Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1523

The news caused great commotion across Australia.

When the market opened at noon, Hill Corporation’s stock plummeted 20 points.

Catherine could not imagine how tumultuous Hill Corporation was right now.

She tried to call Shaun, but he did not pick it up. Hence, she called Hadley. That was when she learned Shaun had been arrested by the authorities for investigation.

“Miss Jones, Young Master Hill asked you not to come to our office for the time being. Our office is currently flooded with reporters, as well as a group of business partners, who are kicking up a fuss, ” Hadley said helplessly.

“What on earth is wrong with the product?” Catherine asked anxiously.

“Actually, there is nothing wrong with it. It is merely a pretense used to make Hill Corporation’s stock prices fall so that it would collapse.” Hadley explained gloomily, “You can ask Young Master Hill

for further details.”

Catherine was not in the mood to ponder over it, so she headed back to the Hill family’s manor early.

Only at 7:00 p.m. did she receive news about Shaun’s return.

She rushed to the main hall and discovered that Old Master Hill, Old Madam Hill, and Lea, who was just discharged from the hospital, had come to the manor. Even Brennan, who originally planned to leave the country, was here.

“Hadley told me that you were pulled in for investigation. Are you alright?” Catherine walked up to Shaun and held his hands.

“ I’ m alright. They just kept trying to probe me.” Shaun pulled Catherine over and seated her beside him. His handsome face looked calm. “But I’m not the sort who can be easily bullied.”

“Don’t deceive me. They’re already trying to destroy Hill Corporation with devious means, ” Catherine said indignantly.

Not only was Catherine indignant, but Old Master Hill was also simmering with rage. “How shameless of them. Hill Corporation has been established for over 1oo years. It has been propelling Australia’s economy and has created numerous job opportunities for the country. If we fell because we couldn’t compete with other businesses, I’d surrender. But clearly, this oppression is unreasonable.”

Lea was disappointed as well. “I heard those shareholders are thinking of pulling out, probably because they’ve received some news. If this is exposed, the company’s stock will crash. Then, we’ll be required to restructure the company, and the Hill family might be kicked out.”

Brennan’s grim eyes settled on Shaun. “The mastermind behind the incident is quite powerful. I know you’re only planning to act after Nathan is appointed as the prime minister, but there’s still half a month to go. I’m sure the other party will go all out to defeat you within this period. Hill Corporation has just acquired Campos Corporation, so funds are limited. You won’t be able to get through this half a month…”

Lea gazed at Shaun and opened her mouth. In the end, she chose to keep quiet.

Nevertheless, everyone else knew what she wanted to say, so Catherine took the initiative to speak up,“ Uncle Brennan, what about getting Garson Corporation to lend us a hand? The mastermind might not know Shaun’s and your identities.”

“No way.” Shaun shook his head firmly. “At this point, we don’t even know how powerful the mastermind is. Plus, they aren’t aware of my connection with Garson Corporation. What if it’s exposed? They’ll be able to deal with Garson Corporation. In case you don’t know, Hill Corporation and Garson Corporation are the top companies in the world. Since the other party can deal with Hill Corporation, it is only a matter of time before they do the same to Garson.”

Brennan nodded. “This is also why I haven’t acted against them yet. Essentially, I haven’t gotten a grasp of the other party’s background. If we still fail to overcome them after banding together, Garson can be Shaun’s way out in the future.”

Catherine’s head slightly hurt.

At last, Old Master Hill looked at Brennan helplessly and imploringly. “Your decision is right. If Hill Corporation turns out to be dead in the water, please… take Shaun’s kids back to Country Y. Brennan. We’ve owed you too much. Garson Corporation shouldn’t be dragged into this mess.”

Brennan did not say a word, signifying his acknowledgment of Old Master Hill’s words.

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