Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 111

“Patrick’s dad and Linda’s dad are comrades. After retiring from military service, they set up a business together. Patrick and Linda lived in the same area and grew up together. He just treats Linda as his sister.”

“Somehow, I feel that Linda doesn’t just treat him as her brother.” Catherine threw a glance at Freya.

Freya remained silent for a moment, then sighed. “You think so too? I used to doubt it as well, but I have no evidence.”

“Just keep an eye on her.” Catherine reminded Freya.


A week later.

Rebecca and her parents returned to Melbourne after vacation.

Shortly after they got back to the Jones family’s villa, Ethan gave Rebecca another call.

The moment Rebecca looked at the notification of the incoming call, her eyes flashed with annoyance. Nevertheless, she ended up picking up the call. With a smile, she asked, “What’s the matter, Ethan?”

“Can’t I just give you a random call?”

At that instant, Ethan was somewhere near the villa’s entrance where he had seen Rebecca and her parents return.

“What are you thinking? Of course, you can.” Ethan’s expression was not as grim when Catherine’s gentle voice sounded. However, her next sentence left him in a somber mood.

“But I’m still overseas. I plan to go surfing today, and I have a tight schedule.”

“Really?” Ethan felt anger burning in his chest. “But I saw you returning home just now. I’m right outside the entrance of your villa. Why are you lying to me?”


Rebecca glanced out of the window.

Ethan continued to sound reluctant. “Is it because I’m no longer the president of Lowe Corporation that you’re trying to deny all connections with me?”

“Fine. Since you’re conscious of it, I’m not going to beat around the bush.” With a cold tone, Rebecca added, “Ethan, be clear about who you are. Now that you’ve lost the Lyons family’s support and failed to become the successor of Lowe Corporation, your status doesn’t even match mine. I’m the successor of Summit with a net worth of tens of billions of dollars. Since this is the case, there’s a huge gap between us. Let’s just separate without holding grudges.”

Ethan felt a sense of incredulity. “Rebecca, you actually decided to go for your personal gains at the expense of your principles. You told me before that you’ve fallen in love with me. You told me that you were willing to make sacrifices for me. Are all these lies?”

“Of course, those were true all because of your status back then. Stop pestering me already.”

Rebecca hung up once she finished speaking.

Ethan sat in the car like a lost soul.

After a while, he covered his forehead and began to smile so weakly that tears trickled down his face.

How foolish of him. In the relationship, he had always thought that he was in the driving seat. Little did he know that he had gradually fallen into Rebecca’s trap.

He had been under the impression that she was so besotted with him that she would be willing to do anything for him.

It turned out that it was just a pretense. For the sake of this woman, he had even hurt Catherine. He hit her, criticized her, and almost ruined her.

He hit his head violently, wondering why he was so foolish.

It was Catherine who grew up with him since he was young.

If Catherine were in Rebecca’s shoes, she would not have given up on him.

Ethan recalled the moment he learned that his father had an illegitimate child. He had felt that his life was full of darkness at that point. It was Catherine who stayed by his side and kept encouraging him to pull himself together.

She even went to learn how to cook for his sake.

Why had he forgotten about all these things?

It was no wonder his uncle thought that something was wrong with him. It was no wonder Christina thought of him as a blind man.

Indeed, both his eyes and heart were blind.

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