Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1521

“ I know. Hill Corporation is under investigation.” Matthew sipped his coffee before he went quiet again.

Catherine fixed her eyes on him. He was a few years her junior, and she had always thought of him as a brat. However, it now hit her that everyone was clever and not simple.

“Matthew, actually…” Catherine held the coffee cup tightly. As much as she found it embarrassing, she still asked, “I know your background may be unique. But I was wondering if you had any connections that could… come to Hill Corporation’s assistance? As you can see, Hill Corporation has a promising future, and Shaun is highly capable. His company will surely be able to make it into the top 30 enterprises in the world within two years. We can work together and benefit immensely from it.”

As soon as she started speaking, her face went red with shame.

Matthew raised his brows in astonishment. “ Indeed, my family’s background is quite outstanding. But it’s the Australian authorities who are investigating his company. We’ve only set up our companies in other countries, so we’re not familiar with Australia…”

Catherine got the message.

He was turning her down tactfully.

Even so, she knew that he was right. Considering that he had just come to Australia, how could he help? Moreover, why should he help her?

This time, she was at her wits’ end because even the most powerful person in Australia would not be able to deal with the oppressor.

“You’re right. Sorry for being abrupt.” Catherine forced a smile.

Matthew’s eyes lingered on her. He could tell that she had been quite stressed lately. There was a layer of powder covering the dark circles under her eyes, so it seemed that she had not been resting well at night. Slightly swayed, he could not help but say, “ Actually, you and Shaun are already divorced. Why bother yourself with Hill Corporation that’s going to collapse? At this point, it’s better for you to keep your distance from him. Who knows who Shaun has offended? You could be the next person the other party is planning to deal with.”

“I was the one who offended that person, and Shaun shouldn’t have been dragged into the mess. How nice it would’ve been if he hadn’t met me.” A tinge of agony crossed Catherine’s face.

Struck by a thought, Matthew deliberately asked, “ What on earth happened?”

“ It has to do with some grudges in the past, which aren’t worth mentioning, ” Catherine replied impassively.

Matthew knitted his brows. Was she too ashamed or embarrassed to explain it?

“Since you sparked the trouble, you should end it. If you’ve offended and wronged that person, just apologize and beg for forgiveness.” Matthew hinted pensively. Considering that she once helped him in Melbourne, that was all he could do.

“I won’t apologize or beg for forgiveness because I didn’t do anything wrong.” Catherine rejected categorically.

“Since that person is your enemy, I think you can jump at the chance to escape immediately while that person is dealing with Hill Corporation. If you’ve escaped to another country, I should be able to help you.”

Matthew purposely attempted to decoy Catherine on the assumption that she would consider it.

However, she frowned without a second thought. “I won’t. No matter what happens in the future, I’ll be with Shaun through the highs and lows of his life.”

“Is he so important? Is he more important than everything else?” Matthew was dumbfounded as he thought she would agree with his idea. After all, she was a despicable woman who would do anything to achieve her aims. It would be impossible for her to sacrifice for a man.

“Matthew, you’ve never loved someone. You won’t understand. It hasn’t been easy for us to come this far. I don’t want to give up so easily. It’s fine. Just forget what I’ve just mentioned. Let’s eat.”

Catherine had given up on the idea of asking for his help. She was just trying her luck anyway, so it was no big deal even though she failed to get his help.

The dishes tasted delicious, yet Matthew ate with worry.

Catherine’s reaction was contrary to his expectations. He had probed her many times, but the longer he spent time with her, the more he felt that she was the sort who valued relationships.

Could such a woman have betrayed her parents and killed her biological grandmother? He was a bit lost.

After finishing her food, Catherine visited the restroom and paid for the meal as well. When she returned to the table, she bid goodbye to Matthew gently and politely. “Thanks, Matthew. If we get to meet again, I’ll treat you to a meal again.”

“Are you sure you don’t need me to send you overseas? As far as I know, you have kids, right?” Matthew asked while rising to his feet.

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