Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1549

Eliza tried to imagine that scenario.

Then, her body shuddered. Julie and Brandon really would do something like that.

Forget it. She knew she could not change Chester’s mind about tonight. Furthermore, she was injured and could not be bothered to bicker with him.

“Fine. Since you’ve helped me just now and I owe you a favor, I’ll force myself to stay here tonight.” A reluctant look flashed across Eliza’s cold face.

However, her meaning was clear from her words. ‘I don’t want to stay here. I’m only staying here because I owe you a favor. Now that I’ve decided to stay, I no longer owe you anything.’

Chester was both angry and happy.

This woman really… made him gnash his teeth.

“Eliza, do you know what your behavior is called? Shameless.” He could not help but scold her.

“Did I say something wrong? Or do you not want me to stay?” Eliza raised her brows. “If you think I’m shameless, then I’ll just leave.”

“Enough. Lie down. You’re lucky that trick works on me.”

Chester let out a low chuckle. He liked this side of Eliza. If she were the same as those women outside, it would be boring.

Eliza’s lips twitched with indifference.

She knew what Chester was thinking. To Chester, she was just a rare plaything. He would stop liking her the moment he obtained her or if she fell in love with him.

If Chester were an ancient monarch, he was definitely the type to have a harem of three thousand beauties, each of them with their own distinct characteristics.

“Young Master Jewell…”

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in. ” After Chester spoke, a security guard came in. “I’ve interrogated those two people earlier. They said they found out about Ms. Robbins’s ward number because someone called and told them in secret.”

“Do you know who it is?” Chester frowned.

“It came from a public phone.” The security guard muttered, “It’s most likely Ms. Robbins’s enemy or the like.”

“Okay, you can leave. Send those two to the police station, and tell the officers that they were causing trouble in the hospital.” Chester made some simple arrangements before the ward was silent again.

He looked at the woman quietly lying on the pillow. She lowered her eyes. After a moment, she raised her head and said, “Very few people know my ward number. Apart from the hospital’s internal staff, only a few people from the company know.”

“What are you trying to say?” Chester found a sofa and sat down.

“It’s probably Cindy.” Eliza voiced her guess boldly. “She absolutely abhors me.”

Chester looked at her deeply in the eyes and chuckled. “That’s just your guess. I wonder if you’re provoking my relationship with Cindy.”

“Is there a need to? I don’t like you.” Eliza said firmly, “She probably feels that I’m a stumbling block for her, whether in her relationship or her career.

The way she said ‘I don’t like you’ was crisp and blunt.

Chester’s handsome face stiffened for a moment, and then he said, “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to provoke my relationship with her.”

“Forget it. You’re a skeptical person. If I really wanted to rise in power and provoke your relationship with Cindy, you’d definitely warn me. Even worse, you might tell the company to beat me a little.”

Eliza said in a casual tone, “Young Master Jewell, you want to control everything in your hands, and it’s the same thing when you want a woman. You want her to listen to you obediently without resisting. If you want her to rise in power, she’ll rise in power. If you want her to be a lover, then she has to be your lover obediently. I hate that part of you the most. You act as if all women just want to cling to you.”

“Go on.” Chester lit a cigarette, the smile on his lips deepening.

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