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Think about the reason yourself

“No, thanks.” Said Jason. His eyes were darker than before. Sarah really didn’t call didn’t call him, so he turned around and went back to his room, never coming out again.

Sarah was curious about his reaction, and intended to ask her Uncle Noth what he had talked to him by message.

But before sending the message, she received his call.

“Has Vincent returned to his room?” Said Mr. Noth.

Sarah ran his eyes over the living room. For the first time, she was surprised to his prediction, so answered, “Yes.”

She even doubted if there was a monitor and he was watching it in another place.

“I’ll go to see him after the annual meeting of our company is held in two days,” Mr. Noth said to her, “His current state is really different from that of his childhood.”

She answered, “Okay, tell me when you come here. I’ll ask someone to pick you up.”


After hanging up the phone, Sarah began to worry.

If Jason really just lost memory and his mentality degenerated, he could take time to recuperate himself. Just as what Serial said, maybe he would recover one day.



But judging from his current situation, there was something wrong with his state.

She had planned to go to see Mr. Serial the next day, but she had to go to the company. In the evening, she had to attend the company’s annual meeting and masked party, so her plan was postponed.

The second morning.

Jason got up early to make breakfast.

As a result…

The kitchen door was locked!

He stood at the kitchen door and tried many times to open the door, but was finally failed.

Sarah was awakened by the sound of him opening the door. Like the day before yesterday, she came out in pajamas with a little messy hair, saying, “The door is locked.”

He paused as hearing that.He looked back subconsciously.

“The wound on your hand hasn’t healed yet.” Said Sarah. She got up early, so her voice was a little fuzzy. She continued, “Go back to sleep. I have ordered breakfast and won’t be hungry.”

“Is it because I didn’t cook well?” Said Jason, lowering his head.

Sarah, “No, I’m afraid your wound get worse.”

He looked up at her slowly. Obviously, he was asking if it was really.

“I’m going to the company later. As for you, just stay at home with Muffin.” Said Sarah, trying to comfort him. She added, “If you need anything, just tell Muffin. She will call the bodyguards.”



“Can I go to the company with you?” Asked Jason.

“No.” She refused bluntly. “You have a special identity. If you appear there, it will easily cause public opinion.”

The accident of Jason was still hidden from the media.

But if he went out, others must find how unusual he was. His temperament, words and behaviors were much different from before, so without communicating with him, people could know his abnormality only by looking at him.

The new year was coming, so she didn’t want to make trouble again.

Suppressing the unhappiness in his heart, he agreed, “Okay.”

“Good boy.” Said Sarah. She tried her best not to make his mind go wildly, “Go back to sleep.”

So he reluctantly went back to his room as turning around constantly.

Thinking of what Sarah had said, he took the phone that Serial had given him before, and then called him.

At five o’clock in the morning.

Serial was still sleeping.

Listening to the sound of vibrating and ringing on the bedside table, he took a look and found that it was from Jason. He said wearily, “What are you doing?”

“Do you know what happened between me and sister Sarah?” Asked Jason.

“What do you mean?”



“All about her and me.”

“I don’t know.” Answered Serial directly and gave him a suggestion. “But your special assistant may know that. After all, except sleeping, he follows you almost twenty-four hours a day.”

“Chris?” He thought of the man who called him boss.

Serial was surprised and sober. He asked, “You remember him?”

“Sister Sarah took me to see him.” Jason hoped than anyone else that he could remember what had happened between him and sister


Before tonight, he had thought what Sarah had said was true.

But at this time, his intuition told him that Sarah’s younger sister really didn’t like him, not because he looked like someone else.

“You can ask him everything about you and Sarah,” said Serial. He didn’t know much about them. What he had said to Sarah was also taught by Jason.

After getting the answer, he hung up the phone without saying goodbye.

He didn’t care that, so he just put down his phone and went back to sleep.

As for Chris.

When he received a call from his boss at five o’clock in the morning, he was immediately happy.

He thought to himself, “The boss finally regained his memory!!!”



But when he answered the phone and heard what his boss said to him, he was not happy as before as if being poured a basin of cold water.

Jason asked, “How much do you know about Sarah and me?”

Chris asked, “Miss Yeats?”


“I know most about you.” Chris didn’t hide anything. Even though

Jason had lost his memory, he was still his boss. So he said, “I’ve been with you from the moment you get the marriage certificate to the time you divorce.”

He said, “Come to pick me up now.” Except in front of Sarah, he was like an old child for the rest of the time. He added, “Think about the reason yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone was hung up.

Chris was totally stunned.

Why did he feel that his boss was more difficult to face with than before?

Thinking of this, he had to get up reluctantly and drive to Sarah.

But his boss’s mental age was only five years old at this time, so he told her about it.

When Sarah heard his words, she was surprised. She asked, “Are you sure he asked you to pick him up?”



“I’m sure.” Chris was also surprised, but he guessed, “Maybe he wants to ask me about your past with him. When he called me, he asked me how much I knew about you.”

She frowned as hearing this.

She wondered, “Why did he ask this?”

“Miss Sarah, are you available now?” Asked Chris.

“Yes,” said Sarah.

An hour later, he arrived.

Jason opened the door. He went to tell Sarah that Chris was going to take him away.

They looked at each other and asked in confusion, “Mr. Chris, why are you here?”

“I need my boss’s help with face recognition,” said Chris with the same smile as usual. He added, “I want to take my boss away for a day.”

Sarah looked at him.

However, Jason still kept his character setting. He murmured as taking the corner of her cloth, “Sister Sarah… I don’t want to go with him.”

He was very clear that if he agreed to leave with Chris directly at the moment, Sarah would definitely doubt it.

Chris, “…”

His boss who lost his memory was really good at pretending.

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It was his boss who asked him to come here, but at this time it seemed he was forcing his boss.

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