Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1539

Bryce smiled bitterly. “Haven’t you all seen the trending search on the internet? Now everyone in Australia is leaning toward Hill Corporation’s side. Everyone is saying that we, the Zeller family, are targeting Hill Corporation and that we obstructed the development of Australia’s cutting-edge technology. If this goes on, the reputation that my grandfather has built over all these years will be completely destroyed.”

“Enough, I got it. You can go back. Your grandfather can’t be blamed for this matter. We’re the ones who underestimated them. ” Titus waved his hand lazily.

“Uncle Titus…” Rebecca started becoming anxious.

“Hubby, what’s going on?” The expression on Sheryl’s pretty face was not that pleasant either. She initially thought teaching Shaun a lesson should be a very easy matter.

Titus did not say anything. Only after Bryce had left did he hold his wife’s hand and said, “ I only got to know about this just now too. You’ve all underestimated Shaun too much. Or rather, underestimated Catherine.”

Matthew had already taken a quick look through Australia’s news. As such, he understood everything.

“Mom, Dad’s right. If this goes on, Australia is going to change inside out.” Matthew said, “You’ll understand once you watch this video.”

Sheryl played the video, where a pretty, young woman that made people’s eyes lit up appeared.

She was stunned. She kept looking at that face, and an indescribable feeling welled up in her heart.

That was Catherine? Jeffery’s daughter.

There was a saying that nieces looked like their aunts, but Catherine looked too much like Sheryl.

“Mom, she’s too cunning.” Rebecca’s furious voice pulled Sheryl back to her senses. “Catherine is always like that. Her habit is to use the media’s words to mislead people. Freya is her best friend. They both must’ve agreed on this beforehand. The shareholder might’ve been changed to Freya, but the manipulator behind the scenes is definitely still Catherine. She must’ve expected that we won’t dare

to lay a hand on the Snow family.”
Sheryl came back to her senses. That was when she remembered what Catherine said to the reporter in the interview.

“Mom, we don’t have to have Hudson Corporation. I can overlook all the years I’ve been driven into a corner because of Catherine too. However, Granny cannot be left unavenged,” Rebecca said discontentedly.

A coldness appeared in Sheryl’s eyes. “Don’t worry. I won’t spare that person.”

Rebecca felt slightly more comfortable hearing that.

However, when she thought about Catherine and Shaun still being able to counterattack in that situation, she had the urge to smash everything around her. Nevertheless, she had to stay calm in front of the Costner family. If not, all her efforts would have been for naught.

“But the Zeller family has said that they want to hold back for now.” Rebecca said aggrievedly, “do we really have no choice?”

Sheryl felt a little bit ashamed. After all, she was a figure who was feared by everyone internationally. She did not expect that after coming to Australia, she could not even handle Shaun. It was too embarrassing.

“Of course we have a way. I’ll give Manager Scott a call…”

“Sherry… ” Titus cut her off abruptly. His tone was serious. “You can’t. If you cut off the petroleum supply to Australia, it’ll cause major instability on a global level.”

Sheryl felt embarrassed. She did not expect her husband to expose her thoughts.

Seeing that Titus’s expression was not right, Rebecca said in a hurry, “Mom, Uncle Titus is right. There’s no need to do that just because of my personal grudges. I’ll think of a way myself.”

Sheryl felt upset hearing that. As a mother, she felt useless. She could only turn her head toward Titus. “ Since you oppose my idea, then we’ll use your idea. No matter what, I have to exact revenge for the Jones family. I don’t want to delay this for too long either. Shaun will only grow more quickly if you give him more time.”

After she spoke, she brought Rebecca upstairs. She had lost the appetite to eat.

Downstairs, Titus looked at the table of food. His feelings were complicated.

“Dad, I think Catherine transferred the company to Freya because she’s thinking of leaving Australia.”

Matthew lowered his voice and said to his father, “ She probably knows that after Hill Corporation goes down, we’ll be targeting Hudson Corporation. That was why she gave the company to Freya. If we still choose to go against Hudson Corporation, it’ll be equivalent to going against Nathan.”

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