Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 132

Shaun’s car slowly pulled into the villa around 5 p.m.

Aunty Linda was surprised to see him coming home early.

Although the man had just moved in not long ago, he had been leaving early and coming back late every day. Plus, he always had his three meals elsewhere. It was as if this house was only a place for him to stay the night.

“Young Master Hill, I… I had no idea you’ll be back at this time. I didn’t prepare dinner.”

“It’s alright, you don’t have to.” He knew he was home earlier than usual. Well, he had gotten too distracted to work after Catherine left the office.

Perhaps he left work earlier because he could not stop thinking about the meals she would prepare for him.

However, it had almost been three minutes since he stepped foot into the house but the woman was still not here to welcome him.

“Where is she? Out?”

He scanned around the place with a deep frown.

Aunty Linda appeared slightly shocked. “She hasn’t come downstairs since entering your room. I guess she must be sleeping.”

He raised an eyebrow curiously. In his room?

Well, what a bold woman she was to sleep in his room as soon as she arrived. Was she really that impatient to lure him into bed?

How inappropriate of her. Although he had decided for her to be his woman, he had not agreed for them to share the same room.

Displeased, Shaun headed upstairs to his bedroom. The door was left ajar, hence he walked in without hesitation.

While walking past her luggage that was left open on the floor, something hidden in the piles of clothes caught his eye.

The corners of his lips twitched into a playful smile as he picked it up. She seemed fully prepared.

After putting the thing away, he walked to the bed to watch the woman sleeping on it. Her long black hair was scattered across his pillow. Those little cheeks were tinted with a rosy color from the pleasant afternoon nap.

The room was quite warm, thus she only pulled the blanket up to her chest, revealing her beautiful neckline and sexy clavicle.

One of her legs was draped over the bed, hanging in the air.

The vibe in the bedroom definitely felt more pleasant with the presence of a woman.

The displeasure in his heart vanished immediately, replaced by an enigmatic intention that arose from deep within his eyes.

Catherine was in a deep slumber. Suddenly, she felt as if someone was grazing her lips.

It did not hurt, but it sure was distracting.

She tried to push the thing away but it was to no avail. Left with no alternative, she weakly opened her eyes.

The first thing that entered her sight was the man’s thick eyelashes. They were slightly lowered as if the man was indulging in something delicious.

At the next moment, the man’s eyelashes lifted. Her eyes met those darkened pupils. They looked as if something fiery was burning beneath.

Hang on…

Why was Shaun here?

She quivered subconsciously before pushing him away firmly.

The unexpected push almost made him fall off the bed. After getting his footing, he growled in a deep voice. “Catherine Jones, you’re asking for death.”

“It’s your fault to suddenly climb into my bed.” She was rather furious for being shouted at.

Seriously? He came into her bed upon arriving home. Did he really take her for those lowly women?

“Your bed?” He scoffed out of anger. “Look at that confidence. Why has my bed suddenly become yours?”

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