Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1530

Of course, if Catherine did not look for Matthew, Titus would have to view her in a different light.

After giving out his orders, Titus gave Sheryl a call. His tone was gentle. “Wifey, when are you coming back?”

“I’m still shopping.” Sheryl was the same as most women when she was shopping. “Aren’t we staying in Canberra for some time? I plan to buy more clothes and skincare products with Rebecca.”

“Buy some clothes for me too. ” Titus immediately said in a cutesy manner, “Come back faster. I’ll wait for you to have dinner.”

Sheryl was quite speechless at that 4o—year —old man for still acting cutesy.

“Mom, I think this dress suits you a lot, ” Rebecca said with a smile as she brought a blue embroidered dress over.

Sheryl took a glance at the dress and thought the style was ordinary. However, seeing that Rebecca recommended it with such enthusiasm, she said, “

Let’s buy it then.”

“Aren’t you going to try it on?” Rebecca asked. “No need.”

Sheryl handed her card over.

Rebecca was delighted as she thought Sheryl liked it a lot. She knew that she had a good eye. After that, she kept giving Sheryl recommendations when, in fact, her taste was different from Sheryl’s.

Sheryl had a headache. Her daughter’s taste was actually a little tacky, but she could not bear to hurt her. After shopping for a while, her enthusiasm dulled. Hence, she suggested going back.

“Mom, why don’t we go back after a meal?” Rebecca suggested. Actually, she still had a lot of things she had not bought. Since she had Sheryl, who was a walking ATM, shopping with her, she wanted to look around more.

“Forget it. Your uncle doesn’t like eating outside.” Sheryl rejected her.

After exiting the mall, they stood at the entrance, waiting for the driver to come over.

As it was 5:00 p.m., the number of cars on the street gradually increased.

Joel was sitting in the car, reading documents until he felt tired. After massaging the middle of his brows, he opened the window. The car happened to be outside one of the most bustling malls in Canberra.

However, when he saw a silhouette by the roadside, Joel’s body froze. He suddenly shouted, “ Stop the car.”

The driver was startled. “But we can’t stop the car here for too long.”

“I told you to stop. Hurry up.” Joel opened the door of the car straight away.

The driver had never seen him like that before, so the former immediately stepped on the brake.

Joel could not bother about the cars on the road as he quickly walked toward that silhouette. Only when he got nearer could he get a good look at the face. The woman in front of him looked a lot like the woman he had yearned for, day and night, more than 2o years ago. Her eyes were still those pretty eyes, her nose was still so dainty, and her lips were still so seductive and stunning. However, she did not have the youthfulness she used to have. In fact, she was more elegant, charming, and demure.

Joel felt as if he was dreaming. He even became weak-kneed.

“Sherry, is that you?”

He stared at her in disbelief.

Sheryl did not notice Joel at all until he walked up to her. She raised her gaze and was stunned.

The man in front of her looked over 5o years old, and there were some traces of age on his face. Nevertheless, she could tell that he was a handsome, sophisticated man when he was young

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