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Your sister comes here to pick you up

Sivan was very serious about his work.

The Angel International Group was of great significance to him. He hoped that everything would be done well and his boss would have a lot of money.

In half an hour, Sivan finished reporting everything smoothly.

After reporting.

When he was about to leave, Sarah stopped him. “Will, Wait a minute.”

Sivan stood still.

“Why did you send me a message yesterday that someone makes advances to me?” Sarah asked directly.

Sivan wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Sarah didn’t urge him.

“People in the company are talking about you and Will.”

Captain Leon?

Sarah was stunned.

“Boss,” Sivan still wanted to ask, but he simply wanted to know, “Are you dating with special assistant Gardner? It seems that you have been working with him these days, but you haven’t called me.”

Most importantly, he used to pick her up and drive her to and off work, but now the boss drove herself.



As a boss, she should take a car instead of driving.

“Are you worried that I will not pay attention to you after I put Will on an important position?” Seeing the slight emotion on his cold face, Sarah asked tentatively.

Sivan didn’t say anything, but his expression showed everything.

Sarah was special to Sivan.

Sarah stood up and fetched a cup of hot water for him, comforting him, “Don’t worry. As long as you want, you will always be my special assistant. The reason why I took him out is just to let him get familiar with the society and the market.”

She still wanted to explain a lot of things to Captain Leon in person.

Although he was very capable, Sivan was not clear about the past of the captain. With his character, Captain Leon would not talk to him about something.

In that case, it would be better for her to lead Captain Leon for a period of time.

In this way, she didn’t have to worry too much when Captain Leon was completely familiar with that.

“As for their gossip, it’s all unreal.” Sarah explained everything. “We are just friends.”

Sivan heard what she said, and so did Will, who was about to come in and talk about something with Sarah.

He stood outside the door, with no surprise in his eyes.

He knew what kind of person Sarah was. After she had a deep relationship with Jason, she was in a state of exclusion for love, or in other words, she had no idea of it at all.



He was not in a hurry. There was still a long way to go. He was ready for everything. As long as she wanted, he could marry her at any time.

Thinking of this.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door of her office.

The door was opened by Sivan. He paused when he saw Will.

Will nodded slightly as a greeting. Then he walked towards Sarah with the document in his hand and asked her to sign it. The whole process was very natural, and he was not affected by what he had just heard at all.

Seeing him like this, Sivan was confused. Did he really think too much?

After signing the documents, he left.

Sivan left after reporting.

After she finished her work temporarily, Sarah sat on the chair, thinking about the things about Sivan.

With his present ability and connections, it was very easy for him to set up a company and run it well. She had told him before, but he refused. He said that he only wanted to be a special assistant, not a boss.

He was capable, rich and had connections.

She had only seen Sivan who didn’t want to be a boss yet in this circle.

Time passed quickly.

Two months passed.



In the past two months, the trauma on his body had completely recovered, and he had already woken up.

Sarah had asked Serial about his situation, but he said that it was not stable yet and would tell her when it was stable.

One day.

As soon as Sarah returned home from work, she received a call from uncle Noth. As usual, the things he talked about were all related to Jason.

“How is Jason?” Mr. Noth’s tone was still relatively relaxed. He didn’t want to put pressure on Sarah.

Sarah answered honestly, “Mr. Lance said that the situation is not stable. He would tell me when it is stable.”

“Just now, your grandfather asked me when he would come back to celebrate the Christmas,” said Mr. Noth. “If he can’t recover before the Christmas, you may have to play a play with me.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

After saying something else, Mr. Noth hung up.

With her phone in her hand, Sarah sat on the sofa, feeling heavy and complicated.

After careful consideration. She still called Serial.

When Serial answered the phone, he was talking to Jason. When he saw that it was Sarah’s call, a complicated expression flashed across his face. He stood up, walked to the window and answered, “Miss Yeats.”

“How is Jason?” asked Sarah.



“Not yet stable.”

“I want to know the details.”

Serial took a deep look at the silent Jason and felt headache. “I suggest that you’d better not know.”

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Sarah.

Serial didn’t say anything. He didn’t know whether to say that Jason was good or bad.

But he was sure that it was not good for him and the base to let Jason stay here any longer.

It was still very bad!

Not hearing his voice, Sarah’s heart sank. She thought something had happened, “Serial.”

“Come here and have a look.” After saying that, Serial hung up.

Without hesitation, she went out with her phone and car key.

As for Serial.

After putting the phone in his pocket, he came to the front of Jason.

With a smile on his face, he said in a very gentle tone, “Your sister will come here to pick you up later. Are you happy?”

“Your smile makes me suspect that you are going to sell me.” said Jason. He stared at Jason with his deep black eyes. He was not as cold as before, but purer.

“How is that possible?” asked Serial with a smile, “Is your brother such a person?”



“You are.”

Serial was speechless.

Sure enough.

He just couldn’t like people like Jason.

Jason used to be a tough guy when there was nothing wrong. Now he had lost his memory and his intelligence degenerated to five years old, but Jason still could make him angry.

There was no harmony between them!

At nine o’clock in the evening.

Sarah arrived at the base.

Serial had been waiting for her outside for a long time. When he saw her, he smiled ad greeted her politely, “Miss Yeats, you’re here.”

“Where is Jason?”

“He’s inside.”

“What’s wrong with him?”

“It’s not a big deal,” said Serial as he took out the documents behind him and handed them to her. “If you want to see him, sign documents first.”

Sarah took them and looked through the two short pages.

There were two blacklisted dos and don’ts.

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First, she had to take Jason away as soon as she saw him.

Second, all the losses that Party A had suffered because of Jason would be paid by the person who had taken him away, including but not limited to the damage that Jason had caused here and the price he had to pay for what Jason had promised him but failed.

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