such a heavy price.

Most importantly.

Chris didn’t look like that kind of person.

After hanging up, she was sitting there with a load on her mind and didn’t eat with chopsticks in her hand.

Thinking of the call just now, Sivan put a glass of water in front of her and asked, “Is it from Chris?”


“What did he say?”

Hearing that, Sarah stopped eating and her indifferent eyes suddenly became complicated.No wonder he didn’t want to say it just now.

If it were her, she would not say it.

“Nothing.” She knew that although Sivan had a thin skin and looked cold and was a novice in love. “He just asked me if you went back to the company.”





“Do I look stupid?”

“You’re not stupid,” said Sarah, praising him. “You’re very smart.”

“Then why did you lie to me?” Sivan said coldly and emotionally when he became serious. “You have talked for so long. It can’t be just such a simple question.”

Most importantly, he didn’t know what Chris had said. He saw the expression on his boss’s face changed.

Sarah was speechlessHow to answer?Sivan was confused.

What did Chris say to the boss? How could she look like this?

“He said that you had a setback in your relationship.” What Sarah said was half-true. “He asked me to arrange less work for you.”

She didn’t tell him about salary replenishment.She didn’t need Chris to do that.

Sivan thought of the lie he had told to Chris last night.He thought, ‘This guy is as stupid as ever. He can’t even tell whether it’s true or not.’.

“Just ignore him. I’m fine.” Sivan planned to have a talk with Chris. “You eat first. I’ll talk to him.”

“Okay,” Sarah nodded.

Sivan walked outside.


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After hesitating for a while, Sarah couldn’t help but call him, “Sivan.”

Sivan looked back at her.

“You don’t have to sacrifice so much in the future. The news is not as important as you.” Sarah had been thinking about how to say so that she wouldn’t hurt Sivan again. “If you want to ask for leave and have a rest, you can tell me at anytime.”

Hearing that, Sivan paused. He didn’t pay attention to what she said. There was only one sentence in his mind, ‘The news is not as important as you.’

He ignored other words but said, “Okay.”

Then he went out and was about to tell Chris the truth.

Sarah lost her appetite.She had never thought that this kind of thing would happen to her, even to her special assistant.

How ridiculous.

On the other side.

Sivan called Chris.

The moment the phone was connected, before Chris could say anything, Sivan said in a clear voice, “I lied to you last night. I’m not unlucky in love.”

Chris was confused.




“I said that on purpose because I wanted to know from you what your boss had talked with Sara’s grandfather.” Sivan was very honest and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“Wait a minute.” Chris got the point.

Sivan kept silent.

At this moment, he was completely awake. Wearing his glasses, he asked, “Did you say your boss’s grandfather? Isn’t Miss Yeats your superior?”

Although Miss Yeats was the elder daughter of the Yeats Group.

But she didn’t take over the company. She could only be the Sivan’s superior, not the boss.

This guy…

Sivan was speechless

Damn it!

He spilled the beans.

“I remember you said earlier that your boss had a two-year holiday and had recently returned to work.” Chris was smart enough.

“Is the boss you mentioned before Miss Yeats?”

He only knew that Sivan was working as the boss’s special assistant in a very good company.

But he didn’t know which company it was.

But he was sure that it was not the Yeats Group.



“No,” said Sivan in a calm tone. “My former boss is on holiday again. I’m working as a personal assistant and part-time job for Sarah. She’s my current boss, and I’m only under her management, not the Yeats Group.”

Chris thought for a moment.


No way!

Chris thought, ‘What Sivan said just now was too natural. Her tone was exactly the same as when she had talked with him before. Most importantly, when he told him that Miss Yeats was a super powerful hacker, so was his boss. He said that Miss Yeats was very good at fighting and that his boss could beat him easily. It seemed that his boss was Miss Yeats.’

“Then why don’t you take a holiday as before?” asked Chris.

“I still have something to deal with in the company. I won’t take a leave until I finish it.” Sivan’s words were watertight.

“How did you know Miss Yeats?”

Sivan didn’t want to answer.

Chris’s questions were incessant.

Chris was almost sure. He said, “Miss Yeats is your former boss. Am I right?”

“You guess wrong.”


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“I have something else to do and I have to hang up. You will never know my boss.” After saying that, Sivan hung up, leaving no chance for Chris to guess.

If they continued to talk about it, the identity of their boss would be exposed.

Chris was confused.

Originally, he was already 70 percent suspicious that it was Sarah Yeats, but his suspicion was dispelled a lot by Sivan’s calm words and straight behavior of hanging up.

Now only 20 percent. He thought, ‘Was he really wrong?

Why did Sivan still work part-time with Sarah? Wasn’t he well paid in that company?’

All of a sudden.

Chris’s eyes widened as if he had thought of something. He thought, ‘Does he like Miss Yeats?’

When this thought came to his mind, his mind was full of this matter.

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