Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1538

His woman… was too clever.

“President Hill, did Miss Jones really sell Hudson Corporation to support Hill Corporation?” Director Owens, who was the most experienced shareholder, asked emotionally.

Shaun looked toward him. A low chuckle rang from his throat. “Director Owens, will you let your wife sell off her company to support Hill Corporation in overcoming this crisis?”

Director Owens was stunned.

“You won’t. None of us would. ” Shaun stood up. “ We’re all selfish because we still have children, and we can’t possibly bet everything on Hill Corporation. Hence, don’t expect Catherine to give the money she has earned from selling her company as funds for Hill Corporation. Even if she agrees, I won’t. After all, the company isn’t mine alone.”

The directors exchanged glances. No one said a word. After all, Shaun had a point there.

Shaun glanced at everyone and skillfully changed the subject. “But the public thinks that Catherine is really giving the money to Hill Corporation, so they’re having more confidence in Hill Corporation. This is the reason the share prices rebounded. It’ll allow us to have a moment of recovery too.”

“Miss Jones is really smart.” Director Owens praised, “Young Master Hill, you have a good eye.”

That flattery improved Shaun’s mood. He was not even that happy when other people complimented him. “Have everyone seen the comments on the internet? Catherine’s interview made the common audience reverse their opinions of Hill Corporation. There are even lesser mentions that our company’s products are problematic. Most of it is conspiracy theories that we’re being oppressed.”

“You’re right, President Hill.” The directors nodded. They were a little enraged too. “However, our products didn’t have a problem from the start. It’s the higher-ups who are nitpicking at us.”

“Since the public is on our side, let’s use this as a breakthrough and pressure the higher-ups. If it’s necessary, we can put Nathan in power earlier.”

Shaun dropped a bomb. Everyone was shocked.

Shaun sneered. “At this point, there’s no going back for Hill Corporation.”

Afterward, Shaun contacted Chester, and they mobilized all the internet ghostwriters.

At night.

Rebecca was having dinner with the Costner family when suddenly, Titus’s phone rang.

After answering the call, his handsome face turned cold for a while. Then, an amused grin flashed across his face.

That grin made Sheryl glance at him twice. “What happened?”

Titus patted her soft hair. Before he could say something, the butler suddenly said that Bryce had come.

“Let him in,” Titus said indifferently. “Why is he here?” Rebecca muttered.

Titus swept a glance at Rebecca until Bryce came in.

“Uncle Titus, Aunty Sheryl, I’m sorry to disturb your meal. ” Bryce tried to curry favor with them. After all, the identities of those two people were too


“What business do you have?” Sheryl thought he had come over to woo Rebecca.

Bryce’s expression stiffened. After a while, he said in a low voice, “My grandfather asked me to come over to say that we’ve put too much pressure on Hill Corporation during this period. We have to let go a little.”

“What do you mean?” Rebecca could not stop herself from speaking with dissatisfaction. “Didn’t your grandfather say we’d bring down Hill Corporation in the shortest amount of time?”

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