Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1551

Blood spilled from Eliza’s clean lips after being bitten. Her wound hurt deeply, and her brain went dizzy from the pain.

The taste of copper welled up between their lips, making her stomach flip in nausea.

She felt truly disgusted.

How many women had Chester’s lips kissed?

Also, she had not forgotten how cruel and mean his words were when he sent her to prison.

For a moment, all her old and new grudges surfaced.

She did not know where she got the strength from, but she clamped her teeth down on Chester’s lips.

Unlike Chester, she bit him like a wolf tearing its prey.

Even a man like Chester, who was not afraid of pain, felt like he was just bitten by a wolf. For a

moment, he even wondered if this woman would tear a chunk of his lips off.

There was a lingering feeling before and he wanted to taste it a little longer, but now, he was really dismayed.

It was like the first time he saw her. Her eyes were so cold and hateful, as if… It was the same as the last time he saw Charity in the courtroom back then.

At that time, when she was taken away by the police, she looked at him the exact same way.

His brief moment of disorientation caused his neck to be grabbed and littered with scratches.

He snapped back to his senses and realized that Eliza’s actions were as if she was really trying to devour him.

He pushed her away forcefully, but Eliza held onto his neck like a madwoman. She even lunged at him and bit down his lips.

“Eliza… Do you… want to die?” Chester pushed Eliza away furiously. Her body hit the bedside table, right where her wound was, and a violent pain stabbed her yet again.

She could no longer endure it and passed out directly.

When Chester came to his senses and looked at the unconscious woman and the bloodstains on the

bed, his brain just felt absurd at the whole situation.

He was born favored by God and stood high above others.

He never thought a woman would resist him this much.

Not only did she resist him, but also treated him like a beast.

He could not forget that hatred in Eliza’s eyes. Why did she hate him so much?

Because he forcefully kissed her? But she was the one who provoked him. Since she dared to do it, she had to bear the consequences.

Now, she was out cold.

It did not seem like she was pretending like before. There was even blood seeping out of her back.

Originally, her wound was much better and she could be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, but because of this ordeal, her wound opened up again.

“Someone…” Chester picked up the woman on the bed and rushed to the emergency room.

A little nurse on duty at the door saw Chester whose mouth was smeared with blood, and was frightened by it. In the impression of everyone in the hospital,

Chester was always in a white coat, elegant, and incomparably beautiful. He was the Young Master of the Jewell family and had an extraordinary status, but he never put on airs with the nurses.

However, that night, that person rushed into the emergency room in a flurry, holding a woman in his arms.

When Eliza was put in the operating room, Chester cut her clothes with a pair of scissors.

The doctor on duty came over and said, “Doctor Jewell, you’re injured too. Go get yourself treated. I’ll handle this.”

Recently, everyone in the hospital vaguely heard some news. Chester took extra care of the VIP, the famous celebrity Eliza Robbins. He even went out of his way to lower his status to be her attending doctor.

Although Chester was getting married, young men from rich families all had that kind of hobby, so everyone had a tacit understanding.

However, they did not think that he would cause a patient to faint.

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