Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1560

“What are you doing? Let go. I’m just concerned about you as a brother, ” Rodney yelled.

Chester’s dark eyes behind his glasses became increasingly gloomy.

Freya frowned and quickly pulled Rodney. “He doesn’t want you to see. Why do you care so much? Young Master Jewell cares about his reputation. ”

Rodney wanted to look, but when he saw the soft little hand holding his left hand, he felt like floating.

Her hand was so small and slender. It was much smoother than his.

Just as he wanted to grasp her hand, Freya quickly withdrew.

Rodney pursed his lips in dissatisfaction. Next to them, Chester was speechless as he saw the scene. Was there a need to act like that? It was as if he never touched a woman before. Just touching his hand made him fall into a daze.

“Hey, Chester, how did your mouth get hurt?” Rodney came to his senses and joked casually. “Was it done by a woman?”

“ It’s none of your business. We’re at the OB-GYN Department,” Chester stopped in his tracks.

Rodney was about to follow Freya in, but he was stopped by the intern at the door. “Men can’t go in.”

He could only wait outside sullenly.

After Freya went in, Chester gave him a sideways glance and saw his nervous expression. “You’re very concerned about her now.”

“We’re married, after all, and she’s pregnant with my child. I really want to live a grounded life, ” Rodney said meaningfully.

“You’ve let go of Sarah?” Chester asked.

Rodney’s expression stiffened. After a moment, he said stiffly, “ Sarah isn’t worthy of my care at all. The ten years that I spent protecting her went to sh*t. In the future, I want to be responsible for my family. The feelings between Freya and I can also be cultivated. In the past, I only had Sarah in my heart and couldn’t see the goodness of other women at all, but now, I feel that… she’s actually… quite good.”

She was just a little too fierce, and if he did not look after her properly, she might possibly end up cuckolding him.

Of course, he did not say that to Chester. Men needed to maintain their egos.

“By the way, seriously, what happened to your mouth?” Rodney asked suspiciously, “Were you bitten by a woman?”

Chester was quiet.

Seeing him silent, Rodney became excited. “Cindy definitely doesn’t have the guts to do that. It was Eliza, right?”

“You wait here. I’m going to work,” Chester said as he turned to leave.

Rodney refused to give up and grabbed him. “Come on, spill the tea.”

“Get lost. You’d better not mention that woman to me again.” Chester flung him away in annoyance and walked away with dark eyes.

Rodney clicked his tongue and raised his eyebrows. I t was the first time he saw Chester so angry at a woman. It seemed that there was something going on.

“Where’s Young Master Jewell?” Freya suddenly came out from inside with a medical record in her


“He left.” Rodney grinned and said, “Guess who bit his lips.”

Freya.“ ”

“I’m guessing it was Eliza.” Rodney cackled. “I never thought I’d see the day.”

Freya immediately understood and snorted, “ Eliza’s trick isn’t bad. If anyone dares to forcefully kiss me in the future, I can learn from her.”

Rodney. “ ”

If he had known, he would not have told her.

“Go pay the bill,” Freya shoved the consultation card into his hand. “You can use your phone to link your account.”

“You should have linked your account since the previous checkups. ” Rodney refused to do it. It was too troublesome to link the account to his phone. He wanted to be lazy.

Freya looked at him with a fake smile on her face. “I did, but since you want to acknowledge the child, why would I need you if you’re not even willing to pay with your phone?”

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