Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1527

It felt like the conversation could not go on.

However, Catherine had some admiration for that kind of man.

“President Costner, if you insist on thinking that I have an ambiguous relationship with Matthew, I think I’m not the only one whom you’re humiliating. You’re humiliating your son and looking down on your son too.”

Catherine reacted quickly and retorted, “Although this is my first time meeting you, President Costner, I can see that you’re a very wise and calm person. A son who was brought up by a successful person like you must be very clever and restrained. He shouldn’t be someone who’s easily seduced by beauty or be in an ambiguous situation with someone whom he knows is married and with children.”

A hint of amusement flashed across Titus’ deep- set, handsome face.

This woman made him think of the old Sheryl again. She was eloquent and just as sharp.

If he insisted that Catherine had seduced Matthew, he would be indirectly admitting Matthew’s intelligence and character.

“You have a sharp mouth, but… I’ve seen a lot of women like you.” Titus was not surprised.

“That’s for sure. If you were only in your twenties, you might think I’m slightly special because I dared to set a trap in front of you. However, at your mature age, I guess the number of women who have used this method to approach you isn’t on the lesser side.”

Catherine smiled respectfully and said, “But I don’t care. I didn’t come here to make you remember me. I just think maybe there’ll be benefits to reap if we talk for a while.”

“You’re talking about Hill Corporation?” Titus sneered sarcastically. “I don’t know what Matthew told you, but I don’t care about Hill Corporation at all, and I have no intentions of collaborating with Hill Corporation. Moreover, everyone knows that Hill Corporation won’t be able to hold on for long.”

“People have been saying Hill Corporation can’t hold on for long since the first half of the year.

However, within a few months, Hill Corporation turned the situation around.”

Catherine paused before she continued saying, “ You’re a foreign bank. But according to my investigations, the current development of your bank in Australia isn’t very good. I’ve heard Matthew’s tone, and it seems like he’s planning to achieve some results in Australia. But frankly speaking, he’s still not accustomed to Australia’s market. Hill Corporation is a 1oo-year mega- corporation, and Shaun is decisive and far-sighted. I f Hill Corporation collaborates with the Costner family, the resources that Shaun has now will enable your Australian banks to have a 2o percent increase in annual income every year. That won’t be a problem.”

Titus let out an unconvinced snort upon hearing that. “Enough. If you have sufficient connections and resources, why would you be oppressed by someone else and fail to turn the situation over? I may as well tell you that I indeed can help Shaun. However, since I have such notable connections in Australia that can help him, why should I collaborate with him?”

“President Costner, since you said you can help him, your connections are definitely notable.

However, if you’re so capable, I’m curious why the annual income of this foreign bank of yours didn’t increase after its five years of establishment in Australia? Instead, it’s slowly declining.” Catherine looked at him without avoiding his gaze.

She was a woman, but she was fearless. Her eyes were like knives, as if she could slash everything open.

At that moment, Titus started reviewing that woman in a serious light. “It looks like you’ve done your homework. Did Matthew tell you all these things?”

“He wouldn’t possibly tell me. I came to the bank this morning, saying that I want to take out a huge loan. I chatted with the bank manager, and I managed to obtain some useful information.”

Catherine admitted it openly. “After all, we can only advance by knowing the other party well. If I came to negotiate with you without knowing a thing, you wouldn’t treat me as a madman, but you’d look down on me. Perhaps you’d even take me as a shameless woman, thinking that maybe I wasn’t awake and that I simply came to negotiate based on my looks and the slight connection I had with your son.”

Titus’s good-looking brows raised slightly. “This is interesting.”

“ I don’ t need your interest. I just want to let you see the benefits of this.” Catherine said, “I reckon your business must be huge overseas, but it’s not adapted to Australia’s market. However, Australia is a huge slice of cake. Don’t you think it’s a shame to leave this place empty?”

“It seems like you’re really going all out, Miss Jones.” Titus grinned. “But as you said, my business is huge overseas, so I don’t really care about this place. To be honest, if this weren’t the homeland of Matthew’s mother, I wouldn’t even have allowed him to come here for development.”

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