Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1550

No woman had really and ever understood him so well before.

She knew every bloody thing about him. How long had he known Eliza?

It was too rare.

Eliza said bluntly, “To be honest, your only good points are that you have good looks, a good family, and good medical skills. However, other people can have those advantages too. What’s the point of a woman looking for such an attractive man? It’s not like he’ll earn money with those looks. As for having a good family, there are plenty of people who have that. Of course, most people can’t compare with you, but they eat and drink the same things as you. There are also many people who are good in the medical field. Chester Jewell, you aren’t that exceptional, nor do you have the qualification to make me provoke your relationship with Cindy.

“Honestly, what’s up with you two? Who do you think you are? One is obsessed with me and wants to sleep with me, and the other is so jealous of me that she’s about to turn green. All of you just think of me like an ant that you can play with or crush if you want to.”

In a split second, the air in the ward seemed to have dropped to freezing point.

With a grim expression, Chester snapped the cigarette in his hands.

He stood up and walked to the bed, his eyes cold as ice. “Eliza, are you pushing your luck because I’ve been too good to you recently?”

“Hah, do I have to be grateful and respectful to you just because you showed up before me? You know that my words are unpleasant to the ears, yet you still continue running to me. Aren’t you just asking for it?”

Eliza said coldly, “ It’s your business if you want to harass me, and it’s my business if I refuse you. As for your woman, look after her properly. That’s your business.”

“Eliza, you’re so sure that it was Cindy. Do you have any evidence?” Chester’s expression was extremely unpleasant. He was not trying to protect Cindy. In fact, it was because he felt humiliated as a man.

“Sorry, but before I messed with you, no one in the company found me objectionable either, ” Eliza said righteously without even blinking.

She had no evidence, but she was sure that it was Cindy.

Chester was so angry that his chest hurt.

This was the first time he was so angry with her.

“Eliza, you’re really asking for it. Who do I think I a m? Since you’ve asked, I’ll show you who I am.”

Chester was completely enraged.

These days, he ignored his indifference to Cindy and stood with Eliza.

However, what he got in exchange was even more humiliation.

Not even his father would dare to scold him so explicitly or implicitly, much less Eliza.

He pushed her down on the bed and covered her with his big body.

Eliza’s wound hurt as soon as she resisted.

“Eliza, I admit that you know me very well, but don’t you look down on me. I don’t like to force women. If you don’t want to be with me, you can act like you’re mute instead of pretending to be a chaste widow and scolding me.”

Chester tore open her gown, and several buttons popped out instantly.

A large part of her skin was exposed. Faced with Eliza’s furious eyes, Chester lowered his head and sealed her lips with his.

She had been taking medicine and injections every day, so her lips tasted like medicine. However, after getting a good taste of her, he found that she was infuriatingly sweet.

Those sweet lips were the ones that always spoke words that p*ssed him off.

Chester bit her fiercely as if it was punishment.

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