Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1535

“ I’ve heard of it too.” Joel sighed. “ If you ask me, you shouldn’t have made up with Shaun in the first place. You wouldn’t be facing such immense pressure now. Cathy, your life is tough.”

“Dad, Hill Corporation is actually being targeted because of me. It’s an enemy that I’ve offended. ” Catherine explained bitterly, “Hill Corporation is involved in this because of me.”

Joel was astonished. “How did you offend people with such complex backgrounds?”

“It’s my cousin, Rebecca. She escaped overseas previously and somehow got acquainted with some people. ” Catherine reminded Joel, “ I suspect after Hill Corporation meets its downfall, the next will be me. Dad, you must… be careful lately.”

“Cathy, I’ll think of a way to help you.” Joel became anxious.

“You can’t help me. She has the executive council backing her.” Catherine shook her head. “Don’t make a move either. Don’t be involved in this because of me. The most important thing is to keep your power. Shaun has said that if he can’t hold out anymore, he’ll choose to leave Australia with me and live in Country Y.”

Joel nodded. “Shaun’s idea is correct. Staying alive is more important than anything. If you want to start a business again there, I can sell some of my shares for your startup capital. With both your capabilities, you should be able to start over again no matter where you go.”

“Thank you, Dad. You don’t have to worry about us. If you really don’t want me to worry, then just stay out of this.”

After Catherine consoled Joel, she drove her car out and left.

Catherine was not in a heavy mood when she returned home. However, she did not mention the matter regarding Sheryl to Shaun, mainly because Shaun was very busy recently and facing a great deal of stress. She did not want him to worry about her.

The next day.

Catherine called Freya to Hudson Corporation. “What happened? Why did you call me here all of a sudden?” Freya dragged a chair over and sat opposite Catherine. She bit her lips. “ Is it because of Hill Corporation? I’ve been going to Hill Corporation every day recently. My godfather said “It’s alright. I know you and Rodney have done your best. ” Catherine interrupted her. Then, she

took out a document from the drawer and passed it to Freya.

Freya opened it and had a look. It was a contract for Hudson Corporation’s transfer of ownership. “ You’re…”

“ I’m handing over Hudson Corporation to you,” Catherine said openly.

Freya was dumbfounded. “What… do you mean?”

“As soon as Hill Corporation falls, Rebecca will target Hudson Corporation. That is why I must sell Hudson Corporation before that. If I sell it publicly, Rebecca will surely suppress the price or plan a hostile takeover. It’ll be impossible to sell it at a good price, so I’m giving it to you.”

Catherine explained patiently, “You’re the only friend by my side whom I can trust. It’s also because you’re Nathan’s goddaughter. If the people behind Rebecca still dare to make a move after I gave Hudson Corporation to you, it’d be equivalent to slapping Nathan’s face in public. They won’t dare.”

Freya understood it in a daze. However, she still found it shocking. “Sister, do you know Hudson Corporation’s current market value? It’s hundreds of billions of dollars, yet you’re just giving it to me. Aren’t you afraid I’ll seize your company and not give it back to you?”

“ If the company would fall into Rebecca’s hands, I’d rather give it to you.” Catherine was pretty open-minded. “Moreover, I guess Shaun and I will take the children and leave Australia after some time. I’m really unsure as to when I’ll be back. It’ll have to wait until we’re at least strong enough to go against the top forces in Australia. But who knows how long that’ll take? If I can’t come back, just take it as a gift from me.”

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