Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1529

“Matthew, are you suspecting your sister’s words for the sake of an outsider?”

Titus gazed at Matthew deeply. “If your mom finds out…”

“ I’m not suspecting Rebecca. I just think… maybe there’s a misunderstanding.” Matthew said in a low voice, “Yesterday, Catherine came to look for me to see if I could help. I rejected her at first, but I tested her by saying I could send her overseas. However, she rejected it. I can tell that she really loves Shaun. From a bystander’s point of view, she’s quite kind and loyal. Would such a person harm her biological grandmother and parents?”

“Matthew, she was abducted for more than ten years and was just found not long ago. It’s not impossible to do that sort of thing if she doesn’t have a lot of feelings for the Jones family’s members. She might be deceiving you. That woman is very cunning.”

Titus’s gaze was indifferent. “To be honest, I’m not interested in the matters of the Jones family. It’s only because the Jones family used to be your mom’s family. All I want is to solve this as soon as possible and take your mom back to Neah Bay. I don’t want to create extra issues.”

Matthew was taken aback. However, he was not a fool. His dad saying “she might be deceiving you” and the two words “might be” carried a lot of information.

“Dad, I admit she definitely is cunning. If she’s not, she won’t be the director of a listed company.

However, you’ve seen a lot of scheming people before. After talking to her for a while, what kind of person do you think she is?” Matthew suddenly returned a question.

Titus’s deep, cold eyes glanced at him indifferently.

Matthew shrugged and smiled. “From the perspective of a man, she’s an interesting person. I guess even if she’s begging someone, she won’t put herself down in front of you. I think she’s a prideful person. Moreover, she looks quite like Mom when she was young, right?”

“Shut up. ” Titus’s gaze darkened. “Your mom is one of a kind.”

“Okay, okay. Maybe it’s because she looks a little similar to Mom, but when I saw her, I felt a sense of familiarity to her.” Matthew thought for a while before saying seriously, “I didn’t say I would help her. I just wanted to give her a chance to get to know you. There is nothing I can do if she can’t grab it. I did my best anyway.”

“You didn’t tell her my identity, right?” Titus warned.

“Of course not. I’m not a fool.” Matthew pouted. “I can’t talk to you anymore. I have to go to the construction site and have a look.”

“You really plan to open a bank in Australia?” Titus frowned and recalled Catherine’s words. “Your uncle had come here to try it out once too.

However, it’s indeed tough for a foreign bank to open its markets here.”

“It’s mainly because we don’t have enough connections with the people in the business world here. I’ll do my best. Australia is advancing rapidly, so the market is huge. It’s a shame to leave such a big cake.”

After Matthew spoke, Titus went silent. He remembered what Catherine had said. That little brat…

She was not simple indeed.

If he knew nothing about the rotten matters of the Jones family, he would admire Catherine quite a lot. Shaun had charisma too. With such a wife aiding him, Hill Corporation would only advance further.

Too bad…

If only she were Sherry’s daughter.

When that thought flashed across his mind, Titus felt astonished.

“Dad, what are you thinking?”

“Nothing. Go on with your work.” Titus was so close to telling him to get lost.

“Oh.” Matthew left feeling depressed.

An assistant walked up to Titus. “Should we get someone to keep an eye on Young Master in case Catherine keeps pestering him?”

After a moment of silence, Titus suddenly sneered. “ Keep an eye on him then. I want to see whether Catherine is really that slick. If she looks for Matthew again, I’ll use a quicker method to deal with her.”

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