Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 119

Freya’s heart sank. Indeed, the Clark family was one of the very few powerful families in Melbourne. Cathy had offended the Clark family.

“So… So what can we do?”

“I’ve… informed my uncle to come here.” A look of distress and helplessness crossed Ethan’s face. Although Wesley was currently his love rival, he had no choice but to ask him for help in order to save Catherine.

“My uncle has a wide network. He might have a way out.”

“Oh, okay.” Freya had heard from Catherine that Wesley was interested in her. Sure enough, Ethan had to rely on his uncle at crucial moments like this.

As Freya gazed at Ethan, her eyes were increasingly filled with disgust. She could not help but mock him. “After being dumped by your fiancée, you finally know who treats you the best. You don’t find Catherine shameful anymore, huh?”

“Back then, it was my fault. I was blind.”

Freya snorted. “The environment in the detention center is really awful. Ever since Cathy was locked in the old manor, she was traumatized by the experience. We have to bring her out tonight.”

Ethan was stunned. “What happened in the old manor? Wasn’t she served with great food and drinks there?”

“Is there something wrong with you? Didn’t you see the medical certificate which was shared online? She was terribly abused there, and she almost lost her life.”

Freya stared at Ethan as if he was mentally disabled.

“She was locked there for three days with all the windows and doors nailed shut. Not even a ray of light could shine through. The rice she had was stale. She had no blanket and clothes. There was no electricity and water. She couldn’t even contact anyone outside and had almost died in the manor. Fortunately… Fortunately, we managed to rescue her. By the time she arrived at the hospital, she was nearly dead.”

Ethan’s body trembled violently.

He had visited the Jones family’s house to ask about it, but that was not what he was told.

Now when he recalled Jeffery, Sally, and Rebecca’s faces, he could not help but shudder.

He could not imagine how evil they were to have the intention of killing their biological daughter and sister. They were really scary.

It was no wonder Catherine hated Ethan. Ethan was too silly and could not see through the incident. At that point, Catherine was undoubtedly in absolute despair.

Soon, Wesley arrived after rushing over.

“Uncle Wesley, you must save Cathy,” Ethan begged him with swollen eyes. “She’s innocent. I owe her way too much.”

“Whether or not I’ll save her has nothing to do with you. She’s my lover, and I’ll certainly go all out to save her.”

As Wesley spoke, he grimly headed upstairs along with a lawyer. Half an hour later, he came back down with a sullen look.

“I can’t bail her out.”

“What? Even you failed to do it?” Freya started panicking. Struck by a thought, she asked, “Can I ask the Harrison family for help?”

Freya had Chase’s number, but Catherine and Shaun were currently on bad terms. It was not known whether Chase would be willing to lend her a hand.

“It won’t work. I heard that the Clark family is very furious this time. The Harrison family’s intervention in the matter would mean they’re going against the Clark family, so it’s impossible for them to do it.”

Wesley’s head hurt. He had come up with all the possible solutions on his way here.

“So there’s nothing I can do apart from watching Catherine continue being locked up until the sentence is imposed.” Freya grew uneasy. “This is not just about being in jail for several years. It might ruin her life.”

“Exactly, Uncle Wesley. Please try to find a way out.” With a pale face, Ethan turned his gaze to Wesley.

Wesley’s brows furrowed as if two mountain peaks were squeezed together. “There’s another person who can help, but it’s really difficult to get him to help. He’s a legendary lawyer in Australia who has never been defeated. He hasn’t lost any lawsuits so far, nor has he failed to bail anyone out.”

“Who’s he?” Freya and Ethan asked at the same time.

“Shaun Hill,” Wesley enunciated.

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