Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1537

“But is it worth it to give up a career you’ve painstakingly built for a man?” Even the reporter felt like slapping Catherine awake and stopping her from losing her mind because of love.

Catherine made a righteous expression. “It’s indeed not worth it to me. But to Australia, I think it’s worth it. Hudson Corporation is nothing more than a real estate company. However, Hill Corporation is different. Since a few years back, Shaun has invested tens of billions of dollars to develop a microchip that belongs to Australia.

“And now, Shaun has imported advanced electrical appliances from overseas. Some time back, Hill Corporation even acquired Campos Corporation with the intention to develop more advanced products. This is a good thing that can facilitate the speedy advancement of cutting-edge technology and enable Australia’s technology to have a global ranking. I hope I can help Shaun to overcome this crisis. I do not wish for such a good corporation to fall.”

The reporter’s blood was boiling with passion from hearing Catherine’s words. “But as far as I know, the investigation of the related departments said Hill Corporation’s products are substandard…”

“I don’t understand why it turned out like that too. We tested the product before during the press conference, and everything was quite good.”

Catherine said with a helpless expression, “Of course, if there’s really a problem somewhere, Hill Corporation will fully cooperate with the investigation and rectify the problem to improve Hill Corporation. I hope everyone can give Hill Corporation a chance instead of tarring it with the same brush. That will make companies specializing in research and development disappointed.”

“You’re right. I hope Hill Corporation can overcome this hardship.”

After the video of Catherine’s interview was uploaded to the internet, it garnered the heated discussion of the whole of Australia again. Most of the netizens who suspected Hill Corporation at first even began to side with Hill Corporation.

[I believe what Catherine said. She’s a tough and rational woman. She would never sell off her company just for the sake of a man. She’s not that silly.]

[Actually, what Catherine said is right. Hill Corporation has invested a lot of money to develop products with advanced technology these years. It’s evident that Shaun wants Australia to have our own cutting-edge technology.]

[I don’t understand why there’s a need to investigate Hill Corporation all of a sudden. Campos Corporation wasn’t investigated previously. Did Shaun offend somebody?]

[Hill Corporation was investigated just after they launched their new products. It’s evident that some people don’t want Hill Corporation to rise.]

[But with Shaun’s status, no one should be able to oppress them openly. Unless it’s the people on the very top…]

[I heard the Hill family and the Snow family’s relationship is quite good…]

Hill Corporation.

Shaun was in a meeting.

A few shareholders in the meeting room were fighting endlessly regarding Hill Corporation’s future.

“It can only drop for one more week at most. The company is about to apply to be delisted. If you ask me, it’s better to sell it off early.”

“The problem isn’t about selling it off. If we don’t pay the huge amount of compensation for the breach of contract, we’ll be taken into custody.”

“President Hill.” The meeting room’s door rapped, and Hadley entered in a hurry. “The share prices have rebounded.”

Upon hearing that, all the shareholders took out their phones and were very surprised. Hill Corporation’s shares had already reached the limit down when the share market opened today. Hence, they did not expect the share prices to rebound and increase.

“What… What’s happening?” A shareholder was so emotional that he almost cried.

“I think it’s related to Miss Jones.” Hadley said with a smile, “Everyone, please take a look at the headlines of today’s news.”

Not only the shareholders, but even Shaun took out his phone too. When he saw Catherine’s interview, a sense of pride welled in his heart.

Catherine did not tell him about this beforehand, so he had no clue at all.

However, no one understood Catherine’s thoughts better than Shaun.

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