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Do you know what kind of relationship is the most dangerous

Seeing that his boss was about to say something reckless again, Chris immediately changed the topic. “By the way, Miss Yeats, why is Sivan there with you?”

“I’m doing my business.” Answered Sarah, “Acting.”

With these few simple words, Chris had a rough idea of what had happened.

When Sarah talked to Jason before, only Jason heard it, so Chris didn’t know.

After figuring it out, Chris didn’t ask too much, “Then whose home are we going to now?”

“My home.”

“My home.”

Both of them said in unison.

Chris pursed his lips and didn’t know whom to listen to.

“According to your script, you and Sivan are acting, and you are in a coma at this moment.’ In order to take her home, Jason had racked his brains.

“Now that I’ve brought you out, I’ll take you back to my house to take care of you.”

“You should send me home.” Sarah retorted.

“I don’t know the password of your house.” Sarah couldn’t refute what he said.

With a frown, there was a touch of emotion in her usual indifferent eyes.



She didn’t want to go to his house, but if she got out of his car at this moment, once the backstage manipulator check the surveillance video, that person would know that she was acting with Sivan.

There was no laptop around her, so she couldn’t hack it.

“Then I’ll drive directly to Mr. Noth’s house.” Said Chris to Sarah deliberately.

Hearing that she said yes.

Then he started the car and left.

Staring at the back of his head, Jason decided to have a talk with Chris about who was his boss and who paid him.

Not long after the car drove out of the parking lot, Sarah saw a phonecall from Sivan.

Without hesitation, she slid the answer key and answered, “Sivan.”

Jason’s eyes turned cold momentarily.


“Miss Yeats, who knows your relationship with Jason?” Sivan answered the phone through Bluetooth in his car.

After a pause, Sarah asked, “Why do you ask that?”

“Not long after you left, a person came out of the room on floor 23 and talked to me.” Said Sivan in a clear voice, “It seems that he knows a lot about the relationship between you and Jason.”

“What did he say?”



“Let me continue to look for you tomorrow. If you ask about what happened tonight then I’ll tell you that you were in a coma because of food poisoning, they will help to fake the poison report.” Said Sivan. “He’s sure that you would believe me other than Jason.”

Sarah took a look at the direction of Jason. She would definitely favor the words of Sivan than Jason. The man behind them was using prejudice to achieve his goal.

“What should we do next?” Sivan asked.

“Just do as he said.” Sarah had been thinking about something all the time.

“Okay.” Said Sivan.

“Where are you now? Do you need me to pick you up?”

“No, thanks.” Said Sarah while she felt headache. “If you come here, it’ll expose that you are lying. You can come to the house of Jason to pick me up tomorrow morning.”

Hearing her words.

Jason was finally relieved.He was really afraid that Sarah would jump out of the car halfway.

However, there was a silence on the other side of the phone.

“Hello?” Sarah called him.

“Miss Yeats.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you know what kind of relationship is the most dangerous?” Sivan said seriously.

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“What?” Sarah asked.

“Ex boyfriend.” Sivan said seriously without any joking, “What if he bullies you if you go home with him?”

After a moment’s silence, she replied calmly, “He can’t bully me.” Jason was good at fighting.

But if the two really fought, they would at most be on par, and he wouldn’t have the upper hand.

“There are so many thoughts in a man’s mind that you can’t guard against them.” Sivan completely ignored the way she fought, and continued, “Not to mention that you’re facing Jason.”

Suddenly, she didn’t know how to answer.

After a moment of silence. She said, ‘Til ask Julian to pick me up later. You go back first.”

“Okay.” Replied Sivan quickly.

Seeing that she hung up the phone, Jason’s eyebrow twisted together, and the coldness around him surged out.She was leaving?

“Are you leaving?”


Sarah answered indifferently.She found the phone number of Julian and called him, then she told him something and an address before hanging up.

Looking at her arrangements, Jason felt as if a huge stone was pressing down on his heart, making him unable to breathe. She just didn’t want to stay with him.

Even if it was only one night.



“After the third traffic light intersection ahead, you can find a place without surveillance to drop me off.” Said Sarah to Jason.

“Okay.” Replied Chris obediently.

All of a sudden, Jason’s eyes turned cold.

Feeling a chill on his neck, Chris didn’t think too much and drove steadily.

“If you get off now, what if the secret is exposed tomorrow?” Jason could only talk about these things.

“No. No one will know if you don’t tell them.” Sarah said in an indifferent tone.

She had asked Julian to solve all the problems where there were hidden dangers.She could leave safe and sound.

“You changed your mind all of a sudden because you were afraid that Sivan would care?” This was the only reason that Jason could think of.

“No.” Sarah’s answer was always so straightforward, but still in a cold tone. “I simply don’t want to sleep with you.”

Hearing that, Jason’s deep breath sank.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became terrible.

Chris didn’t dare to take a deep breath, fearing that his boss would be unhappy if he said something wrong.

On the way back, there was a dead silence in the car. After passing the third traffic light intersection, Chris pulled over, then Sarah opened the door and got out.


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This time, Jason didn’t ask her to stay.

He was not the kind of person who would pester her. He was clear that no matter what he did or said at this moment, she would not change because of his words.

No one could change her decision.

“You go first.” Seeing that Chris didn’t say anything, Sarah said, “Julian will be here soon.”

“It’s okay. We’ll watch you get in the car.” Chris said.

“Let’s go.” Said Jason coldly.

“Are… are you sure?” Chris asked.

Jason didn’t say a word, but his cold eyes were expressionless. His emotions just now were replaced by indifference.

Chris shivered all over. He didn’t dare to disobey his boss’s order, so he asked Sarah to call him if needed and then started the car and left.

On the way.

It seemed that Jason couldn’t find a way to vent his anger that had been piled up all night, so he vented on Chris, “Why don’t you go to work for her since you like her so much?”

“Don’t you like Miss Yeats?” Retorted Chris, perfectly avoiding his question.

“Have I indulged you too much recently? Do you think I’m a person easy to talk to?” The relaxed look on Sarah’s face when she made the phonecall was all over his mind. How much did she trust her special assistant would she made such an expression.

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