Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 147

Shaun was so angry he immediately called her. “Catherine Jones, get your *ss back here right now! Do you need me to remind you of the contents of the contract? Do you think I run a charity and will work for free just because I see injustice? Or do you think that your cooking skills are worth a couple hundred million dollars?

“Besides, it’s not your first time. Why are you still pretending in front of me?”

Everything he said was like a whip on Catherine’s heart as she listened on the other side of the phone.

In the beginning, she had felt very apologetic, but now, she was also angry. “How would you know it’s not my first time?”

“Ethan Lowe and you started dating in high school. How could it be your first time?” Shaun did not believe at all that teenagers nowadays could maintain a pure relationship.

“I’ve never done it with him before.” Catherine felt very wronged. “I still have my first time. Whether you believe me or not is up to you.”

Shaun was stunned, his heart a little frustrated. “I’ll give you ten minutes. Get back here now or suffer the consequences.”

On the other end of the phone, Catherine stood by the pool for a while before finally returning to the villa.

After all, she did owe him. She did not want to be an ungrateful person.

Shaun stood at the door waiting for her. The dim light fell on his handsome face, flickering.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I was just scared…” Catherine obediently went to his side and apologized. “If you still want to, I’ll accompany you back to the room.”

Shaun gritted his teeth. “Why didn’t I see you being afraid when you were seducing me before?”

“At that time… It might be because love is reckless, so I pursued you without second thoughts!” Catherine lied, wanting to cry but not able to shed tears. “After being rejected, I chickened out and developed a trauma.”

Shaun, “…”

The dignity he lost seemed to be slowly recovered by her again, and his mood was not as irritable as before.

“Fine. I won’t touch you for now. Go in and eat.”

He turned around and went back to the living room with a cold face.

Catherine was stunned, in disbelief that he let her go just like that.


In the chairman’s office, Jeffery was listening to the general manager’s report.

“There are already five senior designers and four first-class constructors in the AB department who submitted their letters of resignation. I looked into it and it seems that other companies are poaching them. The subsidiary companies and the parent company want to withdraw all the projects that they commissioned. At present, the whole network is boycotting Summit.

“Everyone is saying that Summit cuts corners and no one is willing to cooperate with us anymore.

“Our stock price dropped today and I expect it will continue to drop.”

Finally, the general manager handed him a letter of resignation. “Mr. Jones, I also want to resign.”

Jeffery’s eyes widened as his heart condition nearly acted up. “You ungrateful wretch! Summit isn’t over yet!

The general manager said, “A company values reputation. Summit’s reputation has not been good for the past two months. If I may be blunt, all this happened because of Mr. Jones’ family affairs.

“I advise you to sell Summit. Right now, Summit will only be able to survive by changing hands.”

The general manager left after speaking.

Jeffery was so angry he smashed everything in the office before returning to the Jones’ residence.

As soon as he entered the house, he gave Sally a hard slap.

“It’s all your fault for spoiling and protecting James all the time. Now, Summit is ruined!”

Sally was stunned by the slap, but she also took a pillow and smashed it on his face in defiance.

“My fault? I’ve never seen you refuse whenever James offered you benefits. If you ask me, it’s all your fault. If not for Catherine, our family would be fine. We would never have ended up like this!”

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