Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1544

After that, Shaun sealed her lips with his.

When Catherine realized how he wanted to ‘eat’ the ice cream, her toes curled in embarrassment.

They had agreed to watch a movie together, but they could not remember anything about it. The two of them leaned against each other and ate ice cream secretly. Fortunately, there were only six other people scattered in the cinema hall, two of

which were a couple as well, far away from them.

When they came out, Shaun reminisced. “That was the most delicious ice cream I had in my life.”

Catherine pretended not to understand him. The more she communicated with him, the more embarrassing things he would say.

However, Shaun refused to let it drop. He said with a grin, “I get it now. It wasn’t the ice cream that was sweet. It was you.”

“Come here, babe. Let me taste it again.” Shaun leaned over cheekily.

Suddenly, a sneer sounded from the side. “Public morals are degenerating with each passing day.

Kissing another man before getting divorced? It really is true that a shameless person isn’t afraid of anything.”

Catherine turned around to see two women in their twenties looking at her with disdain. The woman who spoke was wearing a floral print dress. She was Hannah Mead, the person who had once pursued Shaun, as well as Senator Mead’s daughter.

“Hannah, who is she?” The friend beside Hannah pretended to be ignorant.

“She’s Wesley’s wife.” Hannah deliberately glanced at Shaun.

These days, she had seen the news outlets online talking about Shaun, whom she had never expected to be strong enough to bring down the Campos family. After the fall of Campos Corporation, Hill Corporation was investigated, and she thought that Shaun would meet his end this time. However, unexpectedly, his manipulation even changed the person in charge of Australia.

This man was scary and resourceful. Of course, that only made the man more attractive to her.

Senator Mead had been nagging in her ear recently that if she had managed to snag Shaun, maybe her father would have been qualified to be the prime minister.

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted Shaun for herself.

Her friend covered her mouth in shock. “She’s so bold even when she’s having an affair.”

“Exactly. She doesn’t care at all. Even though she clearly has a husband, she lives openly in another man’s house and kisses him in public. How utterly shameless. She’s a disgrace to women,” Hanna said rudely.

Catherine was unaffected as she had seen all sorts of gossip on the Internet.

However, Shaun’s expression darkened. “It’s none of your goddamn business if we kiss. It’s better than you, a lady from an influential family shameless enough to drug a man. How hungry were you?

Unfortunately, even if you stripped naked and stood in front of me, I’d still be uninterested in you.”

Hannah immediately lost her temper. “Shaun Hill, don’t slander me. I’m telling you, my dad has been promoted, and he’s now standing on top of the pyramid. You’d better be more polite to me, or I’d make sure you die without even knowing how.”

“With such a stupid daughter like you, I think what your dad really needs to worry about is his career.”

Shaun held Catherine and left. “Let’s go. Ignore them.”

“You’re afraid, aren’t you?” Hannah said furiously, “I’m telling you, Wesley will never let you two off.”

At the mention of Wesley’s name, Shaun and Catherine stopped at the same time and turned back to look at Hannah.

Hannah sneered proudly to see them stop. “I won’t tell you, but you’ll find out for yourselves soon.

Before that, I’ll tell you this, Shaun. If you have nowhere left to go in the future, you can come and beg me. Perhaps I’ll give you a chance.”

Then, she held her friend’s hand and left.

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