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They met Jason

“I don’t know.” Chris tried to hide his nervousness and keep calm.

He looked at him in silence, and the aura around him had reached its limit at this moment. When he pushed his glasses, his heart was still a little nervous.

“If you want to know, I can go to investigate.” said Chris at the right time.

Jason didn’t say anything.

From Chris’s reaction just now, Jason was almost sure that Sivan liked Sarah.

Even if he had decided not to bother her and just help her solve some difficulties silently, but when he heard that someone coveted her, he still felt uncomfortable.

Chris didn’t dare to say anything more.

If his words riled the boss, he would suffer a lot.

“What’s Sivan’s background?” asked Jason.

“I don’t know.” Chris didn’t lie. “He never said that.”

Although they had known each other for a long time, they didn’t talk much. What they talked about in daily life had nothing to do with family, and he didn’t ask that.

His breath was a little deep.

After a while. He asked Chris to go out and thought about it alone.

Two days passed quickly.

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In the past two days, Sarah had been busy in the company. There was nothing for her to do in the Yeats Group for the time being, so she put all her attention on the Angel International Group.

In the afternoon.

Sivan came to the office to look for her and told her something important, “I’ve already offered the price.”

“How much?”

“Nines filled in the blank on the check,” replied Sivan honestly.

Stopping what she was doing, Sarah looked at Sivan with her beautiful eyes and asked, “What did that person say?”

“He agreed and gave me these two kinds of medicine.” Sivan took out a room card and handed it to her, with a bottle of medicine in his hand.

“He asked me to find an opportunity to let you take medicine and take you to that hotel.”

Sarah took it over and had a look.

These drugs could make people faint.

“Let’s go.” Sarah played with the room card and returned the medicine to Sivan.

Sivan stood still and looked at her coldly.

Sarah raised her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Boss, have you forgotten what I told you last time?” Sivan said seriously, as if he was talking about life principle with Sarah as a brother.



“What?” Sarah asked in confusion

“Don’t trust a man casually.” Putting the medicine in her hand, he continued, “If you really meet a man who wants to do something bad, giving this to him is putting yourself in danger.”

“You are not that kind of person.” She knew who could be trusted and who couldn’t. “Find out where the person bought the drug and hand over the clues to the police.”

Most of them were used against girls. It must be eliminated.

“Okay,” replied Sivan.

“If you can’t find out anything, ask Julian to help you.” She added, “He is free recently.”

“Okay.” Sivan was obedient to what Sarah said.

Then the two left the company for meal.

Sarah planned to dig out that person this time. She didn’t look into it when she didn’t divorce before, but it didn’t mean that she had to tolerate it now.

However, unfortunately, she met Jason in the hotel.

When Sarah and Sivan entered the private room, they saw a group of people escorting Jason towards them. Seeing Sarah and Sivan standing together, Jason stopped.

“Mr. Noth? What’s wrong?”

“Did we say something wrong just now?” Someone asked.

The others were all worried that they might offend him.



Jason ignored the sound around him. The only thing in his eyes was Sarah, who had entered the room with others. Jason didn’t take back his gaze until the door was closed.

Last time, Sarah admitted that she was acting with Sivan. But this time… he thought Sivan was pursuing her.

“Boss.” Chris also saw them. He came to his senses first and touched his arm. “It’s time for us to go in.”

The aura around him was cold, and his black eyes were deep.

He took a look at the box where Sarah was and then went in with a load on his mind.

In this dinner.

During the whole process, he didn’t say anything.

As a result, the atmosphere in the room was very low. Those who wanted to talk about cooperation with him didn’t dare to breathe heavily, fearing that they might make the serious atmosphere worse.

Chris just took the words right out of Jason’s mouth. He answered all their questions and words.

During the meal.

While eating, Jason was absent-minded.

The situation was much better in Sarah’s room. After entering the private room, the two had dinner in the normal process.

After all, it was a lie to say not hungry after work.

“Let’s go early later,” said Sarah to Sivan. She also explained, “In case that was destroyed by Jason.”



She didn’t know if he would come back later.

In case, it would be better to prevent it.

“Okay,” said Sivan.

Half an hour later.

Sivan estimated that the time was almost up and asked Sarah to start acting.

The room card that the man gave to him belonged to this hotel. He just needed to walk out of the private room and went into the elevator to the corresponding floor with the room card.

When they were about to leave, Jason received a call.

When he saw the caller ID, his eyes darkened. He slid the answer key and answered, “Hello.”

When he said that word.

The people at the table didn’t dare to speak. They all held their breath and sat there.

“Boss, I just found a news.” A very fast voice came from the other side of the phone. “It has something to do with Sivan and Miss Yeats.”

“Go ahead.” His words were brief as usual.

“Sivan was bought off with nearly one billion dollars,” the person continued. His voice was clear. “He plans to drug Miss Yan tonight and get a room.

There are four men with excellent skills hidden in that room.”

Hearing this.

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The cold air around him suddenly came up.

With his sharp eyes, he said coldly, “Address and room number?”

“It’s in room 2309. The hotel was that you are going to talk tonight,” answered the man on the other side.

Jason was about to hang up and stood up.

“I’m not sure if there is any monitor in the room.”

“I see.” After saying this in a deep and cold voice, he hung up and stood up. He didn’t say anything to anyone but walked outside.

In the face of this situation.

The others held their breath.

Even if they were dissatisfied, they could only hold back their anger. After all, in this circle, Jason had absolute authority and no one wanted to offend him.

Looking at the man who left without saying goodbye, Chris felt too bitter to cry.

He had no choice but to follow him. When he walked out of the room, he told them that he had something urgent to deal with today and would make an appointment another day.

The others didn’t dare to complain and agreed.

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