Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1540

“You’re right.” Titus folded his arms across his chest. There was no anger in his eyes. Instead, there was a gleam of approval and pity.

He thought Catherine would be thick-skinned and continue to look for him. Yet, he did not expect she would give up and even give Hudson Corporation away.

That woman was indeed firm.

Besides being resolute, what was rare was that she did not forget to utilize the fact that she sold Hudson Corporation to help Hill Corporation. At the same time, she even improved the image of Hill Corporation.

Shaun grabbed that opportunity by joining the connections he had and counterattacked with all his might.

That was why the Zeller family was intimidated.

It seemed to dawn on Titus as to why his son would choose to help Catherine.

Actually, capable men admired smart and pretty women a lot. Catherine was one of them.

To be honest, Titus could not bear to continue too.

“Dad, do we really still have to go against Catherine and Shaun?” Matthew was feeling more reluctant to, especially after seeing Catherine’s cleverness. He could not stop himself from liking that woman more.

“Didn’t you hear your mom’s tone?” Titus glanced a t Matthew calmly. “However, I’m worried that even if the Zeller family loosened up on the Hill family, Shaun might not let the Zeller family off the hook. ”

Startled, Matthew gasped. “That can’t be.” “We’ll see tomorrow.”

Titus looked outside of the window.

Matthew was a little lost.

The next day, the news on the internet was no longer about the Hill family. Instead, a lot of the Zeller family’s scandals were exposed.

For example, the children of the Zeller family committed tax evasion and tax fraud.

Another example was the Zeller family members were corrupt and accepted bribery.

The whole of Australia was shocked. There were even people calling for Prime Minister Zeller to be investigated.

As such, Nathan quickly formed a committee to investigate Prime Minister Zeller. Then, he joined the executive council earlier than expected.

All of those things took everyone by surprise.

When they came back to their senses, the last name of Australia’s prime minister was Snow.

Matthew was utterly dumbfounded until Bryce came to their house to seek help.

“Uncle Titus, you must save my grandfather. Please save the Zeller family. ” Bryce was freaking out. He thought the appearance of the Costner family could change his fate. However, he did not expect it would push the Zeller family into the abyss instead. Upon recalling that he got into a fight with Rodney some time back, he was even more cautious when he left his home.

“ I’ll save the Zeller family.” Titus sat on the chair indifferently. “But in the end, it’s still the Zeller family who’s useless. Shaun was already oppressed, yet he and the Snow family could still have their way.”

Bryce’s face flushed red. “We really didn’t expect that Shaun would be so bold. I don’t even know how he managed to persuade the Snow family.”

“I’ll have somebody negotiate with the Snow family tomorrow. You can leave. I’ll only save the Zeller family members at most. As for the influence of the Zeller family, I won’t help all of you to get it back.” Titus then asked the guest to leave coldly.

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