Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1522

At the mention of the kids, Catherine’s face darkened. “ I’ll find a way to send my kids off. The person I offended is wicked, and I don’t think she’ll let my kids go. But for this matter, I should be able to settle it using other means.” Matthew was stunned.

Catherine had labeled Rebecca as wicked. How could that be? Was Catherine not the wicked one?

Matthew had a feeling that something was not right.

“Aren’t you going to leave with your kids?” Catherine shook her head. “I’ll head out first.”

Matthew fixed his eyes on her silhouette. Deep down, he was feeling increasingly sympathetic and torn. He could not make heads or tails of this woman. “Hang on.”

Catherine looked back in confusion.

“Actually… There’s a way out.” Matthew suddenly said, “I might not be able to help you, but if you

manage to convince my dad, he could save Hill Corporation.”

Catherine froze.

Matthew gave an awkward cough. “I can’t introduce you to him, or he’ll beat me to death. But come to this place at noon tomorrow.”

As he was speaking, he handed her a business card with the address of a foreign bank written on it. “M y dad will inspect this place tomorrow. When you see him, you’ll know he’s my dad.”

Catherine was a bit lost. She was just trying her luck, but she did not expect that…

“Matthew, I…”

“Don’t thank me. I’m just telling you my dad’s schedule. However, he has always been very cool, and he won’ t help anyone. To him, I’ m probably just a complimentary product that he and my mom created, so I’m of no use actually. It all depends on you.” Matthew said as he shrugged, “It’s best not to let Shaun know about it. If you’re eager to settle this issue, who knows if the opposite effect will happen?”

“Thank you.” Catherine held the business card firmly. “Thank you for offering me this chance. If I fail to grab it, that’ll be my problem since you’ve helped me.”

“You’re on your own.”

Matthew was still filled with mixed emotions.

After all, it was his dad who had been inciting the incident. If Titus could change his mind, there might still be hope for Hill Corporation.

Matthew thought that he would hate Catherine intensely, given that Rebecca was his own sister. Yet, to his confusion, he did not feel any hatred for Catherine at all whenever he saw her. Instead, he enjoyed spending time with her.

As for Rebecca…

He could not feel the sibling bond between them. Sometimes, he wondered if it was because they had different fathers or if they grew up in different environments.

Sometimes, seeing Rebecca please Sheryl filled him with disgust.

It completely baffled him.

After Catherine finished her lunch, she watched the news, only to find the authorities releasing the information to the public. “Through our recent investigation of Hill Corporation, we found that their products failed to satisfy the relevant requirements. Operations at Hill Corporation have been suspended at this point for rectification.”

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