Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1532

Rebecca nodded her head. She pretended to be open-minded and said, “I used to be quite upset over it, but I’ve thought it through. I’m fine as long as you’re here, Mom. Besides, I don’t think Uncle Titus wants you to get in touch with Joel anymore. Uncle Titus treats you well, and he accepts me too. I don’t wish for you two to fight over it. Even if Joel mistakes Catherine as his daughter, it’s okay. I’ll get revenge on Catherine anyway. I don’t need his repentance and apology either. He’ll only pester us more.”

Sheryl nodded, reassured. At the same time, Rebecca’s words reminded her that she should stay away from Joel if she saw him next time. She did not want to have conflicts occurring between her and Titus too.

After some thought, she said to the bodyguard at the passenger seat, “Don’t tell Titus about today’s incident.”

“Okay.” The bodyguard nodded respectfully. However, Rebecca said, “Mom, you don’t wish to acknowledge Joel, but will he investigate you? I think he still has feelings for you. Moreover, he has some influence in Canberra. If he finds out… It’ll be quite troublesome. Perhaps he’ll even show up in front of Uncle Titus. Why don’t we have someone delete the security footage by the roadside and the mall?”

Remembering that Titus was a jealous person, Sheryl agreed with Rebecca. Therefore, she immediately had the bodyguard delete all footage of her at the mall that day.

On the other hand, after Joel got in the car groggily, the driver cast him a nervous glance. “Are we still going to the new warehouse for inspection?”


Joel came back to his senses and immediately called Catherine. “Where are you?”

“Dad, I’m at Hudson Corporation.”

“Come back to the Yule family’s residence today. I have something to tell you.” Joel hung up after he spoke.

Catherine had not heard such a serious tone in a long time. As such, she did not dare to delay and went back to the Yule family’s residence after finishing up her work.

In the spacious living room, Joel sat on the sofa. He had a photo in his hand. He was so immersed in the photo that he did not even notice that Catherine had come back.

Catherine walked over. She noticed it was a photo that Joel had taken with Sherry when he was young. It was a sweet photo of both of them hugging each other at the meadow.

“Dad, you actually have a photo with my mom.” Catherine smiled and teased him. “I’ve never seen you taking it out before.”

“I’ve always put it in the safe. This is a picture of your mom and me on a trip to the meadow when she was 20 years old.” Joel touched Catherine’s face bitterly. “It’s similar. It’s really similar.”

“Dad, what is similar? I can’t understand you.” Catherine sat down beside him. Only then did she notice that Joel’s eyes were red. She was stunned.

“Cathy, I think I saw your mom today, but she didn’t admit it. ” Joel suddenly dropped a shocking truth.

Catherine was shocked. “Wasn’t my mom… dead a long time ago?”

“Yes, I thought she was dead all along too.” Joel said emotionally, “But that person really looked very similar to your mom. Her eyes, nose, and lips. I wouldn’t have been mistaken. Moreover, thinking about it carefully, your mom encountered a typhoon that year, but the Jones family never found her body.”

Catherine’s heart trembled upon hearing his words.

Indeed, they did not find Sheryl’s body that year. Without a corpse, it could not be 1oo percent sure that the person was dead.

Catherine asked hastily, “Dad, did you talk to her?”

“I was very agitated at that time and asked if she was Sherry. However, she looked as if she didn’t know me and said I confused her with someone else. After that, a bodyguard came forward and pushed me away. ” Joel said bitterly, “After all, it had been more than 20 years. I was afraid I was muddled, so I found your mom’s photo. The more I look at it, the alike I think they are. The only difference is that she looks older and more mature.”

Catherine could not control herself from feeling emotional too. Although she had never met Sheryl before, Sheryl was the one who founded Hudson Corporation.

Her mother was the woman she admired the most.

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