Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1558

Maybe, he could learn to have a normal relationship like Shaun and Rodney.

On the other side of the phone, Eliza was dumbstruck.

Chester was not a person who lied. If he said he would cancel his engagement with Cindy, he really would.

The corners of her mouth suddenly curled with mockery.

He used to say the same thing when they were young.

Have a good talk.

She believed him. After entrusting him with all she had, what she got in return was his cold and heartless abandonment.

Now, he was saying that to another woman. Although the soul was still her, it was completely different.

How could she be moved so foolishly?

“How about it? Do you agree?” Chester smiled charmingly. He still had confidence in himself. He believed that she must be ecstatic now.


Eliza refused. “You suddenly don’t want to get married to Cindy, and then start dating me. If word gets out, what will the public think of me? They’ll say I’ m a mistress who got promoted. This is the most taboo kind of thing in the entertainment industry. I just want to build my career.”

Chester’s handsome face immediately turned cold. “ We can keep it under wraps. Besides, with me suppressing it, who would dare to write bad words about you?”

“Young Master Jewell, you want to pursue me now, so of course you’ll say sweet words. What about after you get tired of playing with me? Who knows if you’ll continue to protect me? When Monte pursued me before, his sweet nothings were even better than yours. Once bitten, twice shy. It wasn’t easy for me to be where I am now, and I learned something; that it’s better to build a career than to have a relationship. At least the money in my hand truly belongs to me.”

Eliza spoke righteously as if she was disillusioned with society, but Chester was so sullen he wanted to die. “Eliza, don’t be ignorant. If you refuse me again, I’ll ruin your career.”

“If I can’t build my career in showbiz, I can do something else. It’s not like I can only be an actor. ”

Eliza spoke nonchalantly and comfortably. She really did not care if she could not be an actor. After all, she had a BA and a Master’s degree from a world

-famous university, and she once managed a listed company before. Entrepreneurship was not that difficult.

Chester choked from her self-confidence. “You graduated from an ordinary university. Aren’t you overestimating yourself?”

Eliza replied, “Maybe you don’t know because you haven’t studied much.”

Chester sneered. “I understand. You don’t want to go out with me at all, do you?”

“I already told you that you’re not my type, ” Eliza said honestly.

“Fine, you have guts.”

Chester finally hung up the call. Then, he kicked the door of her apartment hard several times.

The neighbor opposite her unit was so frightened he quickly got into the elevator. Although Chester was well-dressed and put on airs, he had such a nasty temper. How terrifying.

After coming out of the elevator, Chester chuckled in disbelief.

He lived for more than thirty years, but this was the first time he pursued a woman seriously and got rejected.

Eliza Robbins. He would remember this.

If he did not obtain this woman, his name was not Chester Jewell.

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