Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 143

That’s right.” Freya quickly jumped in to save her friend. “Mr. Hill has done her a great favor today, hence she definitely needs to treat him to a meal.”

“Yup, I’ve already booked a place. See you all later,” Catherine said while dragging Shaun toward the door.

Otherwise, she was worried that she might be jumping from one frying pan to another.

Wesley and Ethan frowned curiously upon seeing her dragging the man away from them.

Especially Wesley who already had a few exchanges with Shaun. As far as he knew, the latter was arrogant and rude, but Catherine was able to drag him away by the arm?

He suddenly remembered how the two of them had disappeared from the restaurant the other day. It occurred to him at that moment that they must have an unusual relationship.

Ethan was displeased at the sight too. He questioned Freya who was still there in the courtroom. “It looks like Cathy is quite friendly with Mr. Hill. Is it possible that he likes her?

“Oh right, you mentioned that a friend of yours knows Mr. Hill. Who is it that you’re talking about?

“I heard that it’s a real challenge to hire Mr. Hill as an attorney. One might have to offer an unimaginable price even if he agrees. Does Cathy have that much money?”

She became annoyed being bombarded with so many questions. “None of your business. Get out of my way, you scum.”

“You…” Ethan’s face flushed.

“If it wasn’t because you had tried your best to try to save Cathy out of prison the last time, I’d have thrown this purse in your face already.”

Freya gave a snort of contempt before walking away.

Underground car park.

Hadley was behind the wheels. The two people were sitting in silence at the back.

Shaun occupied himself with his phone.

However, the indifference exuded from his body dropped the temperature in the car by several degrees.

Catherine would occasionally turn to look at him. She knew he was displeased but she was certain it was not out of jealousy. Perhaps he suspected she was misbehaving again.

After all, every time another man gave her a ride home, he instinctively assumed that she was out seducing them.

She understood this thinking. Men were generally possessive.

Only they could have their wife, even if he did not like her that much.

A sigh escaped her lips, and she cautiously tugged the corner of his sleeve. “I had no idea that they would show up. There’s nothing going on between me and them.”


He scoffed and threw her a sarcastic glance.

“So why do they keep calling you ‘Cathy’ so affectionately? One is your ex-boyfriend whereas the other one is your suitor. The two of them kept coming to thank me in such a situation. Catherine Jones, you really are charming, aren’t you?”


His words sent a shudder down her spine and she suddenly had no idea what to say.

“Answer me.” He became more infuriated when faced with her silence.

With a quivering voice, she replied, “Um… Well… I did mention to you before that people are attracted to my charms.”

Hadley, who was driving in the front seat, silently prayed for her.

As expected, an enigmatic smile flashed across Shaun’s face as he angrily peeled his necktie away.

Obscene images she had once read in books came flooding into her mind as she backed into the corner subconsciously. “What are you doing? You’re trying to tie me up. I’ll jump out of the car right now.”

Startled, Shaun looked at the necktie in his hand and smiled faintly upon figuring out what was on her mind.

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