Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1536

“Enough, stop saying those things. Worse comes to worst, I’ll buy your…”

“Eldest Young Lady Lynch, do you have enough money in your pocket to buy such a huge Hudson Corporation?” Catherine found it hilarious. “Let’s just go with the flow. Moreover, if I don’t give it to you today, perhaps the last bit of effort that my mom has left to me will be destroyed. At least if it’s in n your hands, you’ll take care of it properly, right?”

Freya was filled with distress. “But I don’t know how to manage it.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve informed General Manager Wolfe beforehand. If there’s anything you don’t know, you can contact me anytime. Although I’ve withdrawn in name, I’ll still guide you from behind.”

After that, Catherine paused for a moment. An apologetic look flashed in her eyes. “But… Do you want to discuss this with Nathan?”

Freya gave it some thought and waved her hand. “ Forget it. My godfather… He’s too careful when he does things. If I discuss this with him, he might not agree. You’re my friend, so I must help you with this. You can put the company under my name, but I won’t take your annual dividend. After a few years, when this problem ends, I’ll return the company to you.”

“Freya, thank you.” Catherine was genuinely grateful. “But I can’t just let you shoulder this responsibility for me for nothing. Let’s divide the dividend between us equally. If not, I’ll feel bad. ”

“Do you think I’m short of that little amount of money?” Freya pouted. “How can you and Shaun both start over if you don’t have a source of funds? Stop talking nonsense. If you keep nagging, I won’t agree to help you.”

Catherine smiled. Having a friend like this for her whole life was enough. “Okay, then. Put down your signature. However, it’ll be announced to the public that you purchased my company.”

“I know.” Freya nodded. She took the pen and put down her signature.

That evening, Freya and Catherine did all the necessary procedures. The next day, Catherine and Hudson Corporation’s official Facebook account posted a statement. [The company’s shareholder, Miss Catherine Jones, has signed a share transfer

agreement with a third party and handed in a shareholder change application. From the next day onward, Catherine Jones will officially step down from the position of Hudson Corporation’s director, and she will be relieved of all her duties. Currently, the sole shareholder of Hudson Corporation is Miss Freya Lynch.]

When that news got out, it shocked the netizens.

[F*ck, what on earth happened? Shaun just got investigated, and Catherine sold Hudson Corporation?]

[Could it be that Hill Corporation is facing a cash flow crisis, so Catherine has sold her company to save Shaun? She must’ve lost her mind because of love.]

[I think Australia’s business world is silently having a major clean-up.]

[Totally. Hill Corporation is going down, and Hudson Corporation has been sold. Coincidentally, in t seems like Wesley’s Golden Corporation has signed a huge international order recently, and its share prices are skyrocketing. Is the scene about to change?]

[Did everyone notice this? The new shareholder, Freya Lynch, is Nathan’s goddaughter. Freya’s

identity is not a simple one. Hudson Corporation will develop better under her leadership, right?]

[Why don’t we buy some of Hudson Corporation’s shares? I think it’ll go up drastically.]

While the netizens were engaged in a heated discussion, some reporters rushed to Hudson Corporation’s building. They happened to see Catherine packing her stuff and leaving, looking forlorn.

After the reporters took some pictures, they rushed forward to interview her. “Miss Jones, why did you suddenly sell Hudson Corporation? Is it because there’s a problem with Shaun’s cash flow?”

“Yes, that’s right. I plan to overcome this crisis with him,” Catherine said with an affectionate expression on her face.

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