Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1534

His words pricked Catherine’s heart.

She used to think Jeffery and Sally were her parents, but it turned out they were not.

Catherine consoled herself that her mother did not abandon her on purpose. Her mother was gone because of an accident.

However, did she not yearn for motherly love too? She did.

Nevertheless, after tens of years of going without motherly love, she could not force it if the other person was unwilling.

After all, Catherine had gotten through more than 20 years without one, and she was more resilient than average girls her age.

“Dad, she has been missing for more than 2o years, not five or six years, or one or two years. A lot of things can happen in 2o years, like building a family and a career and giving birth to a child. You said it yourself that she had a bodyguard with her, so she must have an unusual identity. Moreover,

you’ve never met her before despite having lived in Canberra for so long. This means that she has only come to Canberra recently. Maybe she had been living overseas all along.” Catherine mercilessly exposed some facts.

Joel laughed bitterly. “You’re right. I even got married and divorced too. If your mom is still alive, how could she still be unwed? I remember when I met her in the evening, there was a girl by her side. I didn’t look carefully, but the girl did look somewhat similar to her. Maybe that was her daughter.”

“Is it? Then it’s definitely her daughter.” Catherine smiled calmly.

However, in actuality, she felt very uncomfortable. She had a mother too, but her mother had another family and child.

How could she put it into words? If she suddenly showed up and called her mom ‘Mom’, she might be the ‘extra baggage’ that people meant, right?

“Dad, forget it. Maybe she doesn’t want to have any more ties with her past. What if we insist on investigating and end up meeting her husband?

He’d surely be bothered with the fact that she had a child before. Perhaps that’d even affect her current

marriage. Let’s just take it as if my mom died more than 20 years ago.”

Only by thinking that way could Catherine overcome it.

Joel’s heart ached, and he felt guilty. His daughter was too sensible. She would never trouble her parents, and she did not ask for anything from her parents either. However, that made him feel like he owed her more. “Cathy, your mom isn’t that kind of person. She definitely loves you. Maybe it’s just as what you said. She doesn’t remember.”

“If she doesn’t remember, why would she come back and delete the security footage?” Catherine’s lips curved. “Dad, people will change.”

Suddenly, Joel did not know what to say. He was just lost.

Was Sheryl really married?

In order to hide her past for the sake of her other family, she would much rather not acknowledge her child and the Jones family?

Looking at her father’s absent-minded look, Catherine said, “Actually, there’s still a way to confirm whether she’s my mom or not. It’s very simple. Since she’s back, maybe she’ll go to Melbourne to visit and clean the grave of my grandparents if she still has some conscience. We’ll know if there are signs that the grave has been cleaned.”

Joel’s eyes lit up, and he remained silent. Catherine did not talk either.

In fact, she did not want to find out. If she knew more, she would feel that her mother had abandoned her.

However, Catherine did not blame her either. As a mother, Sheryl had already left Hudson Corporation to Catherine and fulfilled her obligations. Catherine could not request too much of her.

“Dad, I’m going back to the Hill family’s manor. ” Catherine said, “Hill Corporation’s situation hasn’t been good these days.”

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