Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1557

“So… You want me to be controlled by that woman my entire life?”

There was a chill in Chester’s indifferent voice. “I said this before. As long as she knows her place, she can sit in the position of Mrs. Jewell, but she clearly wants more than this position. Today, she wants a marriage. Tomorrow, she’ll want a child. The day after tomorrow, she’ll want me to love her and no one else. Sorry, but I’d rather draw all the blood out of this woman than be threatened by her.”

Then, he hung up the phone.

However, Michael’s call deeply affected his mood.

He called Shedrick again. “Cancel all the work assigned to Cindy.”

Shedrick was shocked. “What are you doing?” “Some women should be taught a lesson.”

After Chester hung up, he drove straight to Eliza’s apartment and knocked for a long time, but no one opened the door.

He took out his phone and dialed her manager, Hailey. “Where did Eliza go after being discharged?”

Hailey was stunned. She had heard about Chester’s obsession with Eliza before, but she never expected him to come to her. “ She… She was discharged? I didn’t know.”

“Are you even her manager?” Chester’s cold tone made her tremble in fear.

“I’ll call and ask,” Hailey said quickly.

Three minutes later, instead of a call from Hailey, he got a call from an unknown number.

He pressed the answer button, and Eliza’s cold voice was on the other end. “Don’t trouble Hailey. I’m not in Canberra now. I went back to my hometown with my mom to recuperate.”

“Eliza, you suffered such a heavy injury yet you’re still running about? Are you trying to ruin your body?” Chester’s tone sounded like an order. “If you don’t want me to trouble Hailey, then come back right now.”

“Go back and do what? Let you make me faint again?” Eliza sneered. “Young Master Jewell, I’ve already rested for more than a week. I don’t have time left. I need to rest and heal my injuries so I can join the filming crew as soon as possible.”

Chester frowned. “Eliza, if you hadn’t deliberately stimulated me last night and bit me, I wouldn’t have pushed you. Your injury wouldn’t have worsened and I wouldn’t have gotten injured in the first place. Come back and see for yourself what my lips look like after being bitten by you.”

“Isn’t that good? It’ll help Young Master Jewell clear his mind for a while, so as to avoid being too addicted to the charm of a woman and hollowing out your body, ” Eliza still spoke in a casual tone.

Chester frowned. If this woman was beside him, he really wanted to grab her and beat her up.

“Eliza, why do you hate me so much?” he suddenly blurted out this question.

Eliza clenched her phone. She could not tell him that she hated him because she was Charity Neeson. “Because I hate men like you. You’re clearly getting married, yet you’re going around hooking up with other people. I told you, you can play with women, but you should go to like -minded women who are willing to be your mistress.”

“You hate it so much because Monte Patterson hurt you. ” An inexplicable flame smothered Chester’s heart. “You care about him that much.”

“I don’t care about him, but the hurt I suffered was a lesson. It reminded me that I can’t repeat the same mistake.”

Eliza was silent for a while as she thought about how vicious she was last night. Frankly speaking, she was quite afraid that Chester would retaliate, so she said in a low voice, “Young Master Jewell, I apologize to you about last night, but it’s better for us to keep our distance in the future.”

“I know what you mean. You don’t want to be a mistress, right? Eliza, I already decided to cancel m y engagement with Cindy. Why don’t… we have a talk?” Chester felt slightly surprised at himself after he spoke.

However, what came after the surprise was a feeling of relief.

It turned out that his unwillingness to marry Cindy ran deeper than he thought.

He did not know if he really liked Eliza, but he suddenly wanted to give it a try.

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