Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1541

But we did it for your Costner family…”

Before Bryce had the chance to finish, Titus’s cold gaze swept over him with the aura of a king who stood high above him.

He shuddered and could only turn to Rebecca, who seemed at a loss. “Rebecca, help me say something. Why don’t… you send someone to protect me on the way back? I’m afraid that Shaun will catch me and cause trouble for me. You know very well that I humiliated Catherine last time because of you.”

Disbelief was still written all over Rebecca’s face.

She could not understand. When they met at the clubhouse a few days ago, she held her head high and told Catherine she would pay. As such, Bryce acted extremely haughtily in front of Catherine and Rodney too.

It was just a few days ago, but now, Bryce was so humbled that he did not even dare to go out alone.

Were Shaun and Catherine that strong?

“Matthew, get someone to escort him back, ” Sheryl said with a complicated frown.

Matthew nodded and told someone to send Bryce away while keeping a low profile.

Titus touched Sheryl’s hair. “ I’ll go out for a while. Stop thinking and go to bed early.”

Sheryl nodded. She knew that he was probably going to help solve the Zeller family’s problem.

After Titus left, Rebecca grabbed Sheryl’s hand with red eyes. “Mom, I think I shouldn’t go out tomorrow. Catherine must have sent people everywhere to look for me.”

Sheryl looked at her frightened appearance and frowned slightly. “Rebecca, you’re my daughter. Why are you so timid?”

Rebecca froze and muttered, “Mom, I… I’m scared. These years, I’ve always been hiding. I even had to undergo cosmetic surgery.”

Sheryl’s heart ached. After all, it was because she did not fulfill her duty as a mother. Even as she was trying to get revenge now, she encountered all sorts of bumps in the road.

“Mom, can you really avenge me?” Rebecca looked dazed.

“Are you doubting me?” Sheryl was a little annoyed.

“No, I… I don’t know how to say this.” Rebecca lowered her head. “Are you going to put pressure on the Snow family again? The Snow family and the Hill family have a good relationship, so they might not listen to us. But Uncle Titus doesn’t want you to use force either.”

Sheryl’s head began to ache. That was indeed troublesome.

“Mom, how about… we don’t do it ourselves? We can borrow a hand from someone else. Catherine still hasn’t divorced Wesley, and Wesley is a narrow-minded person. He wants nothing more than to get rid of those two people after he was cuckolded.” Rebecca suddenly smiled and clapped her hands together. “As long as we help Wesley a little, we don’t need to take action. He’ll naturally deal with Catherine.”

Sheryl was slightly moved. “That’s one idea. I’ll leave this matter to you. If you need help, just tell Titus or Matthew.”

“Thank you, Mom.” Rebecca nodded happily. When she turned around, her eyes had turned sinister.

In the Hill family’s manor.

At the long dining table, Catherine ate for a long time before noticing that no one had moved.

Everyone was looking at her.

The scene was a little awkward.

“Why are you all looking at me? Eat.” She placed a slice of bacon on Suzie’s plate.

Old Master Hill said gratefully, “Cathy, you’re the Hill family’s benefactor. It’s thanks to you that Hill Corporation has managed to overcome this crisis.” Old Madam Hill glared at the old man. “ If you ask me, you should be apologizing to her instead. In the past, we even thought she wasn’t worthy of Shaun. We were too short-sighted.”

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