Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1528

“Do you not care, or… are you afraid of failure?”

Catherine spoke boldly. Just as she finished speaking, she felt Titus’s bone-chilling gaze on her.

She really felt a sense of danger and intimidation that she had never felt before.

“You’re trying to provoke me.” Titus smiled coldly. Suddenly, he bent down, and his tone was harsh. “To be honest, if you let my son sleep with you for a night, maybe I’ll consider your request.”

Catherine frowned. “I’m sorry, but I’m here to negotiate with you and not to talk about s*x. I think you’re mistaken.”

“The mistaken one is you. You’re the one begging me now.” Titus was expressionless.

“Yes, I’m begging, but I have my principles. Money can be earned again if it’s lost, but if all principles are gone, that’s beyond saving.”

Although Catherine regretted coming, she had tried her best, and she accepted the reality of things. “ Since you’re not willing, forget it. However, I hope you can consider it properly. After all, no king in history hated having more territory.”

She took two steps back after she spoke. “Sorry for disturbing you, President Costner.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Titus stared at her silhouette for some time. Then, he got in the backseat, deep in thought.

He had to admit that Catherine was quite unique.

Hill Corporation was almost driven into a corner, yet she still kept that poor pride of hers when negotiating with him.

Perhaps she was playing hard to get, or since Hill Corporation was not hers, she could only do so much.

On the road, Titus gave Matthew a call. “Get over here.”

Matthew quickly returned to the villa.

That day, Sheryl had brought Rebecca shopping. Titus wanted to go to the bank for an inspection, so he did not follow. However, he did not expect he would meet Catherine because of that.

“Dad…” Seeing his father’s expression, Matthew

knew that Catherine had gone to look for his father.

Before Matthew could finish his sentence, Titus grabbed an apple from the table and threw it at him. “How dare you leak my whereabouts to your mother’s enemy? You’re quite amazing, huh?”

Matthew was so startled that he jumped aside to avoid it. “Dad, I didn’t mean anything by that. I just wanted for you to meet Catherine.”

Titus snorted. “You want me to save her, right? Matthew, don’t forget how much your mom hates her. She caused your grandmother’s death.”

“Did my grandmother really die because of Catherine? I don’t think she’s that kind of person.” Matthew mustered his courage and muttered, “ Didn’t you meet her today too?”

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