Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1520

It occurred to Rebecca that the Costner family was much more powerful than she imagined.

On the other hand, Matthew’s head hurt at the sight of his father’s behavior. “Dad, forget it. I know we’re powerful, but this is Australia, after all. You guys are dealing with Shaun now and even planning to pick on the prime minister of Australia later. These two men are the most influential figures in Australia. If the two of them band

together to go down with us, we might not be able to leave Australia because no matter how capable we are, we can’t get help from outside.”

“Pfft. When I have the intention of bringing someone down, I won’t care about anyone else, ” Titus said grumpily, feeling humiliated in front of his wife.

“Alright. What Matthew said makes sense too.” Sheryl remained cool. “I simply said that out of anger. I’m not going to destroy someone who slightly offends me.”

Titus kept quiet at once.

Rebecca originally wanted to teach Freya a lesson. However, after hearing Sheryl’s words, she immediately went along with her. “Mom is right. Actually, Young Master Zeller was only punched a few times. Rodney’s and his injuries are equally terrible.”

“Considering his status, Young Master Zeller probably can’t get over the fact that he was punched a few times.” Sheryl suddenly said, “How did Catherine find you?”

“I’m not sure either.” A dazed look crossed Rebecca’s face.

“It looks like she hasn’t learned her lesson.” Sheryl said to Titus with displeasure, “It has been two days of investigation into Hill Corporation. Why aren’t the results out yet?”

“Shaun has been acting cautiously. I heard the investigation hasn’t found anything important even after some time.” Titus explained, “But don’t worry. I’ve given the order to bring down Hill Corporation regardless. They’ll find fault with the company even if everything is fine. As for Catherine, I’ll let her bounce around for two more days. She can’t do this for long anyway.”

Sheryl then nodded in satisfaction. In the end, she said to Rebecca, “It seems like Bryce is interested in


Rebecca immediately blushed without saying a word.

Matthew said indifferently, “Bryce is ambitious. He’s going after her simply because of the Costner family’s power.”

Although Rebecca was his sister, he felt that those wealthy and powerful men would not be interested in her solely based on her plastic face.

Nevertheless, Matthew did not say it bluntly.

Sheryl nodded and reminded Rebecca, “You can be friends with him, but he may not truly love you. ”

“Mom, I know. I only treat him as a friend.”

Deep down, Rebecca felt that her identity was more outstanding than Bryce’s. She was merely taking advantage of him for now and enjoying the feeling of being pursued by the prime minister’s grandson. A s for her future partner, she would be interested in someone who was either in a powerful position or ranked as one of the top billionaires. Whereas others, she would turn her nose up.

The next day, Catherine and Matthew met in a restaurant at noon.

This time, she arrived there first. Only after she had waited for seven to eight minutes did Matthew show up.

Mathew was wearing the sky-blue striped shirt she had chosen for him the other day and a pair of white casual pants. Coupled with his mixed-race facial features and blue eyes, he looked just like an international model. He walked to Catherine while lapping up everyone’s attention on him in the restaurant.

Although Catherine was faced with an attractive man like Shaun every day, she was stunned by Matthew’s good looks.

“Hey. Are you stunned by my good looks?” Matthew gestured at her with his eyebrows. “If you’re thinking about going after me, I might consider it.”

“Stop kidding. I’m really not in the mood for it now.” Catherine forced a smile.

Matthew went quiet. He knew Catherine’s predicament better than anyone else because his father was the one who was behind it all.

“Have you heard about what happened to Hill Corporation?” Catherine asked after noticing his silence.

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