Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1545

Catherine’s eyebrows furrowed deeply.

Shaun pulled her hand. “Ignore her. Her dad is a nobody.”

“But she’s not wrong. Her father’s status is very different now.” Catherine remembered that the Mead and Snow families worked closely together. Now that Nathan was on top, Senator Mead would naturally move up the ladder too. He might really be standing at the top of the pyramid.

“So what?” Shaun said dismissively, “ I don’t care about that. But judging by Hannah’s tone, do you think Wesley has played up to the Mead family? ”

Catherine also found it very strange. Wesley had spent a lot of effort to curry favor with Senator Mead previously. However, after the accident during the birthday party Senator Mead hosted, he embarrassed Senator Mead, who ended up hating Wesley. Logically speaking, their paths should not intersect.

“It seems like Wesley really has some tactics.” Shaun frowned deeply. “I didn’t pay much attention to him because of Hill Corporation’s affairs. Yet now, not only has he signed a big contract with a foreign company, but he has even built a relationship with Senator Mead. I just don’t understand. Wesley’s reputation is notorious. Why does Senator Mead need him?”

Catherine also did not understand it, and she felt uncomfortable. “My biggest regret in my life was marrying Wesley. It’s harder to divorce him than it was to divorce you.”

“I wonder who it was back then who told me that he was a good man and that she wanted to live with him?” Shaun spat sourly.

Catherine was so upset that she did not want to say anything.

He knew that she was upset about this, yet he still provoked her at a time like this.

“Well, don’t worry. I’ll call Chester and ask him about the current situation at Golden Corporation.”

After Shaun brought her to the car, he immediately called Chester. “Where are you?”


Shaun looked at the time and was surprised. “It’s so late, and you’re still in the hospital? Was there a surgery?”

“Do you need something?” Chester was clearly unwilling to answer the question.

“I want to ask about Golden Corporation’s situation,” Shaun said. “Golden Corporation’s stock prices have been skyrocketing recently.”

“Yeah. Wesley has signed a partnership with Country T. Country T is not as advanced as Australia, and there’s insufficient supply and demand in their pharmaceutical market. Wesley opened up the market there and signed a ten-year partnership plan. The outside world is very optimistic about it, so Golden Corporation’s stock prices soared.” Chester added, “I didn’t tell you because you were busy. I was afraid that you’d feel pressured.”

Shaun frowned. “Wesley was almost at the end of his rope. How did he open the market at Country T“ I guess it had something to do with the Zeller family, ” Chester said. “Someone from the Zeller family has once served as a diplomat in Country T for ten years and is very familiar with the local politicians.”

Shaun immediately came to and became ashen from anger.

Rebecca must have taken advantage of hooking up with Bryce to help Wesley out.

Then again, Rebecca and Wesley had already been working together as early as four years ago.

He really wanted nothing more than to stomp the Zeller family to death. In order to please Rebecca, that fool, Bryce helped Wesley to rise up again.

“There’s one more thing.” Chester added, “Wesley seems to have built a relationship with Senator Mead. I have previously told major hospitals not to use Golden Corporation’s drugs, but Senator Mead has secretly gone about saying otherwise. Now, major hospitals have started using the drugs manufactured by Golden Corporation. In other words, Wesley has not only opened up foreign channels, but he also has access to domestic channels.”

Shaun was very unhappy. Although he realized something after hearing what Hannah said, it was another matter to hear it from Chester. “Senator Mead dares to go against you?”

Chester sighed. “Nathan has been cooperating with Senator Mead for more than ten years. So after Nathan took office, he put Senator Mead in an important position. Senator Mead is now in the limelight and is different from before. Don’t bother talking to Nathan about it. It’s useless. He has a close relationship with the Mead family, so even if he wants to kick away the Mead family, it’ll only happen six or seven years later.”

“I know. I’m not that stupid.”

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