Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1526

Titus thought it was a senior manager from the bank. Hence, he turned his head around, only to find himself shocked. He froze for a few seconds.

The woman, who was walking out of the bank, looked like she was in her twenties. She was wearing a bright yellow knitted top with an A-line maxi skirt. She exuded a clean, elegant aura. Her long milky-brown hair was tied in a ponytail, and her figure was perfect. What was more breathtaking was her face.

Titus had seen a lot of beautiful women in his whole life. However, only one could make his heart throb, and it was Sheryl. Sheryl used to be pretty in a wild manner.

The young woman in front of him made him, in a daze, recall the old Sheryl.

They looked very alike. Those lips. That nose.

Although their eyes were not similar, the gleam in Catherine’s eyes looked exactly like Sheryl’s in the past.

He even felt as if time was distorted and that he had traveled back more than 20 years ago to meet Sheryl.

When the senior managers at the side saw Titus’s expression, they thought he was mesmerized by Catherine’s beauty. As such, they immediately opened a path.

The senior managers were shocked as they sized up Catherine too. This young woman, who had suddenly appeared, was too beautiful. Could this beautiful woman have some ambiguous relationship with that mysterious big boss?

Catherine did not notice the gazes of the senior managers. Instead, she took the opportunity and walked over boldly. “Hello, President Costner. I’m Matthew’s friend. Can I have a few words with you in private?”

Titus quickly came back to his senses.

After the reserved and wise Titus furrowed his brows, he swept a glance across the senior managers.

“President Costner, we’ll head up first.” Those senior managers got the message and left.

Titus rested one hand on the car’s door and the other hand in his pocket. His body was as fit as a global top male model. However, his azure eyes had a bottomless, dark gleam in them, and his presence made people feel intimidated even without him speaking.

Catherine did feel very nervous, so much that back started breaking out a cold sweat. “Excuse me, President Costner. It may be quite intrusive to disturb you all of a sudden, but let me introduce myself. I’m Catherine Jones. I’m here today on behalf of Hill Corporation…”

“Catherine Jones…”

A hint of astonishment flashed deep in Titus’s eyes.

The person in front of him was the wicked, evil woman that Rebecca spoke of; she was Sheryl’s evil niece.

No wonder… she looked so similar to Sheryl.

They said that nieces looked like their aunts, and Catherine did look more similar to Sheryl compared to Rebecca.

Moreover, he could see that Catherine was different from Rebecca. Her pretty face was natural. She was such a young, stunning beauty. It was no surprise why his silly son would put in a few good words for her some time back.

Matthew even brought Catherine to Titus.

It seemed like she did not only have the looks, but she was manipulative as well.

“What’s your relationship with Matthew?” Titus cut her off coldly right away.

Catherine explained, “We’re friends.”

“Friends?” Titus sneered. “Sorry to be frank, but I don’t believe you would treat him just as a friend. If not, why would you appear before me?”

Catherine was taken aback. That was when she knew that he had misunderstood. She felt slightly awkward, but she still said it anyway. “I didn’t know his identity when I got to know him. I just treat him as a brother. I’m already married, and I have children.”

In fact, Titus already had those things investigated early on. However, he did not expect she would be so truthful, so he was stunned for a few seconds. “

Miss Jones, I heard that in Australia, there’s no pure friendship between men and women, not to mention such a childish, poor lie like treating someone as a brother. Frankly speaking, frequent interaction between brothers or sisters without blood ties is the start of an ambiguous relationship.”

Catherine was shocked. They were not at the main topic yet, and Titus had already made it look like she was scheming to approach his son for money.

Did all wealthy people have the common illness of nitpicking?

“It differs according to the person. Indeed, many people are like that. However, I can’t possibly have no males friends because I’m a woman, right? Does President Costner have no female friends at all?” Catherine could not help but retort.

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