Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1547

In the Jewell family’s hospital.

After Chester hung up the phone, a delivery boy delivered porridge to his office.

He then carried the porridge to Eliza’s ward.

It was already past g p.m., so the hospital was very quiet. Only Eliza’s private ward was a little noisy.

A man and a woman cried at the entrance of Eliza’s ward, causing many people to stop and watch.

“Eliza, I’ll kneel to you. Please let your father go. He’s your biological father. If not for his illness and how poor our family is, he wouldn’t ask you for this money.”

An obese middle-aged woman knelt at the door, as if scared that the person in the ward could not see her.

A young man next to him desperately pulled the middle-aged woman up. “Mom, get up. Don’t kneel to her.”

“ I have to. If I don’t, your father will go to jail. Her status is different now. There are people causing trouble at your company and at our doorstep every day. We can’t even go home.”

The middle-aged woman wiped her tears as she said.

The woman was the wife Jacob Robbins married afterward, Julie Dunn, and the man was their son, Brandon Robbins.

As the two of them echoed one another, the people around them pointed at them and gossip.

Chester frowned. Felix Media had kept the information that Eliza was staying on this floor a secret. How did this mother and child get the news?

He strode over.

Suddenly, Eliza’s assistant, Leanne, carried a bucket of water and poured it on the two people.

Although the weather was not very chilly, Julie and Brandon shuddered after being drenched in cold water. It was fine if it was just tap water, but there was a strange ammonic smell in it.

Julie could still endure it. However, Brandon had never suffered like this before, and he instantly exploded. “What did you pour on us?”

Wearing a hospital gown, Eliza lazily leaned against the wall. Her snow-white and clear little face still looked ill and tired, but it did not affect her beauty. She was exquisitely beautiful, but the words that came out of her mouth were poisonous enough to kill.

“My urine.” Her clear voice made Chester’s handsome face twitch.

Julie immediately bent over and threw up on the spot.

She could not understand it. Eliza was a celebrity after all. How could she do such a shameless thing?

Brandon was furious. “Eliza Robbins, do you have a death wish?”

He lost control, charged, and was about to hit Eliza. However, before he could get close to her, he was kicked to the ground by Chester’s long legs.

“How unlucky.” Chester tapped his shoe on the ground after kicking Brandon to rub off the water on Brandon’s body.

Brandon fell flat on his face, and his body hurt all over. He was just about to get up in anger and fight back when he saw Chester’s tall figure and trembled.

Julie immediately yelled, “You’re a doctor. How could you hit people? A doctor in this hospital wants to kill us.”

“Mom, that wretched woman must have seduced the men in the hospital. She’s just as unruly as her mother. She can’t even watch herself in the hospital, ” Brandon shouted loudly. He was sure that with how Chester was putting up airs, he must be having an affair with Eliza.

“You… You two are despicable. My dad stabbed me and put me in the hospital. I just want to get justice for myself. I’m done being your ATM. Even if you stay here and make a ruckus all night, I won’t withdraw the lawsuit.”

Eliza looked furious as she held onto her wound. Then, her eyes fluttered closed, and she fainted directly on Leanne.

It looked like she had fainted from anger.

Leanne panicked. “Doctor Jewell, what should we do? Eliza fainted.”

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