Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1548

“I’ll take her to the ER.”

Then, Chester picked Eliza up. Before he left, he glared at Julie and Brandon. “Call security, and tell them to kick the troublemakers out.”

Julie and Brandon were instantly stunned.

They did not believe that Eliza had really fainted. It was definitely on purpose.

However, Chester did not even give them a chance, and the onlookers were looking and pointing at them in disgust.

“They caused someone to faint from anger.”

“I heard the lady say that her wound was caused by her father. It’s a crime to stab someone. What she did was normal.”

“They don’t want to go to jail, so they come to the hospital to make a fuss, huh?”

Julie and Brandon tucked their tails between their legs at the accusations. Just then, the hospital

security came over and dragged them away from the scene. However, instead of throwing them out, they were brought to a utility room.

Chester hurried on the elevator with Eliza in his arms, but he did not go to the emergency room. Instead, he brought her to his private lounge.

After entering, he put the ‘unconscious’ Eliza on the bed. “Alright, stop pretending. It’s only the two of us here.”

Eliza opened her eyes. She originally wanted Leanne to cooperate with her, but unexpectedly, Chester stole the show instead.

“Your acting skills are pretty good.” Chester looked at her with a vague smile.

If it were Cindy using this trick, he would be absolutely revolted. Yet when it was Eliza, he found it interesting.

“ It’s fine. ” Eliza sat up unhurriedly. However, the injury on her back stretched when she got up, so she furrowed her brows in pain.

“Enough. Lie down and don’t move.” Upon seeing it, Chester warned in a low voice, “Just stay here tonight. Since your ward location has been exposed,

reporters will definitely be sneaking in.”

“I’ll be discharged tomorrow anyway. Just discharge me early tonight. ” Eliza did not want to stay in his lounge.

“No.” Chester rejected it. “You have to do a check—up tomorrow.”

“My body is recovering fine. I can do the check-up the day after tomorrow.”

“No.” Chester forcefully rejected it again. “I’m your attending doctor. What if anything happens to you after you’ve been discharged early, and you turn around to cause trouble for me? I’ll have to bear the medical liability in court.”

Eliza was speechless. “Do I look senseless enough to cause trouble for you? Nothing will happen to me anyway.”

“Who knows? One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.” Chester raised his brows and chuckled.

Eliza snorted. “Then I’ll sign a guarantee. If anything happens after I’ve been discharged from the hospital, I’ll be wholly responsible.” “No.” Chester looked at her with ambiguous eyes. “ I’ll be more assured if you stay in the hospital

tonight. Be a good girl. It’s only one night. Don’t treat your body carelessly. There are times when a woman should act delicately.”

“I’ll naturally act delicately in front of the person I love, but I won’t in front of you.” Stubbornness was written all over Eliza’s face. “Please, you’re getting married, so stop flirting with me. I’ve already told you that I’m disgusted by it.”

“If you’re that disgusted, try throwing up.” Chester found that he was better at controlling his temper.

If it were in the past, he would pull a long face and leave.

Eliza was speechless.

Seeing her motionless, Chester smiled. “See? You’re not that disgusted. Besides, I just helped you. If I hadn’t carried you away, your assistant wouldn’t have been able to pick you up either. That stepmother of yours would have cried there for a while and maybe even yanked your body violently. ”

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