Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1555

“Cindy, be smart. Everything you have was given to you by me, and I can take it all away without mercy. Don’t expect Rebecca to help you. She’s close to you because you’re going to marry me, but when you lose the title of Mrs. Jewell, do you think she’ll continue associating herself with you?”

Chester flung her off and opened the door.

Cindy finally could not bear it. “Chester, if you don’t marry me, I’ll never donate blood to your mother again.”

Chester’s eyes flashed with deep disgust. “Cindy, you’ve become an insatiable devil because of my indulgence. Ask yourself. Over the years, I’ve given you countless wealth and a prosperous career, but you’re not satisfied. You wanted to be my girlfriend, and I agreed. Then, you wanted to marry me, and I also agreed. No one has dared to threaten me like that for a long time. The last person who

threatened me was reduced to ashes. You can go ahead and try me.”

Then, he left withoutlooking back.

Cindy looked at the empty door and shuddered.

She knew how much Chester hated being threatened by others.

However, she had no choice.

If Chester broke off his engagement with her, the people in the entertainment circle would no longer hold her up and respect her. She would become a joke.

No, she did not want that. Cindy clenched her fists tightly. She would not give up like this. She still had a chance.

Cindy quickly called an ambulance, and the ambulance rushed over and quickly sent her to a nearby hospital.

The next day, news that the big celebrity Cindy Turner was sent to the hospital late at night made headlines.

Cindy waited an entire night, and her phone finally rang.

When she answered it, she called in a low voice, “


“Cindy, why did you suddenly go to the hospital at night? Are you feeling unwell? Is Chester with you?” Madam Jewell’s concerned voice resonated.

“Aunty… ” Cindy bit her lip and her voice became hoarse.

“Why are you crying?” Madam Jewell could not bear it. “Did Chester provoke you?”

“Aunty, Chester kicked my stomach yesterday. It hurts.” Cindy’s tone was full of pain. “He also said that he won’t marry me.”

“What?” Madam Jewell was furious. “How could he do such a thing? He knows that you donated your kidney to me yet he still kicked your stomach. He’s too much! He even wanted to cancel the engagement? Everyone knows about this marriage. All the wedding invitations have been printed. Does he think he can refuse to get married just because he doesn’t want to?”

“I don’t know why he’s being like this suddenly, ” Cindy said in a low and pitiful voice. “Maybe it has something to do with that female artist he took a liking to recently.”

“Female artist?” Madam Jewell was stunned. “ Cindy, you might have misunderstood. Chester has never taken relationships seriously. It’s just for fun. To him, those things aren’t even worth mentioning.”

“ I’ve never seen him so serious before. Recently, that female artist was hospitalized, and he goes to the hospital every day. He doesn’t even reply to the text messages I sent him, ” Cindy cried. “He also misunderstood that I harmed that woman, but I didn’t do anything. I know what kind of person he is. I never hoped for his attention to only be on me. I just want to stay with him.”

“Cindy, don’t worry. The marriage will definitely not be canceled. His father and I will talk to him. This isn’t a joke. As for that female artist, she won’t hinder your marriage.”

After Madam Jewell hung up the phone, Cindy lay on the bed and sneered.

She knew that if Chester found out about her complaint to Madam Jewell, he would be even angrier.

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