Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 130

“It’s a waste to the dress you’re wearing if I let you go right now.” Shaun’s eyes darkened gradually as he placed his right hand behind Catherine’s neck and inched forward to lock lips with her.

This was the feeling that he had been reminiscing about after their kiss in the restaurant last time.

He wondered what she had applied on her lips because they tasted unusually sweet.

She was baffled. If he actually despised her, then why did he keep kissing her?

His words and actions contradicted one another.

However, Catherine dared not make the assumption that Shaun was romantically interested in her. Perhaps he was just satisfying his desires as a man.

In the beginning, she was still able to keep a cool head, but in a matter of seconds, she lost herself in the kiss. Especially due to the fresh scent exuding from his body. She draped her arm around his neck subconsciously.

“Rin, it’s been a long while.”

The office door was suddenly pushed open and Chase came walking inside in big strides. His eyes widened at the sight before him.

Catherine quivered and instinctively pushed the man away. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment as she stood up from his lap.

Shaun’s face was tinted with an unusual rosy color. Despite that, his eyes at the moment flared furiously like an infuriated lion.

“Um… Sorry. I didn’t see anything.”

Shocked, Chase immediately left the room and shut the door behind him.

He should not have been nosy. It was mainly because he feared that Shaun would pick a fight with Catherine again, given his poor temperament, so he came over with good intentions. Who would have expected… Ha!

Well, he had definitely underestimated his old friend.

Inside the office.
Catherine lowered her gaze to the ground and tousled her hair in frustration. She was utterly embarrassed.

Shaun was annoyed for having been interrupted but became pleased to see the adorable girl acting all shy.

“Come here.” He gestured to her again like just now.

However, she dared not step forward this time. “Don’t do that. I’m just a sitter.”

“A sitter?” The man laughed at her silliness. He rose to his feet and walked to the woman. His fingers gently brushed across her red lips. “I’d have sacked the sitters if they misbehaved like you do.”

Her face was written over with confusion. He rolled his eyes.

He remembered her being witty, but why had she become so slow lately? He had already dropped so many hints.

“Remember, you’re my woman starting from today,” he said impatiently. She must be over the moon now that her dream came true.

A shudder passed through her. Oh goodness, she did not wish for this.

“But you don’t think I deserve you. You complain that I’m a cheap and dirty woman.”

“Shut up.” He became furious. Was she asking to be insulted?

“You’re right, that’s what I think, but a man has his desires. Do you think being an innocent sitter is enough to pay off the 400 million dollars debt? You aren’t worth that much.”


She was speechless. Alright, it was evident that he was not interested in her romantically.

She laughed at herself internally. How silly of her to feel touched when he said he would protect her earlier.

“I should leave now.”

After all, she grew up being a pampered young lady. It was really difficult for her to accept this being her life at the moment.

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