Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 128

“I saw that you were working and didn’t want to disturb you.”

A look of embarrassment washed over Catherine’s face upon hearing the angry words. However, she realized this was all her own fault.

“Indeed, you’ve disturbed me at work.” Shaun crossed his arms in front of his chest, acting as if he was annoyed and impatient to have been interrupted.

Hadley, who was watching this on the side, was undeniably shocked.

‘Boss, you’ve been waiting several days for this. Stop acting! Or you’ll get anxious again if she walks away.’

In order to ease the tense atmosphere, he smiled. “Miss Jones, is that a gift for Mr. Hill that you’re holding?”

“Yes, um, not really. I made him lunch.” She quickly retrieved the lunchbox from its bag.

Shaun began fiddling with the ink pen on the table. His eyes shone with ridicule. “But I remember a certain someone saying she’s not trying to please me anymore, hence she’s not obligated to prepare my meals.”

She clenched her teeth at the sudden attack. “Mr. Hill, I didn’t know better in the past…”

“What did you call me?” he said, tapping the pen against the desk. His words reeked of intimidation.

This caught her by surprise. “Shaun?”

He smiled coldly again, still looking displeased.

Catherine was at a loss of what to say. It was surely difficult to understand what was going on in this man’s mind.

Hadley really felt like rolling his eyes. One of them was pretentious while the other one was slow. Watching their interactions made him anxious. “Miss Jones, you can call him the way you used to in the past.”

“Shaunny?” She finally realized.

However, this infuriated the man and he threw a cold stare at his assistant. “Have you not got work to do? Get out.”

“Sorry.” Hadley lowered his head before scurrying out of the room.

“He’s done nothing wrong.” She could not help defending the kind-hearted assistant.

Shaun leaped to his feet and glared at her. “How dare you side with another man right in front of me?”


Catherine was really speechless in the face of this petty man.

She bit her lip before arguing back with a pout, “It’s only because he’s your assistant. It’s almost noon. Are you hungry? The food has cooled down a little. Should I heat it up for you?”

Her voice was soft and sweet. She was behaving submissively to him again like before.

The man felt pleased with the sound of that. This was how it should be instead of the cold shoulder she had been giving him lately.

However, he would not give in with just a few sweet whispers.

“I’m no longer interested in your cooking.”

“I’m sorry, Shaunny, truly.” She could not back up from here, thus she braced herself and stepped forward to tug at the corner of his sleeve.

“I’ll sign the contract, alright? I really don’t want to be in prison. Look, I’m your wife by law. What happens if word gets around that you’re not taking on the case for your own wife? They might think you’re afraid of the Clark family’s attorney.”

Shaun stole a glance at her hand out of the corners of his eyes. The beautiful, slender fingers almost made him lose control.

“Not bad. I see you’re trying this indirect, psychological method on me.”

“But I’m telling the truth.” She bit down on her pink lip. “It’s fine if you really don’t want to, but I hope you’ll accept this lunch I made for you. It might be the last meal I have the chance to cook for you. I really appreciate you saving me the last time. Really.”

Her eyes shone with sincerity. The words came from the bottom of her heart this time.

Although his harsh words had hurt her before, she was still grateful to him. At the very least, he was always there for her when she was at her most defenseless.

“You should thank me. Do you think Wesley or Ethan could have helped you?”

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