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Jason attacked Sivan

‘Why are you here?” Feeling the sudden chill from his boss, Chris had a sense of foreboding and asked, “Is this… Miss Yeats?”

Chris was stunned.

Why was Sivan here with Miss Yeats?

And it seemed that Miss Yeats was drunk or something else?

“Give her to me.” Said Jason, as he strode to the front of Sivan, with his dashing eyebrows and starry eyes. He pursed his thin lips into a straight line.

No, I have something to deal with my boss.” Sivan refused.

“What kind of matter need you to deal in a hotel?” A chill in the air spread all over Jason’s body. He was glad that he had arrived.

“Don’t ever pretend that I know nothing about what you have done.”

He knew how much Sarah trusted her assistant.

But now, this man betrayed her for money.


Noticing something was wrong, Chris asked, “Mr. Noth, is there any kind of misunderstanding?”

“Either you leave, or I’ll ask someone to send you to the police station. You can take your time to talk to the police.” Said Jason, his eyes were as cold as knives.



Sivan stood there, not knowing how to react.

If he explained, there was a monitor here.If he didn’t explain, he would be sent to the police station later, which would cause more trouble to his boss.

“Chris, call the police.”

“Mr. Noth…”

“Call the police!”

“There must be some misunderstandings.” Through the attitude of the two people and the current situation, Chris has also probably guessed. “I’m sure that Sivan is not that kind of person.”

Jason fell his deep eyes on him.

Chris was in a panic.

He could only pull Sivan’s arm and said, “Explain something.”


Jason kicked Sivan hard without mercy.

It never occurred to Sivan that Jason would attack him. Sivan stumbled and fell backwards. Sarah was held in Jason’s arms who was originally held up by Sivan.

Just as Jason was about to say something, Sarah in his arms said something in a low voice. She didn’t want to be hugged by Jason.

But now that the play had come to this point, she couldn’t let it end like this.


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Take me away. Don’t make trouble for Sivan.” She said in such a low voice that only Jason himself could hear. “I’m going to catch the backstage manipulator with him.”

Hearing that, Jason was stunned.

Looking at the cold atmosphere, Chris was flustered.

“Mr. Noth…”

“For the sake of your friendship with Chris, I won’t make a fuss about this matter with you today.” Without revealing the truth, Jason continued to play the trick. “Take care of yourself.”

Then he picked up Sarah and left the hotel.

Sarah was speechless. He must do it on purpose.

“Mr. Noth.” Chris wanted to explain for Sivan.

He could say for sure that Sivan was not such a mean person.

Without listening to him, Jason only said, “Let’s go.”

Feeling conflicted, Chris had to leave with him. But looking at the expression on his face, Chris still said, “Explain it to our boss and Miss Yeats tomorrow. I believe it must be a mistake.” Sivan said nothing.

If he really wanted to take Sarah back, he could do it.

However, he had just noticed that his boss had whispered something to Jason. After that had Jason said something like take care of himself.

Now it seemed that.



His boss felt the situation had changed, so they needed to separate first.

Five minutes later.

Jason had already took Sarah to leave the hotel with Chris. During the whole process, they didn’t reveal anything.

When Sivan was about to leave, a man suddenly walked out of one of the rooms on floor 23. He was the man who had given Sivan a check before.

“Mr. Sivan, please hold on.” The man said in a gentle voice.

Sivan looked back and frowned when he saw him. “Why are you here?”

“Of course I’m here to see if Mr. Sivan has fulfilled his promise.”

“Jason has taken her away.”

“I know.” The man replied with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. “But it doesn’t matter. Sarah had a bad relationship with Mr. Noth. Her trust in Mr. Noth is not as good as her trust in you.”

“What do you mean?” Sivan pretended not to understand.

“Although Mr. Noth took her away tonight, you can still go and find her tomorrow as if nothing had happened.” The man suggested.

“If she asks about what happened tonight, you can tell her that you fainted either.

When she asks you to investigate, we will give you a report of food poisoning.

In this way, what Jason said will be regarded as a lie by Sarah, and she will trust you more.”



Hearing this, there was no expression on Sivan’s cold face.

He just felt that the backstage manipulator knew too much about the relationship between his boss and Jason.

“Of course, not everyone can offend Mr. Noth.” The man added, “If you can’t do it, you can refuse. But the check I gave you will also be invalid.”

“Got it.” Said Sivan. Then he left without saying anything more.

After he left, the man made a phone call and reported everything happened here tonight.

On the other side.

Jason took Sarah into the car.

Sitting on the driver’s seat, Chris was still thinking about Sivan. He didn’t want his boss to have too much prejudice against Sivan.

“Mr. Noth, I truly think there is a misunderstanding about this matter. As a man without any desire, how could he do such a thing?”

“Do you trust him so much?” Jason took a deep glance at Sarah beside him and felt relieved.

“Yes.” Said Chris firmly, “I’m willing to bet on my future.”

Hearing this.

Sarah opened her eyes.She didn’t need to worry about being found out since the surveillance camera couldn’t catch anything inside.She adjusted her sitting position and asked, “The last time you asked me



to supplement his salary, and this time you bet on your future. What happened when you were drank that night?”

Chris was stunned.

“Miss Yeats?”


“You… Are you okay?” Seeing that she looked normal, Chris was more or less confused.

“I’m good.” Answered Sarah. Although she shouldn’t ask too much, Sivan was her special assistant after all. “What happened to you that night?”

Chris peered at Jason subconsciously.

He was tricked.

What else could it be?

“Nothing.” He knew that Sivan didn’t tell anything to her, so he could only reply at will, “We just drank, and then go to bed. The second day, we go to work respectively.”

“In one bed?” Asked Sarah.

“How is that possible?” Said Chris without thinking too much. “One for each.”

There was a touch of suspicion on her indifferent face.

If so.

Then what about Chris’s reaction before?

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“Miss Yeats… Don’t stare at me like that. I have nothing to do with Sivan.” Thinking of what he had just said, Chris explained,

“We are brothers, with pure friendship.”

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